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Who decided that? A panel of "judges" who didn't agree that "trade dress" was meaningful? This decision makes a mockery of the whole concept of trade dress. In effect, it's saying the only thing illegal is a counterfeit that looks EXACTLY like the original!
     I'm with you, fallenjt. And just because Apple, as many others have said, has never done it before doesn't mean they won't do it this time. Now, to be clear, I don't think it will necessarily be a situation where you get your same Watch back. And it may only be for the more expensive stainless steel and gold models. IOW, it might be more akin to a trade-in program. On the other hand, they may give you a "loaner" low-end watch while your actual watch is being...
Seems like all this is set up for fairly easy removal and replacement. This seems to me to lend credence to the idea that the Appl Watch will be upgradable by a simple replacement of its internals. That will reduce the price of upgrading significantly.
At the end of fiscal '12, Apple had the equivalent of 6.56 billion shares outstanding. Per Google Finance, it presently has 5.76 billion shares outstanding. IOW, Apple has removed 800 million shares from the float. That's almost 14% of the remainder. Pulling another 800 million shares out will yield less than 5 billion shares, and with the present propensity of the market to undervalue AAPL, I have no doubt that it can, and will, do so inside the next three years. As an...
Don't know if anyone's already linked to this, but here's a link to more info: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-32513066 To me, this looks like a "plus" for the iPad since they fixed it so quickly.
Lucid and informative. A great post!
"The Watch is the first Apple product designed specifically for the luxury market..." Bzzzt! Wrong! The Watch is very much an egalitarian product. The Edition is the product designed specifically for the luxury market. Come on, AppleInsider; you're better than this.
I have no problem with Apple pushing this on the high end. The typical techie isn't going to understand what this is about. It's marketing, pure and simple. It's locking in the fashion and design side of things. For those of us more enthused by the technical side of things, there's lots to marvel over. Let the non-technical artsy types enthuse over the aspects they appreciate. We should be satisfied that form FOLLOWS function.
Actually, unlike the cell/smartphone market, Apple will OWN this market from the get-go. This device will reach unbelievable heights as a result. It'll be a full year before anyone will be in a position to field a solidly competing wrist computer. By then, Apple will have an installed base measured in the tens of millions. And that's just the beginning....
Good points. I'd take it a step farther. With the iPhone, Apple entered an arena with plenty of mature players. Their breakthrough interface was mercilessly copied, and the incumbents had huge advantages in production capacity and mindshare. Even so, Apple has become a force to be reckoned with.But where are the "incumbents" for this product? Some tried to gain an early advantage, but simply couldn't cut it. I think Apple from day one will be at the head of this particular...
New Posts  All Forums: