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Who said the purchase is in the U.S.?
I think it's more complicated than that. Apple is putting all the taxes aside for repatriation purposes. It's not be added in as earnings.
To add a bit more "color"; Apple can buy AAPL at a P/E of 14.x today. P/E is Price over Earnings Per Share (EPS). EPS is found by dividing the net income for the most recent quarters by the number of shares on the market. Notice that Apple is REDUCING the number of shares on the market. Ergo, Apple is driving up the EPS simply by buying its own shares. And it's buying them up in huge numbers, tens of millions per quarter. By one calculation, Apple has bought back 13% of...
It's quite simple. Apple doesn't want to repatriate its foreign-earned cash right now because of the high tax on it. And it doesn't have to, under current law (which may be changing, btw). At the same time, it wants to be able to purchase more of its own stock, since it considers the present stock price to be a good "investment" that, in effect, gives value back to its long term stock holders (like me). It so happens that loans can be had at extremely low rates these days....
I'm pretty sure we're going to blow well past $140 this year.
Yep. Perceptions are driving the price of AAPL. But is someone behind these changes in perception? Fear and greed are the buttons that drive stock price. Is someone pushing those buttons when it comes to Apple?
One business week ago, Apple hit $120/share. What's changed? Nothing except perception. Investors have been fooled by the oldest gsme in the book; the shell game. They were led to believe, once again, that Apple was doomed. Then, when the weak sisters have all been panicked out of the stock, and just before the facts force the shells to be turned over, the smart money rushes in and snaps up value for a song. Then, when it starts to leak out that Apple is actually killing...
Good choice! One of these three "gets it". We'll see if the full Court agrees with the one or the two. If nothing else, we see that there is disagreement over this verdict. That's worth furrher consideration. Those who say this "proved" Apple guilty are deceiving themselves.
  Don't you two have a freeway somewhere you're itching to go play on?
Hey, if Ireland doesn't want the jobs, there's a great area in Sacramento right next to the existing Apple facility that would LOVE to have them!
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