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Balderdash. There is nothing legitimate in a selective process that pays zero attention to Apple's competitors.
Apple is the favorite whipped boy for these media outlets. Never any other company. This is all about grabbing eyeballs. Again. Really quite despicable on the part of the BBC. I'd given them more credit. That ends as of now.
As offended as I was by the comment of the protester, I am doubly offended by the comments of the people posting on this site. "Drag them out by their hair"? How DARE you speak such offensive poison on this site! You slime Apple and its true supporters with your reprehensible behavior.
Seems to me that this whole issue of upgrading is irrelevant given that the resale value of the AppleWatch is what matters. I just sold back my iPhone 5 to Apple for $180 over two years after I bought it. Apple will refurbish it and sell it for more, thus making a profit. I'm happy because I got two years of use and still had something worth almost a third of its original cost - a cost which I paid over time. And if I were to buy a gold AppleWatch for, say, $2,000, the...
Or - Apple could earn exactly what it is now earning, maintain its present $601B market cap, and decrease its share count from 5.87B to 4B, or about 32%. Or some combination of the two (increased earnings/decreased share count) - my favorite scenario. Edit: I should caveat that last statement; it's my favorite scenario so long as AAPL continues to be undervalued vis-a-vis its future growth potential. One more edit: FY -14's Net Income ($39.5B) divided by the present share...
See what happens, Samsung, when you bite the hand that feeds you?
16 2/3 hours to go....
I first read of this on BBC News, and they specifically said that it was an iCloud hack. Later, when I went back to show my wife, the phrase had been changed from "iCloud" to "Cloud". That's all it takes for a nasty second-hand rumor to take root and grow into a "fact".
Or - we're not so doomed after all, which is my point.
Interesting POV. We're doomed, so why bother? Or - not. "Education" takes many forms. Most of us come to sites like this to be educated, and post comments to "educate" others. For example:I've read that there was a flaw in iCloud that was revealed at a Russian hacker convention two days ago, and that the hole was plugged by Apple today. Pretty fast work, IMHO, but it's just possible it wasn't - quite - fast enough. So maybe a bunch of hackers get together and "salt" a lot...
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