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Good choice! One of these three "gets it". We'll see if the full Court agrees with the one or the two. If nothing else, we see that there is disagreement over this verdict. That's worth furrher consideration. Those who say this "proved" Apple guilty are deceiving themselves.
  Don't you two have a freeway somewhere you're itching to go play on?
Hey, if Ireland doesn't want the jobs, there's a great area in Sacramento right next to the existing Apple facility that would LOVE to have them!
Here in Sacramento, we have a public-supported classical/jazz station. I happen to like (and support) both. I also hope that Apple does exactly what you say. I'll still support my local station, but I love the idea of having more options.
You can deactivate "Active on wrist Raise" under the "General" icon. When it's off, you can activate the display by tapping on it. A combination of this and the technique pointed out by the article would allow you to check things pretty surreptitiously.
Delusion of grandeur much? America will speak for itself, with its wallet.
I'm thrilled for you. I don't have a car that lets me do that. A $500 watch that does that is a LOT cheaper than a new car, and lets anyone join the parade. And you continually miss the point; one doesn't blame the tool for the fault of the person using it. Well, you do, but that's another issue....
You clearly don't own an Apple Watch. The whole point is that, via Siri, it allows hands free access. A simple tip of the wrist and a verbal request activates Siri. I can call, I can answer, I can pick a new song to listen to - all without removing my hands from the wheel or even looking at the Watch.If you don't think that's a LOT safer than any other mechanism then you're full of it. Yes, it's possible to abuse the device and cause an accident. But for purely making...
Who decided that? A panel of "judges" who didn't agree that "trade dress" was meaningful? This decision makes a mockery of the whole concept of trade dress. In effect, it's saying the only thing illegal is a counterfeit that looks EXACTLY like the original!
     I'm with you, fallenjt. And just because Apple, as many others have said, has never done it before doesn't mean they won't do it this time. Now, to be clear, I don't think it will necessarily be a situation where you get your same Watch back. And it may only be for the more expensive stainless steel and gold models. IOW, it might be more akin to a trade-in program. On the other hand, they may give you a "loaner" low-end watch while your actual watch is being...
New Posts  All Forums: