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I turned off the flip wrist wake feature and use tap to wake. I easily get through two days between a charge. But I'm not a heavy Watch user, so maybe that's having an effect. Still, if you use something enough to pull down the battery like that, by definition it's being used a lot.
I pesonally think it's both. AAPL is being priced as if it stopped growing. If all four were at a P/E of 20, it'd be close to right.
Why? Do you honestly think the Swoden affair had anything to do with Apple's stance? I will concede that it has given Apple more support from some quarters for their action. But it might arguably have decreased support from other quarters.IMHO, this is about the government blinking. Apple won a decided round here.
This assumes the app developer didn't know fully what they were doing.
  Actually, with Live Photos, the picture is taken for at least 1 full second (half a second before and after the picture).
What everyone conveniently forgets is that Apple isn't the only one doing this. And yet - Apple is supposed to hog-tie itself and give its competitors an advantage because "it's the right thing to do". No, it's not. Not until that playing field is leveled.   The same argument goes for bringing production back to the U.S. Apple is playing by the rules its competitors are playing by. And actually, it's tying its hands somewhat by spending considerably more than its...
   Any amount of that net income going back to the shareholders via dividends is taxed again. So in my case Apple makes, say, $100 in net income in this country, pays $35 in taxes, puts $50 of that over time in my IRA, from which the fed eventually takes another $15, giving the country ~50% of the $100 profit Apple made. AND it wants the same deal on the money Apple makes outside of the country, minus whatever tax the country where the sale was actually made gets. It...
I'm generally pro Union. But there's a fine line here. This smacks of an attempt to ride on Apple's coat tails, much like the attempts to highlight Apple's supplier's failures to maintain basic worker's rights even though they were head and shoulders above their competition in that department. These are deep pocket picketers. Way too polished, way too similar from venue to venue. There's two groups picketing Apple's operations in Elk Grove, a suburb of Sacramento. Exactly...
Yeah. That must be it. I'm here to complain. That's why I offered a solution - sell them as separate links at the Apple store. You probably didn't get that far, though. I did get a little hot in saying they should be free, though. I retract that.
It's a great bracelet. I'm forced to wear it one link smaller than would be comfortable. Fortunately, I'm "beefy", so my flesh tends to squish out enough to barely make a fit. But when I do heavy work, it gets pretty darned tight. Not good. I'm rough on watches, which is why I went the SS route. The buckle is not as hard as the watch, by any measure. It scuffs much more easily than the watch. I don't really care, since I didn't buy it to look pretty. If it gets too scuffed...
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