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Build costs aren't Apple's only costs, especially now that it is offering "free" software. The consumer is ultimately giving Apple the money to buy that hydro power in Oregon and that solar power in Arizona, for example.
Thus marks the end of the market's stupid phase vis-a-vis AAPL. Value it at what it's worth, or find Apple taking it ever closer to going private. And all those tens of billions in cash generated PER YEAR will go into someone else's pocket.
There's an even more interesting potential connection. Elon Musk is Chairman of Solar City. They are using Tesla's battery tech to increase the practicality of solar. http://www.solarcity.com/residential/energy-storage.aspx Rather obviously, Apple is building a LOT of solar capacity right now....
I think you're correct. See here: http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/2014/02/10/apple-koh-appeal-monitor/
That SO rocks!
  Just bought into AAPL and GTAT. If there's no blow-away Superbowl ad, I'll sell on Monday. If there is....
Something's coming.
Somewhere in my storage I have one of those. Bought in 1984, it was my first computer. I've been Apple ever since. One thing that seems strange is that theirs doesn't show signs of the signatures cast into the inside of the shell. Per Wikipedia: "The original Macintosh was unusual in that it included the signatures of the Macintosh Division as of early 1982 molded on the inside of the case." Mine has those.
Nice little treat for whomever read AppleInsider this AM and wanted a Pro ASAP. Call it a perk for being an Apple power user and a reader of AppleInsider.
This man is on a fishing expedition, IMHO.   Also, there's a broken link in the last paragraph. Should go here:   http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/10/04/apple-appeals-verdict-punishment-in-e-book-antitrust-case
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