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I have no problem with Apple pushing this on the high end. The typical techie isn't going to understand what this is about. It's marketing, pure and simple. It's locking in the fashion and design side of things. For those of us more enthused by the technical side of things, there's lots to marvel over. Let the non-technical artsy types enthuse over the aspects they appreciate. We should be satisfied that form FOLLOWS function.
Actually, unlike the cell/smartphone market, Apple will OWN this market from the get-go. This device will reach unbelievable heights as a result. It'll be a full year before anyone will be in a position to field a solidly competing wrist computer. By then, Apple will have an installed base measured in the tens of millions. And that's just the beginning....
Good points. I'd take it a step farther. With the iPhone, Apple entered an arena with plenty of mature players. Their breakthrough interface was mercilessly copied, and the incumbents had huge advantages in production capacity and mindshare. Even so, Apple has become a force to be reckoned with.But where are the "incumbents" for this product? Some tried to gain an early advantage, but simply couldn't cut it. I think Apple from day one will be at the head of this particular...
So what were sales like if we drop Apple from the mix? And where does Apple rank if we include iPads as "computers"? Inquiring minds want to know....
That's not even close to proof that Apple does this. That just hearsay on the part of someone. Heck, you don't even have proof that this sales technique works. You only have someone's opinion that it does.On the other hand, we KNOW that Apple practices JIT manufacturing, which requires that they lock in predicted demand way ahead of time. And we KNOW that there will be constraints on production of things like sapphire screens and special alloy gold watches. So this whole...
What, you don't think there will be any resale value in an Apple Watch? Boy, do I disagree
Apple will sell every watch they make. Nobody knows what that number is, so this "analysis" is just pure speculation.
That's an assumption, not a fact. It may be dead easy, for all we know.
With me, the "solution" for most of my problems was making sure I picked "credit" rather than "debit".
Balderdash. Apple is happily buying back its own horribly undervalued stock. The sky's the limit for AAPL.
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