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that's a silly response. admin a lab or two full of CS3 and manual install of plugins is TEH FAIL. Also if you check the Adobe forums update failure is NOT trivial. Sorry, but for the importance and cost of the suite, and its prevalence in large companies this kind of install and maintenance behavior is pathetic.
Adobe QA and user friendliness has dropped of the face of the earth. Sure CS3 streamlined the UI and now most of the apps really work well together, but the Install process takes longer thna an OS install, and the update process is TEH FAIL. Add to that unpublicized updates for things like the DWG/DXF plugin--only available through a forum post, and the manually installed by dragging into the plugins folder. Won't even discuss the Catastrophic License Failure issue. Nice...
There is no Acrobat Standard for OS X. Upsell for Adobe. Apparently Mac users have no need for PDFs. And Preview is still not a substitute. Well maybe those blockheads at Adobe will finally make PDF layers read in other Adobe apps. Lightroom beta first for version 1.0. Don't you think the existence of Aperture had something to do with that?
Pre-intel days. Follow the Intel roadmap. everyone knows what is coming if they release a new MBP before Montevina. Penryn drop-in processor upgrade, some small case/feature changes. With Montevina thermal envelope drops (a little) allowing more leeway in enclosure volume. If we get a new MBP soon it is shipping day of announcement.
because no redesign for a speed bump. penryn is not big deal. when the montevina boards come out with a substantially reduced TDP (25watts versus 35 watts) and WiMax etc, that will allow reduced enclosure volumes and merit a redesign
why does the mobile internet need a fully functional platform? the idea of ubiquitous computing is to reduce computing to a number of appliances with specialized interfaces, not to perpetuate a generalized interface onto devices that may or do not need it. the issue is less interface function, and more an issue of data interchange. multi-touch is designed for the device, unlike most cellphones/PDAs which have had general computing interfaces grafted onto them. i mean...
Montevina is a platform, not a CPU. The CPU is a small package format Merom using 65nm process. The small package format Penryn (at 45nm process) does not come out until 2nd half 2008 with the release of the Montevina chipset. Apple got a special, but it may also be used in a couple of other upcoming products. See Anandtechs article. There are a number of power ports available in coach seats on both domestic and international flights (http://www.seatguru.com/). And the...
Mobile Penryn's are not in any shipping laptops yet. Toshiba quotes 1-2 weeks, and Dell's Penryn based laptop isn't shipping until February. Apple's speed bumps have become the 'Shipping Now' variety. That and no stealing focus from the new products PR blitz. I guess sometime between late January and March. That vague enough.
then I have just the product for you. from macnn and member piracy, famed rationalist and build number debunker:enjoy resizing. i would as well, but accidently loaded a program and found it more fun.
tiger will work fine on all machines, and a pro machine will always 'show off' better. whats your point?
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