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I've tried the same, but I didn't get the speed or reliability as I have done from complete externals, so I went back to a LaCie.
LaCie Big Disk. For £150 to £200 you can get a 320Gb from Dabs.com with firewire 800. Great disk, highly recommended.
It all works for me. Has anyone else noticed a drop down menu at the bottom of the home page, so you can swap from US to UK, France and Germany?
Well, I tried it on my G4 800 ibook, and while it was a little jumpy, it was playable on the lowet settings....
Yes, it has... I am now getting a good 30k/s throughput to shared folders and all. Thanks for your advice.
10.3.3 rocks, thats all I'm going to say.
No smb access I am afraid. What are the rign protocols in Directory Access? I haven't sent changed any directory access settings. Fingers crossed for 10.3.3. Thanks.
I second the Sony EX-71's. Great sound, and not having white headphones greatly reduces the chance of being mugged
Well, I have the same ibook and applied the same hack my reboots are fine - no OF problems. Sorry about that. Have you tried contacting the Spanning Hack programmer?
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