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Why? I don't see anything here that those phones didn't already do.
Yea makes sense. I tried an APP called iPDF and it was horrible. Loaded a PDF with it and it took forever to open and to change to the next page when the PDF was > 3 pages. Have you had similar issues or was that just a crappy app?
True. But the criticisms you have when comparing it to a laptop are being addressed by other, more powerful slates. I own an iPad but I'm pretty much going to give it over to my gf and buy a bunch of the competition for my office at this point. The advantage the iPad has though is that other slates are at least another couple of months away (if not probably longer) so I can play with my iPad a bunch and see how I can make it work for me.
Not opposed to spending a buck to try it out, just have already spent a bunch on other Apps without much success. More concerned with the time and learning curves really. So I can import a bunch of folders and just drag them in or do I have to create folders and drag documents into that folder? If it's not the former that sounds unfortunately like too much work to keep my iPad updated all the time. Appreciate you responding though. As for why I would want to have...
You're a weird little man. Also most (all?) of your grammar corrections have nothing to do with rules of grammar but rather how you think things should be written. You can bring the iPad to court just like you could bring your lunch to school. I want something that doesn't seem awkward (whether it is awkward or not) so I don't look like a fool at lunch. Not sure why you think the word involve needs to be replaced by need, but I guess that makes it clearer in your...
No go. I can't have my PDFs in one place, my word documents in another and a 3rd separate place for excel documents. Need one folder for each client (and preferably sub-folders inside that folder to help me organize cases that involve 25+ documents). Also I have to have staff update this thing so anything that involves dragging documents in one at a time, or one folder at a time, its way too time consuming and expensive to me.
I want something I can bring with me to meetings (lunch, conference room) that doesn't involve any setting up or seem awkward. Also would like to bring it to court and use as like as a prompt for openings, directs and crosses, etc. I just like the idea of it. I'm hoping that I can find an easy solution but expect I'll be purchasing a bunch of HP Slates.
That seems pretty cool. I don't know how it would work with the iPad. Would I be able to save files once I edited them (iWork has some pretty limited options I've noticed)? Would I be able to open in iWork documents or have to go to something else?
I don't know where they have made this claim or if they have made this claim and frankly I could give a damn. The only thing I care about is if I can use it for business or not... and right now I'm leaning heavily on "not"
Trolling? It's the problem I'm having right now trying to fix it. Relax kid. I've used Google Docs, but that's not a workable solution and has the same issues. Never tried open office. Though when all your solutions involve "not Apple" don't you think you are the one that's anti-Apple?
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