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More like for different languages/regions rather than genre you guys were thinking. Beats Latino, Chinese for example.
I suspect it's because you have not signed up to the free trial yet. Only Beat 1 that can be stream freely (with only Apple ID).Source: same thing happened to me and I haven't taken up the offer (holding out for another 3 weeks).
Just listen on iOS 8.4 simpler than through iTunes/computer - iTunes not updated.
I'm hearing lots of repeated scripts on loop here. Better smooth it out pronto guys!
They shouldn't have given the work to SKANKA. They have too many projects already for their size (and capability). Compared to other European (read British) contractors, they are relatively small and inexperience.
This is an executive level site - what would be the command center for the other 4 data centers scattered around the country. What I'm skeptical about is the claim that these new hires will offset the job loss from GT. The numbers might be, but the staffs who lost their job will not be the same person who will get hired with these new positions.
I like it comment by spamsandwich. Just go in there and ask the staffs verbally everything you would normally ask Google like maps, direction, search. LOL.
Still have no prominent minority
All these ands those need internet connection. Good luck getting info that quick and that smooth! Try browsing internet on your phone while moving from one cell tower to another in quick succession from low to high to non coverage.
 This is what I would do with my own mail server. Put the site name on the address I registered to so I could have prove the site is abusing my email address.
New Posts  All Forums: