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Just follow the UK Apple.  We already have this albeit not via Apple Pay but rather through Paym (using just mobile phone numbers), Barclays' Pingit App or TransferWise App.
True, especially security holes
Paragraph 8 vs 4 = 10
 Never in the UK. Has always been US only app
It is 2-4 Nov delivery in the UK as of 15-20 mins ago (no option for expedited delivery). Accessories page is still empty but it is featured in the main page itself on the Apple Store App. I am skint now but if I to buy one, I'll go with 64GB with Nimbus controller (or skip it altogether if I can use my bluetooth PS4 controller instead), the loop band and perhaps the Apple TV bracket (currently empty in the store but the placeholder is there).
I just noticed that App Store now shows app video and screenshot in landscape format (last visited pre-iOS 9.1). With Guitar Hero, Transistor, Shadowpulse and Afterpulse (new AppleTV announcement event games) I can deduce that those apps that started to show previews in landscape format are going to be the first few apps to launch on Apple TV. I also presume that's why Guitar Hero is £40.00 as it is multiplatform from iPhone, iPod, iPad and AppleTV. Get excited folks!
The link to Apple's LTE page is wrong. Please remove the offending texts from the web address given above: (http://appleinsider.com/articles/15/10/08/www.apple.com/iphone/LTE)
This is one way to make your former employers work better at your competitor... bravo
 His suggestion isn't directly comparable. Sure the stabilizer is cheaper but this one includes the 4K 12MP camera. The iPhone is acting as the viewfinder as opposed to his which uses iPhone as the capturing device.
More like for different languages/regions rather than genre you guys were thinking. Beats Latino, Chinese for example.
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