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I didn't realize the digital voice on Samsung was so horrible, very sad really.
Have a friend who recently switched away & despite trying to unregister her number with every Apple device the issue persists. Sorry but Apple absolutely needs to fix this and should be able to. All they need to do is provide a page where you login with your apple ID & basically reset associated phone numbers/e-mails. It's been well past 45 days and I still have issues, sorry but that is a load of crap & if it's truly been a known issue since iOS 5 then it would seem a...
Nintendo had a great hardware idea in the Wii & squandered it. There was so much untapped potential there that Wii hackers were begging them to take advantage of but they failed. The WiiU should have been the WiiHD & included features like motion tracking of a user's head to create a 3D effect for certain single player games, or wearable IR LEDs to create motion tracking & achieve what the Xbox has but in a more reliable form. Nintendo isn't failing at the console...
Gays already have equal rights. What this really about is the right to persecute someone who's religious beliefs you disagree withGays already have equal rights. This is about giving individuals the right to persecute people for their religious beliefs. Right now any non-religious organization that fires someone purely for being gay would have their rear handed to them in court. This is why lawyers love this country, they're laughing all the way to the bank.
There are lots of descent backup tools out there but the most seamless local backup solution I've seen is Time Machine. You can then either manually do additional backups of your data or use something like crash plan to get what you need. Personally I don't care about keeping every bit or byte I have on my computer so I run Time Machine for a full restore option. Not only can you do a fresh install & then restore from Time Machine but you can also use a tool like CCC &...
Airdrop shares just as easily, except I don't have to knock my phone up against someone else's. Pointless app for people that wanted to be like Samsung. Just because an idea is neat doesn't mean it's useful or even desirable.
You really think they care about all that?!  Naive.  They care about any cause they can stand up for that allows them to create more government jobs & further lock in their elite rule over this country.   Also, they don't give handouts because they care, they give them because it buys votes.  People rarely vote away their government handouts.  Even when they disagree with someone politically the will to survive is stronger than conscience & so they vote to keep the...
Wonder how DARPA feels about this.
Apple's one massive flaw, they are consumer driven in their mentality so they don't thoroughly vet the corporate features. Hey Apple, it's about time you created a true business division like all other tech companies have!
I'll never forget we had a flight get delayed due to issues with the cockpit computer once. They ended up having us exit & get on a different plane. As we passed the cockpit I saw through the door the flight computer had the blue screen of death. Judging by these pilot's opposition to the surface makes me wonder how often they've seen that screen.
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