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I'll never forget we had a flight get delayed due to issues with the cockpit computer once. They ended up having us exit & get on a different plane. As we passed the cockpit I saw through the door the flight computer had the blue screen of death. Judging by these pilot's opposition to the surface makes me wonder how often they've seen that screen.
Imagine if Apple never vetted a project idea, they just built a first draft device & put it out there to see if it worked.
Funny how blackmail is illegal but patent trolling is not. Not saying they are exactly the same but both are forms of extortion if you ask me.
Apple should buy back their stock & go private again, then they can actually focus on innovation instead of padding the pockets of their investors. This is such a joke, if anything catering to investors has stifled Apple's innovation not helped it.
Perhaps, but since Google's service syncs your passwords across all systems wouldn't this mean that if someone happened to get ahold of your Google account password they could then sign it into chrome & suddenly have all your bank passwords?   Keychain (password store used by Safari) by comparison requires them to sign in to iCloud in order to do this, which then registers your computer serial with Apple & alerts the user by e-mail that someone just setup their icloud...
The feature that makes you enter your account password to view saved credentials in Safari is actually part of the system called Keychain. In fact both Firefox & Chrome could also save your passwords in Keychain as well if they wanted to, they intentionally choose not to. Also, it isn't your user password that allows you to see the credentials it's your keychain password, it is actually possible to make them different. What happens is when you first create your account...
Actually Apple has released free content many times on iTunes, not just music but also videos. They also have had entire online streamed concerts so before you go running your mouth be sure you know what you're talking about.
Putting an APC between your router & the power outlet will usually fix the need to reboot often, unless your using linksys. I've had just about every type of router there is & find Netgear to be more reliable than Apple, but not by much. I use an AE for the Time Machine feature & iCloud support but now that Netgear has support for TM & it's own cloud sharing feature my future purchases may change.As for networking, I'll take OSX over Windows any day for anything network...
Always register your phone with your AppleID, if it gets stolen & you report it Apple can flag the serial.  If someone tries to set it up again from scratch it will alert in their system.   Nothing will ever totally prevent people from wiping & setting up from scratch a phone but a better deterrent is if you always get caught when you go to sell or use what you stole.  
If iRadio is anything like Pandora then it's a pretty good guarantee I won't be using it. Pandora has never worked well for me & always seems to start off with crappy songs that really aren't that close to what I really wanted to listen to. Frankly I prefer spotify as it lets me simple play exactly what I want to listen to & nothing more or less. I also don't use Genius because I find it to be anything but genius. As for small time utilities like flashlight, the app...
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