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The iSaver, it will save all of humanity.
Java is not installed by default on Lion. Only power users really need Java, and if you are a power user infected by flashback you likely let your guard down big time. I remember seeing screenshots of the fake flash installer & thinking right away it looks nothing like Adobe's legitimate installer, should have been very easy to spot something was wrong. What's really frustrating is that for years software developers have had the ability to tag their installers with an...
Agreed, but sadly as with the majority of apps that come to the Mac platform from the PC world I'm still waiting for an AV/malware app that doesn't turn my blazingly fast Mac into a slug. I've tried several that appear to work fine for a bit but in the end my Mac always ends up acting erratic, almost like the AV software is malware. I use ClamXAV for antivirus and that works awesome (the non-app store version lets you do realtime monitoring of certain folders). For...
So +2 for single handed use & +1 for 2 handed use. That settles it, 2 to 1, the button orientation was a big mistake!
I guess it's how you use it, now that I think about it I can see how some people might hold it in their left hand despite being right handed. On my iPhone I hold it in my right hand & navigate the screen with my thumb, which works because my hand is wrapped around the phone at that point. It's also easier to flick the silence button with my finger as I put my phone in my pocket top down (keep from shoving pocket lint into the dock port). To use it the way they designed...
Just struck me that all the buttons are on the right side where (if right handed) you only have 1 digit to press buttons with. Wonder how many people will drop their phone just trying to turn volume up & down. Seems trivial but that kind of detail can make or break lawsuit eligibility. Think iPhone 4 & antenna gate.
Having used the interface first hand before it actually isn't half bad, though I much prefer my iPhone. The body of the phone however I don't get at all, I agree that it's ugly. Seems like Microsoft is always going for the play school look, I guess there are a lot of people at Microsoft who like that toy like satin finish and the bright colors. I'm sure there will be people who really like the way it looks, like teenage girls.
Agreed, though definitely would need a plan to ween ourselves off those thing, unfortunately I can't afford to buy a new car overnight.
Agreed, rehashing talking points from people who are in the pockets of big oil simply makes you look gullible. I don't agree that alternative energy is always the best choice but sometimes it is. The government needs to stop subsidizing alternative energy & instead reward the consumers who invest in alternative energy that works. Stop trying to penalize people for using too much energy or favoring sources through penalties & fees. How about instead we reward people...
Yeah, Steve was not really a man of subtlety.
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