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Agreed, rehashing talking points from people who are in the pockets of big oil simply makes you look gullible. I don't agree that alternative energy is always the best choice but sometimes it is. The government needs to stop subsidizing alternative energy & instead reward the consumers who invest in alternative energy that works. Stop trying to penalize people for using too much energy or favoring sources through penalties & fees. How about instead we reward people...
Yeah, Steve was not really a man of subtlety.
Commence investigation from Al Franken & his buddies, you know cause better this than to work on the budget they haven't passed in like 3 years. Nice story, now I'm gonna go waste my time on something more interesting.
Hi, I'm earth, have we met? You are trolling my friend. Apple was ranked 2nd as of November. What you are referring to is source of electricity, hate to burst your bubble but Apple can't change the primary energy method used in every city. Last I checked they were making inroads on plans to fix some of that in the future, not that it matters much anyway since it's never enough for the you radical environmentalists. Quit using the internet, you're wasting valuable energy.
The kind that says start the hype early cause we got a huge hill to climb. Why does anyone listen to sales people anyway, only about 20% of what they promise ever comes true.
I predict that Nintendo will eventually dwindle down to nothing more than a game title company & will then port those titles to other platforms like iOS. Sony is much more likely to hang on to their strategy until it stops working & then sell off their gaming division to some other company. If Apple's smart they'll snag it so Microsoft doesn't. Wild predictions I know but we shall see.
Actually in the winter time that extra heat is gonna be nice. Forget holding onto a hot cup of tea, I got my new iPad! I have the 16GB iPad 2 and it's been awesome for me. I use an app called Files Connect, lets you access your computer docs without trying to fit your entire life on your iPad. Also, go outside & take a big breath of fresh air, you need to relax a little.
Yellow Journalism my friend, yellow journalism.
Good point, if it wasn't for the glass she would have flipped over the bars & busted her face open. There isn't any real way to look at this without realizing these people are opportunists just look looking to make easy money.
A sure sign of immaturity is not being able to laugh at yourself. 80 years old & still not grown up.
New Posts  All Forums: