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No doubt this is one of many reasons Apple & others are moving production away from China, they've been increasing their bully tactics as of late. Really it shouldn't be any surprise. The Chinese government has been putting captialist lipstic on their dictatorship for years just waiting for all these sucker companies to get roped in, now they've got them all where they want them. It's one of many reasons it's a joke that China & other dictatorships are allowed to...
Go into settings, general, passcode lock. Turn off Siri at lock screen, & if you're wise probably Passbook & Reply with Message as well. Boom, problem solved. Why any of this is considered news worthy is beyond me, just a huge waste of everyone's time.
With the latest advancements in solar I could definitely see that, though Apple would need to include that in the patent and they didn't.  This patent might have more to do with ways to have your ipad Cover double as a battery life extender, I doubt this is Apple's solution to implementing a charger.  In fact it would imply that just as easily a wireless base could charge your iPad instead of the cover, this is just another way to encourage buying Apple's branded...
    I suspect Frankin knows it's pointless, it's just more political posturing to try & win favor from people.  We've got to get rid of all the morons on capital hill, if we can't then we deserve to have them flush our country down the drain.
Wow, never thought I'd see the day when someone would complain about open source having a monopoly.  Actually there are lots of open source projects that have a monopoly on their particular corner of open source.  One of the biggest issues with Linux & why it still struggles to go anywhere is it is too fragmented and that has actually decreased stability not increased it.     That aside WebKit didn't become big because people got locked into it, it's a great project & has...
Until you pass a friggin budget & solve our Nation's debt crisis I couldn't give a flying fart about whiners having to turn off their phones for 10 mins during crucial flight times. If this is really so big a deal to you that you think legislative action should be taken you belong in a rehab center cause you have an addiction.
Not over my ISP, I'd at least need a 512Mbps connection (more for overhead probably) & at 10Mbps I am way short of that.  This is not news & doesn't really qualify as a bug.     The fact that Mozilla is not effected does sound a little suspicious, sounds almost like a PR stunt cause they're loosing so much ground to Chrome.  Me personally I don't use Chrome so I don't have a dog in this fight but the fact that it was specifically targeted as the example on the video to me...
It is the user's choice, you can turn off the auto removal in all 3 versions of OS X, just like you have the choice not to restrict apps to App Store or signed.  Even a very tech saavy person could fall victim to one of these exploits, I'm personally glad Apple is being so proactive no matter how much it might inconvenience me.  I don't blame Apple when my Java or Flash won't work.  I blame Adobe & Oracle, that is after all the logical place for the blame to fall.
That's it, I knew it reminded me of something.  I said children's toy but that's even better, furniture store prop is spot on!
I'm always telling people when I see things like the DROID commercials, "if it's really as awesome as they say it is wouldn't they just show someone using it?  Why all the smoke & mirrors?"  Note that every Apple commercial is simply that, the product in use.  
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