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Until you pass a friggin budget & solve our Nation's debt crisis I couldn't give a flying fart about whiners having to turn off their phones for 10 mins during crucial flight times. If this is really so big a deal to you that you think legislative action should be taken you belong in a rehab center cause you have an addiction.
Not over my ISP, I'd at least need a 512Mbps connection (more for overhead probably) & at 10Mbps I am way short of that.  This is not news & doesn't really qualify as a bug.     The fact that Mozilla is not effected does sound a little suspicious, sounds almost like a PR stunt cause they're loosing so much ground to Chrome.  Me personally I don't use Chrome so I don't have a dog in this fight but the fact that it was specifically targeted as the example on the video to me...
It is the user's choice, you can turn off the auto removal in all 3 versions of OS X, just like you have the choice not to restrict apps to App Store or signed.  Even a very tech saavy person could fall victim to one of these exploits, I'm personally glad Apple is being so proactive no matter how much it might inconvenience me.  I don't blame Apple when my Java or Flash won't work.  I blame Adobe & Oracle, that is after all the logical place for the blame to fall.
That's it, I knew it reminded me of something.  I said children's toy but that's even better, furniture store prop is spot on!
I'm always telling people when I see things like the DROID commercials, "if it's really as awesome as they say it is wouldn't they just show someone using it?  Why all the smoke & mirrors?"  Note that every Apple commercial is simply that, the product in use.  
Anyone else think this looks like a pathetic MacBook knock off?  I mean a really bad one, like child's toy knock off quality.  The brushed metal doesn't even look real, it looks like it's just painted plastic.  It makes me think of how hideous the Tiger interface looks compared to Mountain Lion, there is a reason Apple abandoned that horrible looking brushed metal interface.
Good job covering your tracks China.
I don't think people are complaining about that much these days, just java/flash developers & Google loving tech blogs.  The fandroids like to make everyone believe that iOS users can't access most of the web or do anything useful because of these limitations but the reality is the percentage of people actually negatively impacted by lack of flash or java on iOS is like .00099%.  Most of the web that matters to anyone has already been converted to work with iOS or they...
Ask Cisco, Dell, just about every tech giant out there who refuses to update their web GUI to modern standards & instead chooses to go with the same old horribly ugly & slow Java interface.     First clue it's time to hire new UI developers, they tell you Java is the way to go.  There is a distinct reason us Network Admins still primarily work in CLI, the GUIs all look like they were created in the early 90s.   With all the recent exploits in Java I'm wondering how it is...
What the heck are you talking about, you apparently haven't used an iPhone since like iOS 3 or 4.Having to support users of just about every device out there I can tell you that Android is the poor cousin compared to iOS. Flaky performance, flaky syncing, poor battery life. Samsung has a 29% retention rate and they are the highest of the Android manufacturers. Sure they could be just switching between other Android brands but if it plays out anything like our...
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