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"Great! I am really glad Apple is not blind and still thinking they can't be touched. I just hope that some day soon, the virus protection will be built in to the I/O controller so that all data in and out of the box is checked independently of the OS. This is a nice job for an Ax chip that checks every packet and every byte coming into the memory. This way, you can't hack it as easily as you can when it is dependent on the OS." -Richard Getz The problem is that...
I got the ZAGG keyboard when it went on sale cyber Monday but just the other day I had to type something up that I didn't have the keyboard yet (was still in route) and I found no troubles at all typing along with the split keyboard. Started wondering if maybe my desire to have a physical keyboard was really misplaced. I replaced my laptop a while ago with an iMac iPad combo and have never looked back, for what I do it is actually far better because the battery on the...
Why would someone pay money for that specific look? Sorry, I don't get it.
All of the free maps apps are a waste, I paid the 5 bucks for copilot United States back when TomTom first released their app. I got sticker shock at the TomTom app & kept stumbling around the free apps until I came across copilot. It takes up about 1.2GB if you want to keep the entire US Map but you can also do it by region or I think even by city. It doesn't have the cool 3D satellite rendering but when I need directions that's just a distraction anyway. I've tried...
I actually want HTC to win, they were making some pretty great phones until gian Samsung came along & undercut them too. It's going to be a lot harder for Apple to argue HTC copied the iPhone as they never really looked like the iPhone from an interface standpoint actually had some stand out qualities from the iPhone that others later copied from HTC.We're not all Apple fanatics on here but you quite obviously are a troll.
Very glad this came down in Apple's favor as it means a lot of good things.   1) Patents are important and  though they can be abused by large companies or patent trolls they also allow innovators to come from a nowhere background & break into recognition & wealth.  Take that away & big companies will still prosper, they don't really need patents necessarily to throw their weight around.  Take away patents & what reason does anyone have to develop & market good ideas,...
Uninstall flash & see how it does, sounds crazy but testing has shown just having flash plugin installed can suck 2 hrs overall out of your battery. A lot of people run Chrome instead for this reason.Also, remember office for Mac is Microsoft, it is a clunky bit of software and not the best light weight usage test. Outlook especially is garbage. Why do you think so many have nick named MS products bloat ware.
In the experiences we've had with ML it looks like high CPU might be the cause of battery life issues. We've seen it in 2 applications specifically, Safari & iTunes. My guess is a webkit bug so it likely won't be part of 8.1 but rather a separate update to those apps.
I did, proud to say it and the haters can't laugh at me no more! :)
Yeah, for once I'm totally in awe that this was granted.  This is a very strange patent to be granted.  I guess it's worth trying to patent anything these days, you'll probably be granted it.
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