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I did, proud to say it and the haters can't laugh at me no more! :)
Yeah, for once I'm totally in awe that this was granted.  This is a very strange patent to be granted.  I guess it's worth trying to patent anything these days, you'll probably be granted it.
More like paid Apple off.  That $150 was a silent settlement so it wouldn't come out in a courtroom how blatantly they stole everything from Apple & screwed them over.   People don't want to know more than what helps their argument.  There is a reason Apple goes after everyone over patents, it's cause for years they've repeatedly been ripped off & doing nothing just about bought them bankruptcy.     All that aside I don't know enough about the Motorola patents to know if...
The fate should have been decided when you put up the samsung phone next to the original patent drawings from Apple & realized they built their device from Apple's patent portfolio.  It really isn't about how closely samsung's devices mimic the production item but how closely they mimic the design drawings/patent descriptions as those are the sorts of things they actually have access to.  When you compare those it's pretty obvious Samsung blatantly copied Apple.
Agreed, can't think of a more ignorant statement. "...even if the customer experience is compromised."  Really?!!!  If he doesn't get fired for this he'll have dodged a huge bullet.
When plugging it in at night before going to bed with a dark room it's super annoying that you can't tell if it isn't going in because it's flipped or because you're slightly off.  On the flip side I have several phone accessories I will no longer be able to use now if I get the iPhone 5, some of which can't be replaced because they were special deals on obscure items.  Sadly it's making me consider the iPhone 4S at the reduced price.
Weird, opposite in my experience on every point 1) System strartup is faster 2) No clicking issues 3) Overall System Performance much snappier & more stable even 4) No app issues except with iMessage & after crashing it magically came up on it's own about an hour later & has worked perfect ever since 5) No reports of battery drain that I'm aware of since users with laptops had spotlight finish it's database build 6) Dictation works perfectly, even surprised at how well it...
The pros we support are still hoping for it, not to mention a lot of individuals I talk to with.  I guess we could be a minority.   I guess we shall see, if I'm wrong then there will be a lot of disappointed people but then I'm sure people will still buy Apple.
Compared to 10.7 release day 10.8 is dramatically better.  I would even beg to say it's nearly as stable as 10.7.4 in some ways & actually more so in others.   The specific bugs sound like hardware driver bugs & likely don't effect every user.  On the 4 machine types I've tested it on so far I'm not seeing any of these quirks but have seen a couple of other minor ones that are purely app based.   Considering my iMac is running way better on Mountain Lion than it was on...
There are companies now that manufacture throw away USB sticks that are pretty stinking cheap, I'd be interested to know how those compare in overall production cost vs traditional CD media.
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