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blocking stats gathering apps, not the ads themselves. These are compliance rules that an app can easily obey, and it shouldn't be surprising that Apple doesn't want Google getting inside info on their upcoming devices.
no tabs on top for me please, if I need extra screen I go full screen using glims. Glims & click2flash still work, yeah!!
Some of us prefer security over absolute freedom. You do realize don't you that you live in a country (wherever you reign from) that has borders, laws, people (police/military) who enforce those laws. I don't think I want that going to a society where everyone is allowed to run around doing whatever they want to whomever they want. Apple doesn't restrict anyone's freedom by enforcing policies, all they do is monitor & filter the filth. People keep trying to distort...
Uh, the iPhone is already designed this way. If you are concerned you are allowing something to be sent from your phone you didn't intend you can check these settings at any time & revoke specific ones or even reset all; it is pretty much little snitch built in. Of course you don't control Apple's own core services but why would you want to? It's a phone & blocking core services could actually screw up your ability to make phone calls or get voicemail.
There was a time when Yahoo ruled the search world, seems like almost overnight they were dethroned. Search is one of those things that is easily changed, I just don't see it being possible for them to get a stranglehold on it unless we all started using Android & Chrome OS.
Apple has their own TV concept in the works as well, though how active who knows. The thing I found strange was that he complained about lack of consistency but I thought that was one of the greatest things about iPhone. Seems like you wouldn't be selling a subsidized box but rather partnering with cable companies to offer your box as an upgrade feature. The cable companies could then write their own cable app for the AppleTV that would turn the AppleTV into a standard...
Did I read that right, AIR on the iPhone?! I won't even allow AIR apps on my Mac! I am saddened to see more people starting to take advantage of AIR cause it eats my battery life! Like all these websites that run flash banner ads, you don't need flash to display simple banner animations people! Someone stop this ridiculous Flash train! It's killing me, killing me! K, I'm done ranting.
Uh, making calls? What? That's actually the app I use least on my iPhone, which is what makes it so awesome! It isn't just a phone I can check e-mail on, it is a pocket computer that I use for a massive array of tasks. From GPS directions to RDP connections to our company servers the iPhone has replaced my laptop as the device I have to carry around for support. So much so that now I find myself weighing whether or not I really need tethering since I'd only carry it...
Agreed, if the $20 doesn't give me additional data then what is AT&T providing me? Allowing me to share my phone's data is a hardware solution only if it doesn't come with additional data.
I don't put any credit into this, Apple has been very stubbornly against the 100% cloud approach because the internet just isn't there & won't be fore some time. Many people can't afford the ridiculous prices of cable internet & with wireless broadband capped at 5GB per month the concept of an all cloud based TV would be a flop. It also doesn't fit at all with the current model of iPhone OS and would require a severe re-tooling of it. I think it's far more likely that...
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