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Either charge for tethering or up prices on the data plan, that's how it works man. Companies don't sell products and services for the fun of it, they do it to make money. If they didn't make money then why the heck would they bother dealing with people like you?
We have 10Mbps & 20Mbps cable here where I live, you just got a crappy cable company. More bandwidth is useless if they still cap at 5GB download a month! And when are we gonna get tethering?! Please no comments from jailbreakers.
The Pros actually have 2 more screws than seen in this picture, the whole bottom cover comes off since the battery is no longer a removable accessory.
Actually it does. Maybe it relates to exchange, just a guess why some would experience this issue & others would not. It only happens when you've send a file to someone & then try to empty that file from trash. As long as Mail is open it claims it is in use. I've notice various issues like this revolving around quicklook, I suspect the issue is related. Apple should make it so quicklook can never designate a file in use.
No, the discount comes out of AT&T's pocket, but then they probably get some tax breaks for doing so. Companies like government contracts, no risk of bounced checks or missed payments.
This is just like the AAC stuff back in the day or the complaints about DRM & it preventing use of iTunes content on other digital players. They like to stir the waters every now & then in hope of scaring companies into being more giving on their regulations but in the past Apple has always stuck to their guns & these guys just sort of wave their fists around & then go away. I think it would be great if there was a way to support companies building such tools but I...
Wouldn't it be something to find out they were profiling the engineer & waiting for the right moment for him to get careless. I don't think that's what happened but given the way they handled all this I wouldn't put it past them. Gizmodo has lost any respect I once had for them as a news organization.
One of the things I love most about the iPhone commercials is that they aren't flashy or blown out of proportion, just a person doing things on the iPhone that I might do in my day to day. The experience you see in the commercials matches what I experience on my own iPhone in real life. These companies throw together a bunch of hype videos with a bunch of bling to distract from the fact that the interface is still no where near as slick as the iPhone. Steve Jobs was...
Actually I know that's not true. I've been in the Apple Store on more than one occasion when someone brought in a jailbroken phone trying to get it fixed. It's funny to watch the look of disbelief on the genius folk's faces when the person hands it over. They sort of do a double take & you can tell they are thinking, "are you serious, you really think we don't recognize jailbreaking when we see it?" I got a lot of respect for them, they are always very polite as they...
Under the law, failure to turn lost goods over to the authorities is considered stealing. Selling said goods is yet another step above & beyond. Under your logic if you left your credit card at a bar & someone took it & sold it for $5,000 you'd be perfectly ok with that? To many people in this world don't use the brain God gave them.
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