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Don't forget too that you can overdo contrast as well. Our eyes aren't the only factor that determines how we see things. If you can display much darker darks & contrast sometimes that takes too much guess work away from the brain, which fills in guess work based on other times we have seen & observed objects and colors. Early plasma used to suffer from a pixelated appearance because the plasma was too good at displaying subtle color differences. It would make plasma...
This is like Plasma vs LCD all over again, and we still haven't totally resolved that one.
In between an iPhone 4G & the iPad, so the screen is still small enough to be annoying in comparison with say a netbook or iPad. - FAIL 16:9 screen vs iPad 4:3. Some will say this can go either way depending on use. If you use it for watching video as the primary use then you'll probably love it. However, since you effectively have a larger screen on the iPad you still loose out and the iPad screen format is better for web pages & iBooks. - FAIL No one is going to hold...
First of all, no service works well inside buildings unless that building has repeaters. That is totally up to the company occupying that space so quit blasting AT&T for a technology you don't understand.Second, in the buildings I've been in that are devoid of repeaters all together My AT&T service has always been stronger than my wife's Verizon. Not saying that is a good test, it may just be her phone is so much crappier than mine. If I turn off 3G then yes it's...
Yeah that's right, forgot Verizon raised it so people wouldn't cancel out of the piece of junk that is DROID to go to iPhone & AT&T.And for those of you set to refute DROID being a piece of junk, it got the worst rating in the robotic touch screen tests done a little while back. I've personally gotten to work with them in our offices for our employees wanting on wifi. THEY ARE JUNK!!
Yeah, funny that no one once mentioned that you can't use the iPad until you plug it into iTunes for the first time. Maybe that's what they mean by activating it, they now do it in the store.She still will need a computer to update to OS 4 when it's released.
Good word. There is a reason we use terms like market leader, apple is leading the way in innovation and people are running to catch up. Think about how stagnant the smart phone market was before Apple entered it! Apple isn't keeping anyone from doing anything. The people whining about Apple's "closed" system are going to whine about something no matter what, it's what they do. I hate that AT&T still doesn't have iPhone tethering, but you better believe I till love my...
iPhone OS + AppleTV = Instant dominance over GoogleTV Why can't Apple get their act together on this?!
Either charge for tethering or up prices on the data plan, that's how it works man. Companies don't sell products and services for the fun of it, they do it to make money. If they didn't make money then why the heck would they bother dealing with people like you?
We have 10Mbps & 20Mbps cable here where I live, you just got a crappy cable company. More bandwidth is useless if they still cap at 5GB download a month! And when are we gonna get tethering?! Please no comments from jailbreakers.
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