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Actually I know that's not true. I've been in the Apple Store on more than one occasion when someone brought in a jailbroken phone trying to get it fixed. It's funny to watch the look of disbelief on the genius folk's faces when the person hands it over. They sort of do a double take & you can tell they are thinking, "are you serious, you really think we don't recognize jailbreaking when we see it?" I got a lot of respect for them, they are always very polite as they...
Under the law, failure to turn lost goods over to the authorities is considered stealing. Selling said goods is yet another step above & beyond. Under your logic if you left your credit card at a bar & someone took it & sold it for $5,000 you'd be perfectly ok with that? To many people in this world don't use the brain God gave them.
Agreed, "hey man, we held your phone for you! Well true, we did take it all apart & post pictures of it all over the internet. Yeah our actions may yet cost you your job, but at least we got a good story out of it!"
So if your car is parked in a public place I'm free to take it? So if you leave your credit card on a table at a restaurant I'm free to take it? You are absolutely wrong, if you keep it then it is theft and you better believe the police would agree!You find a $20 on the street, yeah so you pick it up. Not much point in turning it in because there is no way they are going to find the owner. However, a mobile phone belongs to someone with a cell plan so tracking down the...
I'm just totally befuddled, how is it that they can keep the device & no one ever says a word about ownership? Finding it in a public place does not equal fair game, the responsible thing would have been to turn it into authorities. They probably gambled that Apple won't dare confirm the device by coming to get it but still, theft is theft.
Start, the perception has already begun. Many of the big names on the market are already moving rapidly in the direction of HMTL5 for iPhone/iTouch/iPad, they can't afford to wait months to capitalize on a market that is quickly exploding! When Apple demoed the power of HTML5 with ads in iPhone OS 4 I have a feeling many company execs said, "why are we still paying for Flash?"
I test this every day, still white as a ghost. Still, if you live close to the Ocean (which I do not) there is not telling what salt air might do to those things, sure wreaks havoc on cars.By the way, Apple isn't the only one using these sensors & they are found on nearly all mobile phones on the market now. Take the battery plate of your phone & more than likely you will see one, though some have a red marking on them & they are looking to see if that has dissolved to...
Does seem logical that if I got the push notice it ought to just push the message to the app, even if it was only storing it in a general message queue for the app to grab it when launched. This is most frustrating with Mail since I can see when I get mail but don't actually get the real e-mail until I open Mail. If I get a push message that someone important e-mailed me, then a few minutes later when I go to see what they said & I don't have cell service...bummer. This...
Among mobile browsers it is the leader & engine of choice, definitely not for desktops though. I suspect the speed differences might be found in how text appears as lines. It may not be fully rendering all parts of the page until you zoom in.
Didn't really think about how much one of them resembles the Palm Pre. Also interesting to note that businesses have been the real market keeping windows mobile os alive, now they are going to try to break into the "cool" market. Cool has never really been Microsoft's thing, just not sure they'll be able to do it. I'm skeptical too that this will go anywhere.
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