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The pros we support are still hoping for it, not to mention a lot of individuals I talk to with.  I guess we could be a minority.   I guess we shall see, if I'm wrong then there will be a lot of disappointed people but then I'm sure people will still buy Apple.
Compared to 10.7 release day 10.8 is dramatically better.  I would even beg to say it's nearly as stable as 10.7.4 in some ways & actually more so in others.   The specific bugs sound like hardware driver bugs & likely don't effect every user.  On the 4 machine types I've tested it on so far I'm not seeing any of these quirks but have seen a couple of other minor ones that are purely app based.   Considering my iMac is running way better on Mountain Lion than it was on...
There are companies now that manufacture throw away USB sticks that are pretty stinking cheap, I'd be interested to know how those compare in overall production cost vs traditional CD media.
I highly doubt they will remove it, especially with so many begging the opposite & that is to add a blu-ray drive.  It didn't make sense to keep the drive on the mini because most people aren't using it in a desktop application.  More often it is used as a server, a media station, or for digital signage.   It's quite possible Apple may upgrade the external drive to blu-ray and go forward with a Mac Pro that is slimmer & axes the CD drive but I'd just be utterly shocked if...
Per my last post, it does actually in fact somehow accelerate the video playback to make it smooth.
I was bummed to find out airplay didn't work with DVD player but I found a work around by playing DVDs with MPlayer.  Now I think I understand why, it was supper choppy.  Apparently AirPlay is able to hardware accelerate H.264 content but not standard mpeg2...bummer.  Still way cool though!  Finally I can watch hulu while still using my iPad for other stuff!
Yeah, I've experienced quite the opposite, tons of positive reviews.  My own experience has been fantastic, it's very snappy & stable which is more than I could say for Lion.
Was that sarcasm or are you serious?  Couldn't tell but just in case.   http://www.apple.com/ios/ios6/#safari   Nevermind, my bad, got confused with Safari for Mountain Lion.
Apple sells the software & hardware together, Microsoft got dinged because they pretty much owned the Desktop OS market.  If Apple gets to a point that it appears they are monopolizing a market & some practice of theirs is creating obvious anti-competitive tactics they'll get dinged too.  In some ways they're already seen this way in certain countries & you see it in the way certain court systems respond to their patent disputes.
Safari & webkit are almost identical & webkit is at the core of more browsers than any other platform.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebKit  Chrome isn't any better than Firefox or Safari, it's only grown because of the massive advertising Google put behind it & because people are dumping IE like mad (not to mention it's spread through Android).  Google put a lot into Chrome because when they control the browser they have access to everything that you do.  Hope you love...
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