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Isn't this basically what happens every quarter & then Apple reports better than expected?  Good grief.
Sadly there are still a lot of countries around the world that control people's breeding habits, and there are plenty of people in the US who genuinely want the government to regulate it here.  It's sad how many completely don't understand that history really does repeat itself.  There's a whole generation growing up now in which it's no longer common knowledge who Hitler was & what horrible things he did.     "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat...
Apple can't patent the idea of an ultra thin or portable laptop, that class existed with netbooks long before the Air.  Dell has had an ultraportable for quite a while and managed to make it look nothing like the Air but still look slick.  These companies are making excuses for their horrible excuse for an R&D department, they're used to just copying others & getting away with it.
The pixel issues look to be common manufacturing flaws that can effect all screens & probably more so with something as complex as the retina display.  I have same issue with my iMac at work, same exact iMac at home doesn't have the issue so obviously the screen on my work iMac has a defect.
They probably have AT&T u-verse. I also have an AE router & AppleTV, quality is fantastic for Netflix streaming.
Only if there was no other way to search for information you desire.  You can also use Google's own search app, which supports voice.  Siri is meant to add a personal element to the phone, make is more like a personal assistant than a simple speech to text app.  Changing Siri's response to this question hardly damages it's credibility, since after all you'd have a hard time proving Siri's previous response was correct or that it's current response is wrong.  If you're...
I'm so tired of this inept logic.  Corporations exist for 1 purpose, to make money.  Corporations in fact hire people so when a corporation makes more profit it grows, when it grows it creates jobs, when it creates jobs more of the population makes money.  Profit doesn't have anything to do with a company being good or bad, you are mixing individual income with corporate income & they aren't at all the same.     All that being said Apple is hardly doing anything wrong,...
Strange, I see the one you used but none of the others if I go to try & add one of my own.  Very goofy.
Agreed, blaming companies for saving money has got to be the dumbest logic ever.  I agree though that tax reform is very badly needed, including giving better local tax incentives for businesses to keep jobs in the US.
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