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Strange, I see the one you used but none of the others if I go to try & add one of my own.  Very goofy.
Agreed, blaming companies for saving money has got to be the dumbest logic ever.  I agree though that tax reform is very badly needed, including giving better local tax incentives for businesses to keep jobs in the US.
I second that, price competition has obviously had an effect on Apple quality in their Desktop/Laptop line and their once amazing support has been crippled of late.  I miss the old days when my PowerBook never needed a permissions repair or reboot & when I called support I got a reasonably knowledgable person every time.  Now I get the same hard drive as the piece of crap Dells my office buys & when I call Apple support they mostly tell me to re-load from scratch.  I've...
    I don't think the issue of viruses & malware is overblown for PCs, I think it's actually quite serious.  It is overblown for Macs, though it's also under recognized by Apple so there is a lot of blame to go around.  Stopping malware completely will always be impossible so long as there are users who simply refuse to practice any caution when surfing the web.  Even with the new features of Mountain Lion restricting apps to appstore only or even allowing signed apps...
    Or is it that their Windows partition is infected & Sophos found that malware on their NTFS partition.  That's hardly the same as the Mac being infected & is in fact no different than any other PC that is infected with malware.   There is no way for Macs to spread malware for Windows that I'm aware of, though if you run Office for Mac you can spread Windows viruses in documents without knowing.     Malware doesn't replicate itself like a virus does, if you have it...
          It's a multitude of issues I think with similar symptoms but very different problems.     The first is Safari memory leak issues.  I've found that quitting Safari every so often is a must or my computer will continually get slower and that's with 12GB of RAM.  This is probably the biggest performance boost for me. The second is directory search path issues, which Apple has patched several times with Lion but it continues to be broken.  I can't be certain but...
    Similar experience, which is why I don't doubt Windows Phone has a chance unless Google follows through with cleaning up the forking issues.  Google is used to pushing beta products into the market that take off because they are such a cheap alternative, but looks like same issues with Android that when you get down to it you start to realize it really is beta & Google is more interested in pushing features than fixing issues.
    Stupid, isn't this more likely to hurt adoption of Windows 8?
    I took my 3GS apart once to clean the glass & accidentally caught one of the little metal pins with the cleaning rag, buuuuummer.  The internal parts are extremely fragile, in my opinion unnecessarily so.  As 1 of 4 buttons on the phone and the most frequently used it ought to be extremely sturdy.
    I use ClicktoFlash, it works much better than being an HTML5 beta tester and I have no issues at all with Safari on YouTube.  I noticed long ago that their HTML5 was goofy in Safari, not sure who's fault that is but don't much care.  Since it's Google it's forever beta so good luck getting them to give a crap about it.
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