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    Similar experience, which is why I don't doubt Windows Phone has a chance unless Google follows through with cleaning up the forking issues.  Google is used to pushing beta products into the market that take off because they are such a cheap alternative, but looks like same issues with Android that when you get down to it you start to realize it really is beta & Google is more interested in pushing features than fixing issues.
    Stupid, isn't this more likely to hurt adoption of Windows 8?
    I took my 3GS apart once to clean the glass & accidentally caught one of the little metal pins with the cleaning rag, buuuuummer.  The internal parts are extremely fragile, in my opinion unnecessarily so.  As 1 of 4 buttons on the phone and the most frequently used it ought to be extremely sturdy.
    I use ClicktoFlash, it works much better than being an HTML5 beta tester and I have no issues at all with Safari on YouTube.  I noticed long ago that their HTML5 was goofy in Safari, not sure who's fault that is but don't much care.  Since it's Google it's forever beta so good luck getting them to give a crap about it.
    Of course, what better way to make a little extra profit when Apple again outperforms even their own expectations.  It drives me crazy, about as much as the fact that we also pay gas prices set by how much they expect Oil to cost in the coming weeks/months.  When gas ends up costing less they say, "well, looks like gas won't rise as expected" as they pocket the extra cash they just got from charging more for something that didn't actually cost what they expected....
There can be a lot of explanations for this. 1 of the most common that we've seen is MS Office for Mac updates webkit & breaks Safari, a manual download & re-install fixes the issues. In your case I'm not sure that is the cause, I'd open Disk Utility from /Applications/Utilities and run a Permissions repair. From time to time the flash installer breaks permissions with certain flash releases & running a permissions repair resolves the issues. Permissions repair looks...
The iSaver, it will save all of humanity.
Java is not installed by default on Lion. Only power users really need Java, and if you are a power user infected by flashback you likely let your guard down big time. I remember seeing screenshots of the fake flash installer & thinking right away it looks nothing like Adobe's legitimate installer, should have been very easy to spot something was wrong. What's really frustrating is that for years software developers have had the ability to tag their installers with an...
Agreed, but sadly as with the majority of apps that come to the Mac platform from the PC world I'm still waiting for an AV/malware app that doesn't turn my blazingly fast Mac into a slug. I've tried several that appear to work fine for a bit but in the end my Mac always ends up acting erratic, almost like the AV software is malware. I use ClamXAV for antivirus and that works awesome (the non-app store version lets you do realtime monitoring of certain folders). For...
So +2 for single handed use & +1 for 2 handed use. That settles it, 2 to 1, the button orientation was a big mistake!
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