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 Lol...like your need for brew is more mainstream than the need for x86 apps.
 I provided a link to code that shows that some clients are vulnerable that you ignored.  Exactly what more do you need as proof? Just google heartbleed and wget.  Which someone helping their lame IT department should be sufficiently skilled to do. And playing the "I'm an expert" card (or the even lamer passive aggressive "I'm not an expert" card) gets you butkus on the internet. And here Mr. "I'm not an expert but I researched this more than you" another...
 This is false.  Clients are vulnerable too. According to RFC 6520, heartbeats should not be sent during handshakes. In practice, OpenSSL accepts heart beats right after the sending a ServerHello (this is what Jared Stafford's ssltest.py does). Upon further testing, I have discovered that servers can abuse clients by sending a Heartbeat right aftersending the ServerHello too. It triggers the same bug.A proof of concept can be found in my repo...
 True, but some things are services that might run on your desktop.  For example PostgreSQL uses OpenSSL.  I have that installed on my machine for stuff.  Then again, I'm a dev.
If you ever used MacPorts to download anything check your openssl package. In the console type: $ openssl version If it shows 0.9.8y (the Mavericks default) you're fine. If it shows 1.0.1 then your mac has the vulnerability. 1.0.1g has the patched library. do: $ sudo port upgrade openssl For brew users I THINK the proper way to update is: $ brew update $ brew install openssl $ brew link --force openssl But check on the web. I don't use brew.
 Unless you're using archival quality DVDs the shelf life of that backup may be as short as 2-5 years. "CD/DVD experiential life expectancy is 2 to 5 years even though published life expectancies are often cited as 10 years, 25 years, or longer. However, a variety of factors discussed in the sources cited in FAQ 15, below, may result in a much shorter life span for CDs/DVDs. Life expectancies are statistically based; any specific medium may experience a critical failure...
 Our best US U12s do that too…but the difference between the U12 teams of Madrid and Barcelona and our top travel teams is probably as big as the difference between our top travel teams and a rec team.   The tryouts for U10 travel teams for one (dominant) club here had easily 300 kids attending.  Even our much smaller club had 30-40 kids come to try out.  There are 8 full sized turf fields and they were full of kids trying out.  They run a couple dozen rec teams, a dozen...
 Can't be THAT exciting.  Wasn't Madrid's U12 team 25-1 last season? Stop trying to diss MLS.  It's not like Americans know what good football looks like anyway.  Besides a bad MLS game is STILL more exciting to watch than a MLB game.  And the beer and hot dogs taste (and cost) the same even if the stadiums suck a bit. And check back in a decade.  Soccer is growing every year and there's 300M Americans.  The talent pool is pretty deep if it can be tapped.
 Lol…since you mention that…soccer is just his team sport.  His competition sport is martial arts. Given all the concussions in soccer (#2 after football for concussion injuries in youth sports) I joked that a sport that involved getting kicked in the head was safer than soccer. Got the ol' stink eye from my wife over that one too.  Yah.  A sport normal sized humans can play at elite levels is always good.  That and weight divisions.
 My kid's former rec coach's dad played for Madrid.  So of course I have him show up first day of practice in a Messi jersey I got for him on a trip to barcelona... I tell my kid that Real Madrid signed an 11 year old.  He rolls his eyes at me while mom gives me the stink eye.   What is amazing is the kids that Joshua are waltzing past are other top U12 players that would likely be the star player of a team anywhere but Madrid.
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