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 I was under the impression that everyone thinks those didn't sell well at all.
Not at $700 for the base model which hopefully no one buys because it's rather anemic.
1.3M Surface Pro 3s sold isn't bad compared to 4.8M macs sold Q3 2015.  Sales and revenues slumped since then because the Surface 3 is old and Surface 4 due. If MS can move 2M Surface Pro 4 and Surface Books combined that's pretty danged good.  These things are priced at MBA/MBP levels...not iPad levels.
 The immediate benefit to MS is selling $800-$1400 tablets and 2 in 1s under it's own brand rather than Dell and picking up the high end PC market margins. The breadth of offerings for Windows is phones through Core i7 2 in 1s.  There's no ARM offering that will match a Core i7 anytime soon.
Christ, like you two didn't say the same damn thing in 2009?
 1) There are localized Play Stores as they sometimes must operate under different rules/laws and may reside in different data centers. If Google Play re-entered the Chinese market it would likely have to have a data center in the PRC. These stores use different (aka local) payment processors and sometimes payment options due to local conditions.   2) DED was mistaken in calling 3rd party apps stores localized Google Play stores but rather localized Android stores....
Very simple:  Folks use alternative app stores not because they are pirates but because it's convenient.  Also sometimes they get directed there via QR codes in addition to links and other methods rather than the Play Store. Meaning blaming Android users for using Android the way it's designed to work (aka alternative apps stores, side loading, etc) is wrong.  Attempting to smear them as pirates of apps that are mostly free to begin with is simply stupid.
Candy Crush is free to play with in app purchases.  Most games are these days. A lot of regions use QR codes for app advertising and distribution.  Amazon does this as well: https://developer.amazon.com/public/community/post/Tx2DXEZFC64BT7Z/Using-QR-Codes-to-link-customers-directly-to-your-apps Most useful for store apps, museum apps, and such.
 I am as big a non-fan of DED as you can find but Play stores are regionalized/localized just like the App Store.  If you go into dev setting you can turn on "Allow mock location".  Then set your location to a different region.  You should see a different set of apps offered.  Or you can just use a VPN.  There are plenty of HowTos on youtube. The incidence of compromised apps in the Play Store probably differ by region just like it does for the Apple App Store. Also I have...
 Because there's no market to make progress in.  No, because it's a solution in search of a problem.  Everyone looked at it and shrugged.  Virtualization solves the same problem more efficiently and provides more flexibility in terms of changing needs.  It is easy to turn a big server in to 1000 little ones.  It is harder to turn 1000 little ones into 1 big one and it turned out the little ones weren't 20X as effective as claimed by HP (half rack = 10 racks of 1U...
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