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 Yes they do…I was just pointing out that just having on sensor PDAF doesn't always mean it's faster than a good CDAF implementation.  A good PDAF implementation should/will win over a good CDAF…at least when there is enough light anyway.
 They bought Fingerworks in 2005 and had been submitting multitouch patents ever since.  Of course not evert such patent has made it to product but Apple will telegraph through acquisitions, patent submissions and other strategic moves.  They hide it as well as they can but some things, at least in hindsight, were obvious precursor moves to enable a product later on. I think the key is not to look at these patents just in the context of the current products (which they are...
 Given the fact that we have faster and faster RAM DIMMS every few years means this statement is categorically false. The DDR spec goes from 100Mhz socketed DDR-200 (aka PC-1600) with 10 ns cycle times to 200Mhz DDR-400 (aka PC-3200) with 5ns cycle times. DDR4 is coming this year and much faster than DDR3 and DDR4 is obviously NOT not soldered on to the motherboard.  AMD is supporting DDR4 this year as is Intel with Haswell-E. What you can't do with DIMMs is so tightly...
 Mac sales are always dominated by the MBA and iMac.  This is nothing new.  Nor is there any indication that the mini is "really hurting" beyond the usual "man, they're gonna have to update this soon so I'm going to wait before I buy" issues at the end of every product cycle.   As far as Apple is concerned if they sell more iMacs instead of Mini's this is not a big problem.
 Tablets have been so popular in the Windows world, let's bring them to the Mac.  Oh wait... The fact that the Windows world royally screws something up doesn't mean that Apple would also royally screw something up.
Assuming their PDAF implementation is good. Sony (I think) had issues with theirs although nikon nailed it in their small sensor implementation. Evidently it is non-trivial even for companies with a lot of camera sensor experience to get right the first time.
 So I'm curious if your store did 128K to fat mac conversions.  We had a nice little side business in college doing that.  
 It's a DED headline, what do you expect?  That said, by changing the computer industry Apple did change the world given how important personal computers are to modern world. 
 Or you simply could go back to the thread you actually posted in...and no, Apple was not scared shitless of the Amiga.  http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161737/apple-celebrates-30-years-of-mac-with-special-webpage-video#post_2462218
 Great machine.  I had all sorts of insanely expensive cards in mine including a huge assed ram disk card (probably a whole 512K or something stupidly small by todays standards).  I had a Vax 8500 processing data to send to my Mac so I could turn the data into useful color images.  NCSA had released some HDF and plotting/visualization tools for the Mac that were extremely capable.  I guess I could probably have done the same thing on a SGI but we didn't have but a few of...
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