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 Struck me as weird that Apple fans would contest that OSX is already running on ARM.  Like you want to disagree with someone sooooo much that you will question whether the sun rises in the east.
 For the core bits of OSX these are all ported due to the iPhone/iPad.  All of Darwin has been at one point or another.  Then we're talking the Core libraries and there are iOS versions of the important bits that implies to me that for the most part this is a non-issue as well.  That leaves drivers and those are covered as part of supporting the hardware you want to deploy to.  
Again, what is "proof". Was Steve Jobs saying there would be a 3ghz g5 Mac sufficient "proof" or simply conjecture?I will boldly assert that based on nothing more than history that the sun will rise tomorrow. What link would satisfy you that this is a statement of fact and not mere belief? After all, eventually I will be wrong.
[[SPOILER]]I'm a very happy amazon customer but I don't directly own any shares.
Complaining about derailment after helping derail in the first place is amusing.There's not much to say narrowly "on topic" other than the A7 is really cool is there? The interesting bits is just conjecture on what lies in the future.
Again, saying that apple will use the A9 is conjecture and saying OSX runs on ARM is not.You guys went from justifably derisive to making silly anti-apple commentary in your zeal. Like apple would be so incompetent that a full desktop osx port to arm doesn't exist anywhere at apple and demanding proof when the proof lies in apples actions in the past.The rejoinder is that of course osx runs on arm and apple knows exactly how fast it goes which is why they are highly...
Lol. Lack of objectivity. You don't like his statement because you don't like his attitude, not because there is anything wrong with his statement.Again, the statement that OSX runs on arm is a factual statement.The statement that apple knows how fast osx runs on arm is self evident given the first statement.At no point did I discuss the assertion that the a9 will be in the Mac except to say that it was conjecture and a stupid one at that.Since we're now name calling I...
 The request for a link implies that and certainly is mocking.  What he wrote in that particular post wasn't controversial at all.  No, it doesn't.  Apple choose that terminology for good reason.  OSX runs on ARM just fine.  That you have to put "Mac" into his mouth doesn't mean that's what he said: "OS X is already running on ARM, and Apple knows exactly how fast it runs and with what software combo." OSX indeed already runs on ARM.  This is a known fact.  Requiring a...
LOL. I had the proof on this iPhone I found in a bar near Cupertino but sold it to Gizmodo.While a lot of what he wrote is stupid it is equally, if not more, stupid to mock the assertion that OSX isn't running on ARM somewhere on Apple's campus and demand a link "proving" it to be so.But here you go, a link that in 2010 the Apple Platform Technology Group had multi user Darwin ported by an intern."The goal of this project is to get Darwin into a workable state on the...
 A link for OSX running on ARM?  Really?  It's a no brainer to assert that somewhere Apple has full up OSX running on ARM.  Just like full up iOS running on an x86.  Why wouldn't they?
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