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 Not when the term is incorrect.  Apple calls it a SIP.  Everyone else calls it a SIP.  Including AppleInsider.  CoC is stupid, especially since SoC means the same thing: computer SYSTEM on a chip. "Apple custom-designed its own S1 SiP (System in Package) to miniaturize an entire computer architecture onto a single chip. Apple Watch also features Wi-Fi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 4.0 to pair seamlessly with your...
 CoC is not a term (okay, it is a term but it means chip on chip).  Even if it was it's not a computer on a chip anyway.  It's a SIP or System In Package.  There are multiple chips in the package that compose the S1 and the whole thing is filled with resin to make one package.   And SoC is a computer system on a chip.  Which the S1 isn't.  Because it's not one chip.
 And George W. Bush went to Yale and Harvard Business School...mmm....and Obama from Harvard law... Attended top end schools, yes.  Smarter than being given credit for?  Mmmmaybe.
 All the examples cited (iPad or apple watch) are different model/sku based on the same metrics:  appearance or size.  Just changing the color choice results in a different model/sku. For example the gold and space gray versions of the exact same iPad have different sku and model numbers.    Nope.  But Apple is acting no differently in this case than they do with all the other products.  The core products themselves are very very focused and options very regimented. Sure,...
 Yes, but as you say, these aren't the demographics that buy expensive stuff but the families with mid six figure incomes, little savings and 3 months from bankruptcy if their income ever wavers.
 It's a single product in two sizes: 38mm & 42mm and four color choices: ALU, SS, Space Black SS, Gold, Rose Gold and a bevy of bands. Like the latest iPads are a single product in two sizes, three color choices and a bevy of covers.
 No, he left in the same way that Scott Forstall left…still no conspiracy involved but they got booted for cause: being arrogant while screwing up something major with probably more than a dash of insubordination to the incoming CEOs.
Because they suck in comparison to a chrome book and amazingly has fewer apps.Perhaps if the freetards didn't keep shooting themselves in the foot regarding freetardian purity it would be different.How's that Atrix working out for you?Somehow a lot of schools and corporations didn't make the Atrix even vaguely a success.
 And the iPad Mini.And the iPhone name.And many other statements and predictions. There should be a claim chowder bookmark feature for huddler.
 I've been here a long time and toxic posters like TS with their vehement "predictions" that add as much noise as the obvious trolls that infests this site from time to time. It is not "facile logic" because his statement was not a long term prediction as in your reductio ad absurdum example but a prediction that a product would not be made or if made be unappealing to consumers based on his own narrow minded opinions.   The fact is that the 6+ had a very successful launch...
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