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 Libel is a legal term.  Other than a lawsuit and the site TOS there is no other recourse. Besides, you did make a false claim ("The fact that they can do 1080p60 when Microsoft and Sony are limited to 720p30 is just a plus.") so what he stated isn't libel anyway and the only one guilty of defamation is you against Sony and MS. That you edited it later means his assertion was correct.  Even your modified statement is likely incorrect depending on how one defines "often"....
 Depends on jurisdiction but for the most part it would be extremely difficult for you to win a libel suit.  Given that TS is not a pen name used by you but just an internet handle it would be very very difficult to show harm is occurring and coupled with the examples of you engaging in flame wars and egregious name calling you'd end up like that bloke in england that sued over bad reviews and a flame war against his pen name and ended up paying for all the legal fees.
 I'd feel pity for the Vietnamese if successive North Vietnamese statements (Deputy Foreign Minister Ung Van Khein, Prime Minister Pham Van Dong and a Foreign Ministry complaint against the US) hadn't declared that the Spratleys and Paracels were historically Chinese territory in 1956, then again in 1958 and in 1965. To come crying to the US is bullshit.  Kerry and Biden made a mild statements about how the Chinese should be nicer and that's about all you're going to get...
Many mornings I hit the AI website hoping to see an article that the mini got a stealth update last night…   Ah well.
So what of anything you've written refutes the statement that PC gaming is not as problem free as console gaming? The fact that you think game X sucks or Country Y outsources PC ports is simply trying to explain WHY PC gaming is not as smooth as console gaming, not that it isn't more annoying than it should be sometimes.Consoles can be annoying too but it's a lot more just turn on and play than PC gaming often is.
 And yet runs on a console with more meager hw resource.  /shrug  Good, bad, whatever is in the eye of the beholder.  If I want to play game X then to me game X is a good game.  If I don't want to play game Y then it's not a good game for me even if it's the uber game of the year. The point is that PCs are often hit or miss with console type titles.  Even ignoring performance issues there are usually UX oddities.  Take Dynasty Warrior 8.  Even when using a gamepad it shows...
 The WiiU sucks in comparison to the PS4 or XBoxOne.  That's the only spec that matters and why sales have been so horrible for it.  When you start at SD and everyone else was at HD then moving to HD just gives you parity.
 Not really.  For example COD Ghosts had issues with wireless gamepads on some PCs.  Also Aim-assist is locked on.  Some older console ports didn't support gamepads out of the box well at all.  It's hit or miss.
 The geForce Titan is more than $500.  Good luck building a $500 PC with a Titan to get the green line.
 Which is why multi-core benchmarks single-core benchmarks are both available.  The numbers posted are all 64 bit multi-core benchmarks. In any case single core performance is still key to how snappy a machine feels since some things cannot be parallelized effectively.  No it wouldn't make for a passible iMac or even passable Mini.  The performance delta between the Core i5 and the A7 is large whether on a processor or core basis.  The Core i3 edu iMac is nothing to write...
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