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 10%ish+ based on ART by itself.  Maybe a little more since that 10% number is based on earlier builds and Google has been refining it.  They claim up to 50% or something similar.  For some use cases you could see a marked improvement.  Android 5 also added OpenGL ES 3.1 and AEP support. Given that Qualcomm's OGL 3.1ES drivers have been borked you could see some decent improvements if Google has fixed any for Nexus.
 Lol…you mean like you did in the mid 2000s (2007ish) with the Prince McLean pen name and sock puppetting?
 Android 5 is nicely faster with ART over Dalvik.  So the current benchmarks under Android 4 are not that useful in judging the Nexus 6 performance which ships with 5.
 Yah the data is useful and the analysis meh.  But these aren't really expensive reports anyway.  It adds up if you buy them all I suppose.
 Lol…if anything his characterization of you is hilariously mild.
 It feels identical except that you're afraid of doing updates…and sometimes you need to spend time reinstalling patches and kexts.  Does everything work on the X51 like WiFi and BT? It's not linux level of annoyance but it's not what I'd want my primary mac to be either.  I'll probably get a X51 or the Alpha but mostly to run Windows.  The i7-4790 is a $1250 config.
 We sayeth that this has been covered multiple times in the last 34 pages but since TL;DR: A shrunken Mini with a ARM processor like the A8 is called an Apple TV. The A8 is much too slow to replace the Core i5 in Mini much less the Core i7. An A8 Mac Mini is pointless as a Mac because the majority of Mac applications would not work on it.  Nor would Windows.  And it would be slow.  Annoyingly slow. An A8 based Apple TV with an App Store makes sense since it's already a ARM...
 Those watches are as dead as dumb phones were in 2006.  A replacement of the movement will make a 2015 apple watch into a 2017 apple watch in terms of functionality.  So a more expensive edition watch can retain its value over time with a $200-$300 replacement of the internals.  I don't think that this is something that Apple has overlooked for a demographic that obviously can afford to spend money on luxury items.
 Sorry but we have your IP now, TS was just stalling: Natasha Romanoff: Steve, I got a bogey. Short-range ballistic. Thirty seconds, tops.Steve Rogers: Who fired it?Natasha Romanoff: APPLE. Lol. In any case, a higher rez iPad would be nice although I'm getting the mini.  I would be nice if they used that 6+ panel on the mini.
Both the 4S and 5S had a more significant jump in CPU power over their predecessor than the 4, 5 or 6 had over theirs. The 4S went dual core and the 5s went 64 bits. Both had new capabilities that are core capabilities: Siri and TouchID.Having TouchID will allow the 5S to play more in the apple pay domain than the 5. It may not have NFC but the watch will.
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