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 Mono works just fine on OSX.  MonoMac/Xamarin.mac even provides access to Cocoa.  And that's the rub.  As craptastic as Swing is/was Java has a common UI and APIs across most platforms.  New languages and syntax is easy to get used to.  It's all the APIs that takes a bit of learning to become proficient.  If you're going to learn CoreData, etc you might as well just code ObjC.  It's not going to be overly portable to any other platform anyway. I guess MS could port all of...
 That's hardly true.  Intel has massively reduced their TDP in the last few years and nothing ARM will touch a Core i5 (Surface Pro 2) in terms of performance.  The Bay Trails are decent and the Z3795 based tablets look good with 4GB RAM.  That's enough to comfortably run Win 8 and normal desktop apps. Many of the improvements we've seen in the MBA and MBP lines are due to Intel making the x86 far more efficient for mobile.
A dumber than usual DED article and that's saying something. First of all if apple reduces $500 apps to $0 then it does to software what DED claims Android does to hardware. This doesn't foster competition as much as destroys independent app devs. Second you end up with craptastic apps based on the "freemium" model or software subscriptions that costs users more over time. Which what you see now. The "$500" office app is free but mostly useless without a $99/year 360...
Which is what is reiterated here. They talked about it again and there's no business there. There is no margin and no turnover.
Lol, the only one prideful here is you trying to avoid admitting that your obnoxious predictions about an Apple HDTV was simply wrong.
Nuc so-so. Shuttle so-so. Better to buy your own small case and components off the build lists.
Say that when skiing solo and hitting a tree out of sight (bowl, woods, bad luck, last run of the night, etc)Or learn to ski better.Or, OMG, turn it off when you don't want it.
 Oh, sorry. I have a IEEE account.  Its sitting behind the IEEE paywall and I can't find an open copy.
 Maybe.  Lets first be clear on three points: I'm not a subject matter expert (SME) in this domain I think there is fundamental research that shows promise so their claims (Ignoring some misdirection/marketspeak regarding shannon) are possible I'm not poo-pooing their accomplishments just because some of these techniques may have papers or lab trials elsewhere.  The neckbeard in the audience trying to poo-poo the presentation is an ass and the response entirely...
 It's only serendipitous if you can find it.  Regions with lots of tall buildings with good LOS to each other is serendipitous.  Regions where LOS is limited is not so serendipitous. This is called handwaving.  The issue here is dependent on the existing backhaul topology.  Daisy chain is probably worst because of the number of hops increasing your latency but that's what many 2G and 3G backhaul networks were doing.  Hub and spoke would be best (and probably closest tot...
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