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 Try using your iMac in target display mode with one of your mini's and see if you like that.   You're short on space and want to keep the 27" iMac around anyway...I have the logitech K760 keyboard that I share between my MBP and Mini.  It can remain paired with three computers which is sometimes handier than remoting into another machine... http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3924?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US
 Really?  The benches show Kaveri getting crushed in CPU performance: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7677/amd-kaveri-review-a8-7600-a10-7850k/10 A lot of times even the Core i3 is faster or in the same general performance range.  The i5 is almost uniformly faster. Even in terms of GPU performance the Iris Pro is on par which was surprising to me. "In a vacuum where all that's available are other AMD parts, Kaveri and its Steamroller cores actually look pretty good. At...
 http://www.pcper.com/news/Storage/AMD-Launches-Radeon-RAMDisk-Free-6GB-Disks-AMD-Memory http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=355016 RAM disks is how we used to supercharge database access.  Of course those were expensive PCIe cards with battery and flash backup incase power went out.
 RAM disk is the way to go to test a smaller file.  Then you'll know if IO is the issue vs something else. Its a moderate shame that the new Mac pro only has 4 ram slots.
 Okay, you're right.  What threw me is that I never intended to use the $700 monitor as the baseline since the iMac can't do 4K and always figured keyboard+mouse was $140 since that's the price from Apple. Either way the Mac Pro is still a decent deal vs the iMac and not some idiotic or vainglorious purchase as you assert.
 Yes, a blond germanic looking woman.  /shrug   It is unlikely they are the same person.   It is possible, but odd, if relic provided Robin with a bad name or something.  The internet can be an odd place but other than getting Robin a bit concerned there's no payoff that I can see for being deceptive. I suppose someone could send a note to the person in LinkedIn and see.  That would be easiest if a little weird.
 If I got a Mac Pro I probably wouldn't go 4K with it.  No reason to at the moment. Nor could the iMac do so anyway. I don't have a problem with adding $720 for a brand new installation for a decent 27" display, keyboard and mouse.  That's a 27" U2713HM 2560x1440 IPS monitor for $580 + $140 for keyboard and mouse.  And yes, this is pro grade.  Or at least as pro grade as the iMac display. However you STILL don't get to $3,900 even if you charged $700.  I dunno what you are...
 We don't get along but frankly I don't get it.  I wouldn't call you Mathematica on a good day as I find Mathematica useful.
 No, his premise is that the Mac is insignificant to Wall St analysis smart or dumb.  In that case he's correct.  A stellar year in Macs won't do much to move the profit needle for Apple.  Neither would any significant decline.  This is very clear from his statement: "So, I am not suggesting that Apple drop their computer business, merely that its success is of very small significance to the company's market cap/stock price." You're reading things into what he's saying...
 I agree.  Robin seems concerned so it would mostly be for him.  I don't mind doing a little internet sleuthing to help someone out but I probably wouldn't call either if they were in Canada or something (I'm in the US).  Sorry to volunteer you.
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