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It costs more.  Pre-orders are discounted.
The game engine is very inexpensive and accessible for indies. It's cross platform. There are really few competitors.
Do you really think that both the OP and I did not know the ability existed in ObjC (among other languages) or that I would really tell you to turn in your geek badge because you did know?The reference is also not all that obscure. Not as obvious as a Monty Python or Star Trek reference perhaps but not obscure either.
I would never hire a coder that misses Sci Fi references when pointed out a second/third time. It indicates either an incomplete education or inappropriate personality as well as an inability to step back, see the forest instead of trees and google if unfamiliar.
First, no.Second, it's not either or anyway.There is no real reason why swift can't be as efficient...it depends on the compiler. Also Java can be compiled to native binary if desired. The syntax isn't all that relevant. Google could do that tomorrow if they wanted. C++/CX is MS' version for WinRT.Except that developer productivity also means faster time to market and, in this case, even more developer lock in.
Please turn in your geek badge on your way out the door.
Go shi! Did I miss that in the book? Shiney!
It's 2014. I'm freaking tired of .h files and c language syntax cruft. A more modern language is a welcome replacement for ObjC/C/C++. ObjC is effectively useless outside the Apple ecosystem anyway.
We'll metal does. Should be interesting how well they can abstract that across all the various iOS hardware.I'm through about the same. Yah, I never got the excitement about type inference.
The old guys looked sullen to me. The young guys were more excited. The old guys probably don't want to learn yet another language.
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