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 She posted this video (actually the standard def one) and it was 2011.  I would think Phil would have more luck in any inquiry.  He's in NL...how's your German Phil?  Is German too close to Dutch that's it's annoying or close enough that's it's a no brainer to learn?
 Assuming CS6 After Effect has CUDA acceleration for rendering.  If it still has the stock Radeon in it that's not doing you any favors.  AE is RAM hungry but I'm assuming you have at least 8 GB. Given what you write though you aren't generating the animation sequence.  Still if you had AE on your Mac Pro you could handle playback better.  Probably.  Having only watched people do this my impression is AE uses RAM preview heavily for smooth playback.  Not something that...
My fear is they are going to let the mini languish this year and update to haswell when the iMacs go broadwell.Perhaps the delta between the HD4600 and Iris Pro is large enough for them. I dunno. But the chips have been available since q3 of 2013. Why a jan refresh?
The surprise wasn't the apple refactored iWork and lost capability. The surprise was that anyone was seriously using it. With over a thousand macs and around 30% usage as the primary platform here I can count on one hand the number of iWork users I know. And I used to be the Keynote fanatic that annoyed PPT users.
XDCAM (I think the guys were doing HD and not HD 422) played back and edited fine on a 2008 MBP using FCP7. I'd be surprised if playback were choppy in a 2012 mini. What issues have you seen and what are you using for playback?H.264 is special because of hardware decoding built into the CPU since sandy bridge.Transcoding circa 2014 now has GPU support in the software. Effects, renders, etc are also often dependent on GPU acceleration for performance. Prior to this year a...
Looks like the 840 pro is fast enough. You can put one in into a mini. Likely though large files will come on an external drive making this point moot.
Interesting.  She was obviously performing with the ZKO that night but there's no listing for her or any pictures with her in it. Screen caps: Images removed at Phil's request. If you hit a dead end at the hospital you can inquire with the ZKO: http://www.zko.ch/Home HD video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkm_NwHBbiQ
 Well that's the downside of small machines like the mini.  Dissipating heat is an issue.  Haswelll should help quite a bit in terms of performance if the apps were GPU limited.    /shrug Mount them on the walls. http://store.apple.com/us/buy-mac/imac-vesa Personally I'd still get the Mac Pro for your use with the quad core and upgrade to the D700.  There will simply be things you can do on that that you cannot on the iMac.  Like with the mini you may find that the iMacs...
 The $2749 27" iMac is indeed $2749.  If you add FCPX then it's more but that's immaterial if you aren't going to use FCPX.  The POINT is that iMovie and FCPX are now very similar under the hood.  The comment that "consumer grade video software" won't use all the cores is likely no longer true for iMovie 13.   If you want to add $500 to the price of the Mac Pro for the monitor keyboard and mouse that would be fair.  That makes the monetary equation: $2749 for the iMac vs...
 If you can borrow one you should just try it.  The HD4000 is about as fast as the 330M in my old 2010 MBP.  The HD4600 around 50% faster than that which isn't too too bad if that's all we get. Obviously HD5000 or Iris Pro would be better but I'm guessing the i7-4702MQ as the $799 mini if we get a refresh at all.  I think that corresponds to the older 3615QM but I'm not sure.
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