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Hmmm. Guess I'll buy one as a windows/steam box for the kids and hackintosh it for my own use.Any particular model?
Both BT and wifi? It's not a big deal to replace the card but still an annoyance.Cheaper than a build your own?
 A thousand bucks is noise for most businesses.  Especially given it's an quarterly tool for strategic planning.  $100K is a bit more so it better be a very useful report.
New mini is an expected disappointment.
New mini is anemic as I dreaded.  They eliminated the quad i7 option to protect iMac sales and didn't even give us Iris Pro.   For $1450 the 13" MBA is a better deal than the slightly faster $1200 Mini although the mini is slightly more future proof if you do 16GB RAM (for $1400).   There is no longer a quad i7 option under $1700 (and its really $2100 since it would be silly not to get 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD since it's no longer user upgradeable).
 10%ish+ based on ART by itself.  Maybe a little more since that 10% number is based on earlier builds and Google has been refining it.  They claim up to 50% or something similar.  For some use cases you could see a marked improvement.  Android 5 also added OpenGL ES 3.1 and AEP support. Given that Qualcomm's OGL 3.1ES drivers have been borked you could see some decent improvements if Google has fixed any for Nexus.
 Lol…you mean like you did in the mid 2000s (2007ish) with the Prince McLean pen name and sock puppetting?
 Android 5 is nicely faster with ART over Dalvik.  So the current benchmarks under Android 4 are not that useful in judging the Nexus 6 performance which ships with 5.
 Yah the data is useful and the analysis meh.  But these aren't really expensive reports anyway.  It adds up if you buy them all I suppose.
 Lol…if anything his characterization of you is hilariously mild.
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