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So buy the 6 and not the 6+. The difference between the 5S and the 6 is a little bit of height. The 6 by itself is probably smaller than the 5S with otter box. It's barely taller than my 5 with a thin case.I used to think the retina 4 was perfect. Now with my vision it's not just the Asians that appreciates a larger screen.
 As you say...the NFC probably won't be so widespread that it's "must have" for a couple, three years.  By then the watch will be much better or maybe you'll have a 3.5" iPhone nano to buy. 
 The alternatives are what?  To have very limited functionality because there's no GPS, no connectivity, limited storage and limited processing power? The iPhone does all the heavy lifting.  Remove it and it's essentially an updated 2010 iPod nano on a watch band. http://gigaom.com/2013/03/16/why-i-stopped-wearing-my-ipod-nano-as-a-watch/ He also spammed this exact whine across 3 articles.
 A lot of the times I use mine as a phone is in the car where I use my hand free setup or risk a ticket or I have my zagg buds on on that has a mic in the controls so i use that. 5.5" against your head can look silly but you get used to anything.  It used to look VERY silly to take pictures with an iPad.  Now it's just a little silly since so many folks do it.
 The 5s is a current product as is the 5c.  Apple isn't forcing you to make any decision in 2014.  Nor in 2015.  Or in 2016.  Or probably in 2017. They just dropped support for the iPhone 4 in iOS 8.  So in order to "continue using the Apple ecosystem or product and services" you have three more years before you need to do anything at all if you own the 5S.  The only thing you lack is NFC as the RAM remains the same.  The A7 also has a Secure Enclave although it's likely...
 Google is your friend: http://www.cultofmac.com/295055/apple-watch-water-resistant-waterproof/
 Of course he's serious.  Because his version of the Watch doesn't require a any phone for GPS, LTE connectivity, CPU power for Apps either. Including a functional but tiny TouchID button that can see sufficient fingerprint area to uniquely identify you is par for the course.
 Then answer the question: If not android then who are these other phones you want supported?  Feature phones?   LOL.  I'm making mountains out of molehills about a product 6 months away or claiming to be some awesome Apple super-defender of the faith from day 1 of the iPhone but don't even have an iPhone.
 It is much easier to write on a bigger screen than a small one with your finger.  In asian language mode the usable writing area on the current iPhone is very small and occasionally fiddly. Yes, the larger 5.5 will be proportionally more popular in Asia (well, china and japan anyway) than here for that reason.
 They report share.  They like more share when they get it.  They don't chase share.  Any long term apple fan is familiar with this. They DO NOT CARE THEY CAN ONLY REACH 10% OF THE US SMARTPHONE MARKET.  Even if that were a true statement.  Because that 10% is the ones with the most disposable income to buy a luxury item.  Because you were whining about Apple only having 40% share in the US.  Who has the rest?  Android.  So if you don't want Android support because it...
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