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 I do that too but I find that the phone gets a bit linty.  I would hate getting a holster but it would probably be better for the phone.
 The new 4.7 is not much bigger than my 4 with a relatively slim case (tech21).  The phone is a little bit thinner so it's probably a wash.
 I think I'm going to do the opposite.  Get the new 6+ and give it my wife, take her 5S and retire my 5 to kid duty. She carries hers in her purse anyway and she likes taking pictures so her having the better camera is better.  Then when her account allows for a renewal I'll decide if I want the 6S or 6S+ for myself.   I'm more likely to use Apple pay but eh.  
 Get the gold one...then a custom face...
 Nothing underwhelming about the phones.  25% faster, better battery life, bigger screen, bigger flash (except base), PDAF on sensor, OIS on the plus,  The watch looks okay for a 1st gen.  The original iPhone looks pretty bloated today.  The two question marks are battery life and how close it needs to stay with the iPhone. I'll probably wait for the 2nd or 3rd gen.
 The rest of us have no clue what you are talking about.  That and TS being wrong is a common occurrence.
It is a little thicker than I had hoped but I buy (or I did) thin watches.
Yes, this keynote really sucked. :roll eyes:
The price isn't bad for the 6+.  The mini is what? $429 for 16GB with LTE?
Chinese fixed.  you guys can stop whining now.
New Posts  All Forums: