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 For a 10x improvement I'd code to metal if I were going to write in either ObjC or Swift.  For cross platform most indies will use something like Unity anyway.
They're all doing a decent job presenting but I still miss Steve.
So does not reading a thread before posting on it.
 First I did not sling mud at Gruber but called DED out for not giving him attribution. Second, the article has been changed since I posted.  The ORIGINAL (incorrect BTW) title was: "Bounden cancels iOS to Android port after finding many Google phones' gyroscopes don't work" You can see this in this aggregator link: http://www.thenewscommenter.com/news/Bounden-cancels-iOS-to-Android-port-after-finding-many-Google-phones-gyroscopes-dont-work/113815   You can also see the...
Good ol'DED.  No hat tip to Gruber from where he probably first noticed this nor a link to the actual blog post.  Which is here:   http://gameovenstudios.com/bounden-on-android-delayed/
You can with the i3 edu.
Which still doesn't support the assertion that Xbox One games are often limited to 720p 30.First, it's doesn't matter that the original statement was wrong and second, there was no original statement related to this topic until you brought it up. You were responding to this:"You don't understand the point to console gaming. It's not to have a computer in the living room, or wherever the big screen Tv is. It's to have a device specifically made for gaming and streaming. And...
The problem for Vietnam is twofold: they gave away their claim in modern history (post WWII) because they needed Chinese help and China is not the pushover it was in 1979 and they don't have a large body of combat vets to depend on like they did in that border skirmish.
 No, I didn't but evidently you did since the links were wrong.  For example this link:  Is for the 360 and NOT the XBox One. Other links indicate that the games are running either at 900p or at 60 fps and not 720p/30 as you assert.  In fact you did not provide a single link to support even your amended assertion that "The fact that they can do 1080p60 when Microsoft and Sony are often limited to 720p30, even for 1st party and AAA games is just a plus." Every single link...
 Libel is a legal term.  Other than a lawsuit and the site TOS there is no other recourse. Besides, you did make a false claim ("The fact that they can do 1080p60 when Microsoft and Sony are limited to 720p30 is just a plus.") so what he stated isn't libel anyway and the only one guilty of defamation is you against Sony and MS. That you edited it later means his assertion was correct.  Even your modified statement is likely incorrect depending on how one defines "often"....
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