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 Apple has a proven track record of being able to effect such changes. Then again I recall you poo-poo'd many of Apple's changes over the years.  Like the iPad Mini.   So much for that.  The iPad Mini in its second incarnation is a no compromise brilliant tablet.
 You'd have to buildout another UI as if it were OSX but that would allow your app to be sold in the Mac App Store as well with a simple recompile. A 12" iPad Pro with keyboard+trackpad (and mouse support) would be nice.  A 13" MBA hybrid heavenly. The issue is always the transition between modes…thus far I like the XPS 12 the best.
 You mean like the way Jobs used to do before releasing something?  Nah.
 They do get to choose whether they have a first class citizen experience or a second class citizen experience.  Sharing the same OS across both mobile and car will generate the best experience.  An OSX user on a Windows network can tell you what it feels like.  Most things work.  Some don't. I won't buy a car with Android baked in if I have a choice.  In fact I DON'T want an onboard nav/entertainment system at all.  All I want is the carmaker to provide the backbone power...
 They didn't ask the glasshole at the next table?
Nice but for $100?
 It starts at $999.  It's entry level like a BMW 320i is "entry level" at $33K.  The mini is already desirable because of the low price point.  Apple makes it as undesirable as it can get away with... I expect the mini price, should it survive, to hit $1K as the base model with a dual core i5.   Jumping to $1,299 for a quad core i5 and $1,499 for a quad i7.  I expect Apple to justify it with TB2 and other "pro"/server features like a PCIe SSD + 2 x 3TB HDD.  Bullshit....
 Well that's not really a question is it?  It's not just the money, it's the access and prestige.  Work for Apple a few years and then, whatever. Yes, you lose your company but as a one man company it's just your rep as a dev anyway.  His revenue was likely far lower than yours given what you posted.
 Looks like they did for the HD4000.  Either way, for years it wasn't that big a deal to Apple.  At least they make such a thing.  It's called a Mac Pro.  Maybe a little more spendy than you'd like but it exists. Apple doesn't make any 13" laptop with a GPU.  Some corporations may not.  Apple doesn't seem to care.  Nor are they "shooting themselves in the foot" when you compare Apple profitability with Dell or HP.  I would guess more people care about that than care about...
 Well...the iMac IS 3 years old and an iMac vs the Mac Pro with tons more cores...how does it stack against the old Mac Pro?
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