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Lol...yah chinese feed.
Hmm...not seeing live stream from site.  Still showing bars.
If it's a fake it's a really well done fake.  Looks real to me and by now a few must have leaked in the supply chain.
 There are very few business secrets.  Or military secrets for that matter.  What makes it hard to emulate Apple or the US is attention to detail, quality of personnel and a huge war chest. Other companies COULD do EFFA but it's not cost effective for their profit margins and volumes.  With 2-3 major handset releases a year vs 1 your engineering resources are spread thinner. It is also not clear that Apple's business model is something very many other companies could...
 You guys are so jaded that the retina mini release was a "disappointment". I'm rolling my eyes so hard they're going to pop out of my head if I don't stop.
 If it has this expect it to be $1799 for a quad i7 + 8 GB RAM + 1TB HDD. Because the only iMac that does 32GB of RAM is the 27". Still interested? A quad i7 with 4GB RAM and Iris Pro for the current $899 blows the doors off the $1299 quad i5, 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD 21.5" iMac. Even if you added 16GB RAM + SSD + keyboard + mouse for a $1537 total it blows the doors off the iMac.  I think the mini will not have Iris Pro as an option.  Nor 32GB.
 A quiet Haswell update as everything else gets updated on the store seems more likely.  Maybe they will have a home server but it seems not appleish. Plenty of opportunity to do a digital hub with a Time Capsule like device.  A Time Capsule updated to aTV specs would likely handle the load.
 Obviously referring to the mid-2014 Mac Mini update.
 And this is different in the PRC how? No.  Taiwan's growth period was between 1960s and 1990s as one of the four Asian Tigers (HK, Singapore, SK and Taiwan).  They had very high growth rates sustained for decades.  All four are currently advanced economies with much slower growth opportunities because they are developed. The PRC's growth is occurring now and not because of they are any less corrupt or has lower wealth disparity. Taiwan's Gini coefficient is 0.342 vs...
 Given they voted in the KMT it appears that most people don't want to change that.  2016 folks will see if that changes.
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