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Well I would have gotten the 6+ if available since I was on the fence. I asked first and since it wasn't available I went with the 6 instead.There is little difference between my 5 and 6 in terms of pocket ability. But there is also little advantage over the 5 screen wise.
I like it better now than Google maps and it's more reliable for me on my trips to soccer fields that are usually just some random and sometimes new park in a neighborhood.
I haven't done gpgpu coding but I have looked at the docs and tutorials and I agree about Cuba vs OpenCL in terms of developer support (code examples, tutorials, tools, etc). My visceral reaction was kinda like my feelings of directX vs OpenGL. Sure one is proprietary and stuck on one platform and the other multi platform but I just liked it better.
Because what you posted is bs and everyone here knows it.It's like quoting Steve about nobody reads anymore in 2008 when iBooks launched in 2010.Or quoting Steve about how tablets will fail because everyone wants keyboards in 2003.Or quoting Steve about how he wasn't convinced people want to watch video on an iPod in 2003 before launching a video iPod in 2005.And there's several more examples of Steve saying one thing when he absolutely knew what was being worked on in his...
 TSMC has a 8" wafer fab in Camas Washington with 1100 workers.  They are producing the A8 with one of their primary 12" fabs in Taiwan (Fab 14). It could be they are nosing around NY to open a new 12" advanced fab but so far it's rumors of a job fair.
 Needs a laser, removable (digital) crown that has a garrote, and geiger counter....
When it's removed from your wrist it's locked. It may wipe itself at that point until it gets paired and unlocked by the phone again.Why would you want to use the watch online?It's on your wrist. That's the security factor. If removed from your wrist it's no longer a key.WTF? Since when do they give back coins in a credit card transaction?I really like the idea of a smartphone but not one that costs $350.I would expect that you unlock with the paired phone:Put on watch....
 That other 90% is better handled with a larger device than what most folks have today.  It may not be as compelling for a 4" device but with a 5.5" device it may be.  Between a BT headset and the Apple watch I can see moving to a larger device that is much more geared toward being near you (backpack, purse, briefcase, jacket) than on you except when you are actively using it. In any case, the killer apps are payments and keys.  I can carry nothing but the watch and have...
 Other than it's not $49 how is the watch not a shuffle replacement?  The shuffle only has 2GB storage.  The watch plays music to a bluetooth headset.
 $350?  That's not all that expensive for a watch.  If you think it is expensive then it's not for you. The stainless and gold ones will be more. The changeable watch face and bands allows for changes of mood and color matching.
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