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You can google it yourself. In fact it's on Wikipedia.That you wouldn't take 2 seconds on your own to read that SATA Express (in both regular and the M.2 form factor for laptops) directly implements PCIe as an option makes me very disinclined to re-find and link benchmarks as "proof". Again, the PCIe Samsung SSD in the MBP and MP is available in the standard M.2 form factor. And there are faster benching PCIe SSDs in the M.2 format coming.Here's a nice diagram on Tom's...
 It's frustrating but expected from Apple.  The only way they will let the mini outperform the base iMac is by making it the same price.  Even then it's iffy.
 Except it's not faster than m.2 and SATA Express.  The M.2 SATA Express SSDs are no slower...especially given that the Samsung XP941 seen in the 2013 MBP can be purchased as a 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD. It is a shame that the MBP isn't using the M.2 standard.  It would be a little bigger but probably not much.  There's no significant advantage for the desktop market for soldered RAM and several downsides.  The stacked in-package RAM is different and separate from DRAM.
 I have a Dell 2405FPW that is still great.  No 2005 iMac G5 is as useful in 2014 even if the display still worked well.  Marrying the monitor to the computer certainly does limit the useful lifetime of the monitor.  The monitor in the 2007 24" iMac is probably as nice as the Dell since both are IPS (I don't think the 2006 was) but running a Core2Duo it's not as useful anymore.  The 2006 24" iMac certainly not as useful stuck on Lion.
 Hey supergenius: Apple spokesman Steve Dowling confirmed Monday that the growth was double digit (i.e. 10% or more) in each of those markets. http://fortune.com/2014/07/28/pc-sales-estimates-how-the-sausage-gets-made/
 Given that Compaq had a portable that was a fully powered PC in 1983 I call bullshit. Again this is about BS.  Some people shovel it, some people don't.
 Lol...they do have great cheese pizza.  It's amazing how good it is fresh.
Apple should buy Good and drop Android support and partner with MS for airtight exchange integration.
I would rather pay $50 to shop at costco than get paid $50 to shop at Walmart.Costco is awesome. More awesome in some states than others. Hawaiian ones have decent poke in their stores.
I'd love to have one of these but the price is so high. So a normal 2 bay enclosure and a toaster to make backups to toss in a fire safe and take offsite is what I do.
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