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 Lol...then you aren't taking any/many pictures every day.  I have 3 batteries for my Nikon.  I've burned through 2 in a day.  One sits in the charger (its a smart one so it won't fry) in case I'm stupid and forget to charge after using my camera after grabbing my camera one day discovering it had a half charge and the spare was flat.  I had to use my phone after a bit.
 Buy 2.  Yes, that's a half joking.  But it would work for you although you'd have to take it off to switch...
 A) Apple doesn't care about share.  It cares about great products.  Great products leads to sales.  Which leads to profit.  Large profits.B) Apple supports its own ecosystem first and if necessary will support another.  Supporting Google ecosystem is not necessary.  In fact it's stupid.C) The Apple watch will drive more iPhone sales if Android users need an iPhone and want the watch.  Which is your point here:  How does opening up the apple watch to Android help drive...
 I'm getting the 6+ for my wife who carries her phone in her purse anyway and taking her 5S.  If I need NFC I'll buy the watch.
 And a built in pony.  Definitely a pony or it would be useless. If they put all that stuff into the watch it would be iPhone sized.  GPS is a huge battery suck.  Turn on GPS and you can watch the battery drain as you run or ride without an external battery pack attached.  Unless you're not running very far.  In which case who cares? If you are biking then having your phone is a no brainer.  If you run, it's still not that big a hassle to get an arm band or belt.  I prefer...
 Geez, because Apple is driving a hard bargain and Discover is actually a decent card that doesn't try to screw card holders.  But the reality is that with AmEx and the rest in they can't afford to be left out.  Hence the twitter message from Discover.   I use my discover card most for the cash back and bonuses but if it's easier to use my amex or rewards visa I'll do that instead.  Discover can't afford me and a bunch of other iPhone owners doing that.
 Apple's system is far more secure.  NFC readers can swipe your card info and someone can grab your PIN with a thermal camera.  Because Apple generates one time code for the transaction. The sniffer doesn't get a whole lot of useful information.  It may be "neolithic" but swipe + pin or ID is no less secure than NFC + PIN and not that much more burdensome.  So the US is leapfrogging the intermediate step of NFC cards to what will be a much better...
 I do that too but I find that the phone gets a bit linty.  I would hate getting a holster but it would probably be better for the phone.
 The new 4.7 is not much bigger than my 4 with a relatively slim case (tech21).  The phone is a little bit thinner so it's probably a wash.
 I think I'm going to do the opposite.  Get the new 6+ and give it my wife, take her 5S and retire my 5 to kid duty. She carries hers in her purse anyway and she likes taking pictures so her having the better camera is better.  Then when her account allows for a renewal I'll decide if I want the 6S or 6S+ for myself.   I'm more likely to use Apple pay but eh.  
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