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Yes and from the same source the average is 381 days. The expected refresh was summer or fall of last year in the product release cycle before Xmas. Or in other words a few months ago. If the mini has shifted to a spring release that's no longer part of the pattern since 2009.
Me too. Hence this post.No. It is even unlikely that even the military, which really needs driverless cars will have them in 10 years.It's nice that Google is funding the DARPA grand challenge winner but the innovation award belongs elsewhere. Like DARPA.Something NeXT was doing in the 80s.Apple is innovative when driving toward their goals and they are very focused on their objectives.MS has done more UI and touch research than Apple. They employ some of the biggest guns...
No. Standard cycle was a few months ago.
 Yes, Apple's share is suffering from catastrophic collapse...unless you look at the fact that Apple continues to gain share in the total mobile market... Where is Android taking share from?  Not iOS but feature phones.  As long as Apple grows sales faster than the total handset market it's doing okay.
 No.  But it means not MS Office or Sharepoint or Azure since these were called out already as MS advantages over Apple. Other Pro apps could be things like MATLAB, Mathematica, InDesign, QuarkExpress, AutoCAD, etc.  That's ignoring that the three apps I listed covers photography, audio and video. You could maybe argue dev tools are pro apps.
 Amazon doesn't sell the EC2 platform so you can build your own private compute cloud.  VPC doesn't really count since I don't believe it will manage your own servers.  HP and perhaps Oracle does.  VMWare sorta does.
 No, you demonstrated that Win/RT has a bunch of features that have been shown to me kind of "Meh" from a tablet OS perspective from both reviews and sales.   Some are just not as relevant for a tablet OS and others are simply implemented so-so. Of that list the multi-user accounts is the only one that strikes me as something that I would really like to have on iOS.  No.  That's not the assertion.  The assertion is that MS has good pro apps just like Apple.  Not the...
 Visual Studio is by far the worst IDE...except for all the others.  It certainly is better than Eclipse and Netbeans.  IntelliJ annoys the crap out of me so I obviously think it's better than that as well. Xcode I think is a taste thing.  It certainly is as limited as VS in terms of platform, languages and framework support.
 What?  No.  Not even close.  Given that Apple has no Azure equivalent it is automatically true that MS has better enterprise service platforms.  I would say that MS has as much presence in pro apps as Apple has in enterprise apps.  Not much to speak of.  Mmmm...this is a more close comparison.  You can probably convincingly argue either way.
 Killer apps, if you are lucky enough to create any, are huge competitive advantages for a platform. Hence Apple's investment in things like iLife and FCPX. I dunno...on the consumer tablet side I'd have hit that Xbox integration and game library a lot lot harder.
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