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 Tablets have been so popular in the Windows world, let's bring them to the Mac.  Oh wait... The fact that the Windows world royally screws something up doesn't mean that Apple would also royally screw something up.
Assuming their PDAF implementation is good. Sony (I think) had issues with theirs although nikon nailed it in their small sensor implementation. Evidently it is non-trivial even for companies with a lot of camera sensor experience to get right the first time.
 So I'm curious if your store did 128K to fat mac conversions.  We had a nice little side business in college doing that.  
 It's a DED headline, what do you expect?  That said, by changing the computer industry Apple did change the world given how important personal computers are to modern world. 
 Or you simply could go back to the thread you actually posted in...and no, Apple was not scared shitless of the Amiga.  http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/161737/apple-celebrates-30-years-of-mac-with-special-webpage-video#post_2462218
 Great machine.  I had all sorts of insanely expensive cards in mine including a huge assed ram disk card (probably a whole 512K or something stupidly small by todays standards).  I had a Vax 8500 processing data to send to my Mac so I could turn the data into useful color images.  NCSA had released some HDF and plotting/visualization tools for the Mac that were extremely capable.  I guess I could probably have done the same thing on a SGI but we didn't have but a few of...
 I had the Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and an Emplant board with Mac ROMs.  I had a Mac Iifx at work and I could get by coding at home on the Emplant.  I also did some very rudimentary 3D (lightwave) and video work on the Amiga side (I bought a used Toaster at one point). However, Steve did change the world with the Mac.  The Amiga, for all it's strengths, never had the same usability and software support as the Mac.  I could do things on the Mac I could never do on the...
 If you look at touchscreen input research they never are vertical but are horizontal work surfaces.  The problem is you need to be able to generate this work surface in a cost effective manner that is as thin as a desk blotter or it will alway be some odd workaround like top down projection (3M), bottom projection (MS Surface...the old tabletop version) or a HDTV embedded into a desk with a touch surface on top. Folks that prattle on about how your arms would get tired...
 No.  This interview provides no greater insight to Apple's roadmap than Steve Jobs comment regarding 7" tablets.  You were just as adamant that Steve's comments then provide that the Mini would never happen.  Amazing that you know the exact specs of a product that has not (yet) been released.  Analyst and forum member expectations of an iPhone Nano were all over the map.  Apple's past moves, however, would indicate that they don't do cheaper but they like to do smaller....
 I guess that depends on what you do with your old mini.  If you sell it or donate it then no monitor is required.   If you hand it down to someone then a monitor is required unless they already have one.  My old one is connected to a 19" Ultrasharp that is small by modern standards.  My current Mini has a 23" LG e-IPS which will likely get handed down with it when I get a new mini.  Then I'll buy a cheaper 27" IPS from somewhere to pair up with a new mini.
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