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 $350?  That's not all that expensive for a watch.  If you think it is expensive then it's not for you. The stainless and gold ones will be more. The changeable watch face and bands allows for changes of mood and color matching.
 Your cuffs have no buttons?  You either need to buy real shirts or learn how to put on and take off shirts.  With a tight cuff your hands wouldn't fit through the opening either. Many dress watches don't fit under tight cuffs.  Most dress watches, even the thin ones, are more than 5mm.
 Seems Apple spent a lot of the 20mm die shrink benefits on thermal headroom and extra GPU cores.  It'll throttle eventually but I suspect not for normal iOS gaming.
 You probably can via Metal but I have not looked.  Mmmm...I was going to go for the Nvidia Shield Tablet rather than wait for the nexus.  What do you think of the build quality of the nvidia?  I guess I might as well wait until october.  Huh...I didn't know it was that cheap.  Maybe I'll get one but honestly I don't have the time to play. G'luck on the latter.
 Want to bet most of the folks bitching about the thickness of the watch doesn't own a french cuff shirt?
The $400 ASP is conservative. Anything above $400 or 1% share makes the apple watch even more significant a profit center.
The collaboration was vastly reduced for the A7.The Exynos 5433 SoC is a 64 bit SoC.
Often some will get cut but many just get a new badge.
 Who?  Intel, GF, TSMC, Apple. Did Samsung let other parts know about the 64bitness of the A7?  They may not have known since they were shut out of development by Apple for earlier stealing.  That go around all they probably got was the multi-layer design for the lithography machines and little more.
 The perfectly reasonable "I have no clue about this subject except for this one "fact" that is wrong and I can't be bothered to spend 10 seconds to look it up on this thing we call the internet which everyone knows I have because I posted this on a forum"? Please.  The one "fact" was another dig against poor neolithic Americans without (flawed) NFC systems and public schools that don't start till kids are 6 years old.   His follow up question was the same "but is it free...
New Posts  All Forums: