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 I babied my 5 but in my pockets it got dinged anyway.  My wife's 5S is dinged.  Both started to look like ass until I stuck them in tech21 cases.  Those things have been awesome and neither phone has picked up any new dings. In the poly case the iPhone 6 isn't any bigger, the camera lens protected and in the poly case it looks very fine.
 Yah, my new 6, that I am now loath to give my wife for her 5S, is just as pocketable as my old 5.
 Or just use Calibre to bulk convert everything into a single format that doesn't completely suck (you decide which format that is).  PDF is hard to convert correctly so maybe leave those alone.  Most ebook readers can handle two formats without you needing to switch. http://manual.calibre-ebook.com/faq.html#what-formats-does-app-support-conversion-to-from
 Er what?  Which flip phone was that? Heh this dude has activated startacs in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S96xa6eDKk0 I'm real tempted to see if I can get my old guy working but my battery is dead and I have no clue where the charger is.
 They like sending messages.  All sorts of messages are sent to various people by artificially holding up the iPhone launch. a) to Chinese companies: we can and will protect you...to a point...even if it screws you...we don't mind.b) to the Chinese people: don't be too enamored of american toys.  It's not in vogue.  Really.  You want to be good citizen don't you? Click-Clack.c) to Taiwanese companies:  we really don't mind if we screw you when we're screwing with the...
LOL.  Ten-Ten day is the official ROC holiday for the formation of the republic (they guys that lost the Chinese civiil war and now live on Taiwan).
 No.  Broadwell Y/Core M would be both faster and more useful.  Especially the 5Y70 version.  It's not as fast as a Core i7 but almost as good as a 15W TDP Core i5. The difference between the A8 and the Broadwell Y is the difference between a Core 2 Duo and a Core i5. http://hothardware.com/News/First-Actual-Intel-Broadwell-Tablet-Benchmarks-From-IDF-2014/ Moving to ARM for a desktop computer is idiocy in 2014.   In any case, it's probably just haswell that we see in any...
Honestly it wasn't quite big enough to justify the reduction in ability to fit in things. I held both mini and 6+ and the 6+ was small in comparison but didn't fit in very many things that the mini did not. It wasn't quite big enough to be iPad level of functionality.That said, if it had been available at the apple store I was at I'd have bought it anyway but it wasn't definitively better enough to go hunting for it.
Yah and android security has been a major fail.Just like DoD's mobile initiatives have largely been a major fail. Like DISAs brilliant FUBAR with MDM and only able to support BES last year.And anyone can claim they have a TS/SCI solution in the lab. Getting it actually IA approved is then hard part.Frankly the army is not the branch to look at for a clue on IT acquisition. I used to think we were the hopelessly backward branch but after looking at the DCGS debacle I'm...
Well I would have gotten the 6+ if available since I was on the fence. I asked first and since it wasn't available I went with the 6 instead.There is little difference between my 5 and 6 in terms of pocket ability. But there is also little advantage over the 5 screen wise.
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