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 Because there are two Chinas.  This should be obvious to anyone why a distinction needs to be made.  Writing Republic of China is no more verbose than writing South Korea. And "far east" is more or less fine as well since some of their (prior) sources may not have been Taiwanese ones but Korean or Japanese sources. For example this story about iPhone 6 shortages in the Taipei Times came via Reuters Tokyo since it also addresses Japanese...
 Yah, I haven't paid a penny but have been playing it quite a bit.  Rough around the edges but decent.
 Folks don't get how much easier Android is to deal with vs Symbian.  Yes, iOS is smoother still but Android is by no means overly difficult for a developer. App exposure and monetization is more of an issue.  Pretty much the indie period is over (for both iOS and Android) except as a side hobby you can make beer money off.
 You just go to developer.android.com and download the Eclipse ADT package with has the SDK built in.  Yes, you may have to install JDK 6.0 and Apache Ant but the links are right on the developer page so this is not like some huge issue. Or you can download and install the Android Studio bundle which should also have everything but the JDK which can be JDK 6+. 
 So what?  It was for charity and raised $5M.  The lucky fan gets to be a slightly glorified extra.
 No, he's saying the exact opposite.  I agree with him...fragmentation today under 4.x is a lot better than it was 2.x.  Targeting for Jelly Bean 4.2 captures the majority of the US market and still leaves you with a fairly recent API stack to work with. Apps under 5.x may require some retooling but probably not much more than iOS 7 did.
 When 57 years old you reach, look as good, you will not, hm? To be more fair with the pictures she lost 35 lbs for the role:  Left is now, Right is before. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/star-wars-star-carrie-fisher-shows-off-35/story?id=23739240 They aren't going to "ruin the franchise" any more than George did.  If anything they might make it great again.
Gotta love people who complain without actually trying the product.  Here's a review I found:  It seems like a CoC clone which isn't bad.  It's the way a freemium game should be designed although the genre helps a lot.  Unlike say...RR3.  Using money helps but is not required.  If you pay what would have been fair anyway it's a wash.  I have spend enough time playing that the $10 I spent on gems to get my 3rd builder was what I think I would have paid for the game...
If you read you would realize that SATA includes PCIe as part of the spec. SATA Express and M.2 both have options to support legacy SATA and therefore isn't "exactly the same thing" but is a superset of both.But for PCIe M.2 SSDs, yes they are the same.
If it's like CoC it won't be bad. CoC is playable without spending money but I put in $10 since I enjoy it enough
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