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2014 total sales for the Apple App Store was around $14.3B.  Where do you get $34B?  70% -> devs = $10B, 30% to Apple = $4.3B. That's completely in line with a 50% increase over $10B in 2013 revenue since we're rounding quite a bit and they say "over X".  $15B revenues = $10.5B payout to devs and $4.5B revenues for Apple.
Why are you asking me an not readiing Anandtech or Ars to see why that's their estimate?  Do your own research. And why do you care anyway?  If it's below 4.5W its not going to be half.  That the A8X is faster and lower power than the K1 is believable.  That it's faster and half the power assumes some magic blue pixie dust being sprinkled at TSMC. A fanless Macbook with mostly Core i5 performance indicates that there's zero reason for Apple to go ARM for the Macs and...
 And the top end Macbook is 1.3 Ghz.  If you do the simple math the top end Macbook will perform more like the ASUS than the Lenovo. It should bench in pretty close the to 2015 MBA and the 2012 13" MBPr.
 There's no proof given that Apple does not post those kinds of numbers but the K1 is 5-8W depending on device (5W for tablets) and most of the estimates are that the A8X are around 4.5W.  If it's less it's probably not much less.  The Core-M is a very impressive offering by Intel.   The primary downside is the cost in comparison to ARM and not performance per watt.
DED...our version of Dan Lyons.
My late 2014 Core i7 MBPr will run the fan sometimes for activity that doesn't strike me as too demanding.  Once in a blue moon this includes streaming to the external display but it's not normal and only notable because it's very rare.  I was writing code while a you tube video demonstration streamed on the external display.  It could be that something kicked off in background that hit some threshold.  It's never happens when just streaming a movie via HDMI but I don't...
 You aren't going to want to edit video on the thing or play games but otherwise the benchmarks seemed reasonable for most day to day activities.  Even software development if you don't have the need to run a lot of VMs.  The RAM limit is probably more of a hindrance than the processor.
 Lol...or just to ignore you.
Nope. My comment was always within the context of app developer usage to address his claim that the new MacBook is particularly poor for app development. The difference between the 13" MBA and 12" MB display is minimal and neither is particularly great for app development.Nope. Using the 13" MBP vs the 13" MBPr you can see that many folks run 1440x900 rather than 1280x800 and some will run 1680×1050. That's two modes that Apple provides and advertises as an advantage for...
lol. You want so much to be right that you pick the definition of screen space that favors you as opposed to what I meant in terms of productivity as a developer.Yes, physical screen space is bigger. Depending on how the user decides to scale the usable screen space smaller. Depending on you eyesight and scaling clarity the 12" is smaller, bigger or the same. The productivity difference is neglible which was my point.Again you want so badly to disagree with me that you...
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