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And the size difference in terms of lines of code you can see in one display vs the other (at the same character size in inches to remain fair) is minimal. And if you have good eyes the higher resolution on the 12 allows you to see more.Compare with the development environment you have with a 27" display or what I use, the 29" ultra wide from dell and the difference is meaningless to productivity. Both the 12 and 13 are essentially single application displays. Having...
LOL, as if 13" gives you so much more screen space. And it's not like you're going to saturate the USB-C using two usbs for debugging and app loading.Frankly, as a developer, this is a complete non-issue. At my desk it now becomes one cable vs two to connect to the monitor that also serves as a usb3 hub.On the road, I have to have my cables and test devices that the addition of a dongle or hub is a not much of a change. Some but not much.
 Did you know the aTV can do peer-to-peer wifi with iOS8 devices now?   When I brought the atv I always brought an airport express as well since you never know what weirdness exists on someone else's network and sometimes they just don't want to let you connect.  You can be connected with your laptop or iPad on the same network as the aTV and end up in different VLANs.  How that even happens I have no idea but it was a big banquet room so I guess we could see and connect...
 There is a USB port with USB 3 speed capacity.  Connecting most of those devices will require nothing more than a USB-C male to USB-A female cable. The SD card will require a SD card reader.  This works well: http://www.amazon.com/RAVPower-FileHub-Wireless-External-File-Server/dp/B00AQUMZRA $40 at time of posting. Buy two and quit whining.  You can copy your images from the SD card to the USB stick/drive without even booting the computer by using the app on your iPhone....
 The whole dongle thing is disingenuous.  As a user of the MBPr on the road I have to take the DVI dongle and RGB dongle everywhere because not every site does HDMI.  Folks who do presentations will have dongles anyway.
 Oddly the sales of main stream pieces vastly outpaces that of vintage or custom pieces.  So I guess most women don't mind as much as you do.
 The core M isn't faster but gives you almost Atom power usage at pretty much Core i3 performance at 4.5W TDP.  It is faster than the 4.5W TDP Core i5-4302Y. If you don't factor in power usage and size then yes, the value performance ratio is awful.  But power per watt is also a performance metric. The TDP of the Core i5-5250U in the MBA is 15W.  No shit that's faster and cheaper.  It's larger and draws three times the power at peak usage.
The reason they might do it is to have a monitor that can display and charge with one cable from laptop to display.  Depending on the display resolution you still get a USB3.0 connection in addition to the display data rates.  The display would have a couple USB ports and a SD card reader. For many users that's enough wired connectivity especially with the other ports available on the MBP.
Based on other Core M offerings at slower speeds something between the i3 and i5.
What's more amusing is that folks are acting as if this isn't something that Apple doesn't regularly do in their designs and somehow it's going to lead to poor acceptance.
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