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Go shi! Did I miss that in the book? Shiney!
It's 2014. I'm freaking tired of .h files and c language syntax cruft. A more modern language is a welcome replacement for ObjC/C/C++. ObjC is effectively useless outside the Apple ecosystem anyway.
We'll metal does. Should be interesting how well they can abstract that across all the various iOS hardware.I'm through about the same. Yah, I never got the excitement about type inference.
The old guys looked sullen to me. The young guys were more excited. The old guys probably don't want to learn yet another language.
 Same project.  Not same file.
 For a 10x improvement I'd code to metal if I were going to write in either ObjC or Swift.  For cross platform most indies will use something like Unity anyway.
They're all doing a decent job presenting but I still miss Steve.
So does not reading a thread before posting on it.
 First I did not sling mud at Gruber but called DED out for not giving him attribution. Second, the article has been changed since I posted.  The ORIGINAL (incorrect BTW) title was: "Bounden cancels iOS to Android port after finding many Google phones' gyroscopes don't work" You can see this in this aggregator link: http://www.thenewscommenter.com/news/Bounden-cancels-iOS-to-Android-port-after-finding-many-Google-phones-gyroscopes-dont-work/113815   You can also see the...
Good ol'DED.  No hat tip to Gruber from where he probably first noticed this nor a link to the actual blog post.  Which is here:   http://gameovenstudios.com/bounden-on-android-delayed/
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