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And nothing professionally about CE, the actual impact of adding a port to board footprint, the usability of computers or the CE market and user base.The statement that adding a port "will not harm .... price point, or weight" is a false statement that defies physics.That "it will only enhance function" and that it "will result in greater usability" is very debatable vs a separate magsafe power port and usb-c because a single port that provides both power and data has been...
The buggy whip is the classic example. Typewriters another. Paper encyclopedias.There are plenty of military examples. The Rolex is like a finely crafted sword. The apple watch a finely crafted matchlock pistol. One is at the end of a long evolution and at its pinnacle of refinement. The other at the beginning of its evolution and crude despite its craftsmanship.
Well as a designer I'd say you are unqualified to comment whether more ports would impact weight or price. Nor can you comment professionally on usability or user base.Most designer operate as if physics didn't apply to them. This is one reason the Apple is so successful. Their designers are far more multi-disciplinary than most and far better understanding of material science and engineering.In any case, a single cable that provides both power and data is far superior...
Usb-c, as mentioned by someone else above, supports display port since 2014. You probably don't even dongle but the right kind of cable.http://www.vesa.org/news/vesa-brings-displayport-to-new-usb-type-c-connector/Folks need to chill out over imagined shortcoming. Even the processor is decent with performance between an i3 and i5 which is what you would expect.
If anything the Mac and iPhone shows that Apple does not fear commoditization and has been the most effective company in maintaining ASP and margins in commoditized markets.
Funny. That's what he said. And yet you think it's stupid to say that folks in the segment should have been more proactive given that the watch had been telegraphed for a while now.
Then it releases too easily.
Exactly. You need more mass on the laptop side for MagSafe to work
It performs okay in low light but if you want a cinema look bring cinema lighting. The base ISO is 800 but noisy. You can fix in post and its an interesting design difference from DSLR design with a low base ISO that minimizes noise.Another interesting thing is many cinematographers ETTR while many DSLR shooters tend to do the opposite because blown highlights are harder to recover than shadow detail in stills (yes, when you ETTR you aren't supposed to clip highlights you...
New Posts  All Forums: