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 It strikes me as unlikely that the iMac ASP is lower than $1350.  It strikes me as unlikely that the iMac ASP is as low as $1350 given all the upsell (memory, sad, etc).  In the quantities that Apple buys?  It was used in the MBP 13" as well. $225 is the base price before volume discounts.
 Because a April 2014 model replacing a June 2013 model is just "clearing the line" for a machine you expect early-2015?   These are only "clearing the line" if you expect a retina MBA announcement at the 2014 WWDC and not sometime in 2015 early or late.
 A $1300 desktop ASP indicates mostly cheap desktops not higher model desktops.  $1299 was the base price for an iMac.  For ASPs to be $1300 that means there must be many minis sold to offset every iMac above the base model and all mac pros.  Math is slightly wrong. 1.3M desktops assuming 75-25 split from 5.2M.  Assuming that 840K number that's 460K between mini and pro.  If you assume 160K for Mac Pros to get a nice 300K round number that's still double your 150K...
 Except run windows.Or Java.Or PixelmatorOr drive my 29" display at 2560 x 1080Or XCodeOr connect to my RAID arrayOr connect via EthernetOr run Steam and my steam gamesOr run FCPOr a gazillion other things that I won't bother listing.
 The same way Apple cashes in on the premium phone market in China.  And if Apple only sells 10M phablets per year like Samsung did with the Note 3 that's still $6.5B in revenue AND it's a FAR better alternative for Apple than a $529 16GB iPad mini 4G sale + someone else's feature phone. And a 5.5" iPhone should be a little cheaper to make than a 7.9" iPad Mini.  And $650 is the base price of the 5S.  I could see them charging $750 for the 5.5" iPhone 6. The fact that low...
 Citation needed.  If this is true why does the mini consistently sell more on Amazon than the iMac?  150 strikes me as low. http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Computers-Accessories-Desktop/zgbs/pc/565098
 No, internet tv is very big in china and for their overseas expats.  My wife spends the majority of her iPhone screen time watching chinese TV via internet.  That's with owning an iPad as well.  A larger screen would be good for that as well as the keyboard. iOS trumps screen size but that doesn't mean a larger screen wouldn't be a major improvement.  Especially given that she keeps her phone in her purse anyway.  A mini is still a bit large for her smallest purse but a...
 Actually, I'm looking at my old LaCie Porche designed FW drive and noticed there's only one port.  And looking on Amazon there's this one with one of each FW 400, 800 and USB 2.0. http://www.amazon.com/LaCie-All-Terrain-FireWire-Portable-301924/dp/B003SO4F38/ref=pd_sxp_grid_pt_0_2 So three or more.  So there's no problem now is there?  Use USB 3.0.  It's not like Macs don't come with USB. It's not a kludge but a dock and nothing works with all monitors.  The fact remains...
 I use these: http://www.amazon.com/Silicon-Power-2-5-Inch-Military-SP500GBPHDA80S3B/dp/B0053ORUS8/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top 4.5 stars after 600+ reviews means they aren't flakey for most users. 
 Given that I see USB 3.0 external drives everywhere at work where there are a lot of macs and not once seen a TB external drive I'd say your gut feeling is wrong.  For one thing a USB external drive will work on a PC as well and that's very handy. And I've never had any issue with high quality USB external drives or drive enclosures.  We've got stacks of externals and bare drives used in USB 3.0 toasters for exchanging and working with large data sets.
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