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 Oddly the sales of main stream pieces vastly outpaces that of vintage or custom pieces.  So I guess most women don't mind as much as you do.
 The core M isn't faster but gives you almost Atom power usage at pretty much Core i3 performance at 4.5W TDP.  It is faster than the 4.5W TDP Core i5-4302Y. If you don't factor in power usage and size then yes, the value performance ratio is awful.  But power per watt is also a performance metric. The TDP of the Core i5-5250U in the MBA is 15W.  No shit that's faster and cheaper.  It's larger and draws three times the power at peak usage.
The reason they might do it is to have a monitor that can display and charge with one cable from laptop to display.  Depending on the display resolution you still get a USB3.0 connection in addition to the display data rates.  The display would have a couple USB ports and a SD card reader. For many users that's enough wired connectivity especially with the other ports available on the MBP.
Based on other Core M offerings at slower speeds something between the i3 and i5.
What's more amusing is that folks are acting as if this isn't something that Apple doesn't regularly do in their designs and somehow it's going to lead to poor acceptance.
LOL. So you don't own a pearl necklace that looks like a piece of jewelry that millions of other women own and wear? You only own bespoke pieces and don't have any classic pieces like diamond earrings or tennis bracelets?
Since you're being more than a bit of a prat I'll dissect this further. First, any competent designer with understanding of physical properties would understand that the magnet has to resist both shearing and pulling forces. The difference between sheer and tensile strength should already be ingrained in the mind of every architect. The force required to break magnetic adhesion from a pulling force is much higher than for a sheer. This is why the magsafe has a ridge...
And nothing professionally about CE, the actual impact of adding a port to board footprint, the usability of computers or the CE market and user base.The statement that adding a port "will not harm .... price point, or weight" is a false statement that defies physics.That "it will only enhance function" and that it "will result in greater usability" is very debatable vs a separate magsafe power port and usb-c because a single port that provides both power and data has been...
The buggy whip is the classic example. Typewriters another. Paper encyclopedias.There are plenty of military examples. The Rolex is like a finely crafted sword. The apple watch a finely crafted matchlock pistol. One is at the end of a long evolution and at its pinnacle of refinement. The other at the beginning of its evolution and crude despite its craftsmanship.
Well as a designer I'd say you are unqualified to comment whether more ports would impact weight or price. Nor can you comment professionally on usability or user base.Most designer operate as if physics didn't apply to them. This is one reason the Apple is so successful. Their designers are far more multi-disciplinary than most and far better understanding of material science and engineering.In any case, a single cable that provides both power and data is far superior...
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