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Yes, you should take DxO with a LARGE grain of salt.  However, unless you believe they completely screw up their testing methodology (and not just their weighting factors) the MTF charts should be a reasonable representative of system performance. 
Nikon often has better sensors.  Canon often has better glass.  But its not an absolute.
Go to DxO.  It's in the testing results.  Latest generation lenses are designed to resolve higher resolution because we have higher MP sensors than even in 2007.  Yes, that means higher quality, higher tolerances and designing for higher MP. The 2007 Canon 50mm f1.2 is a 16MP lens when used on a 23MP 5D MkIII. http://www.dxomark.com/Lenses/Canon/EF50mm-f-1-8-II-mounted-on-Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-III__795 In comparison the 2014 50mm f1.4 Sigma resolves to 21MP using DxO's MTF to...
4K is a mere 10MP (full frame).  If you use up your silicon to get more MP you generally don't have that silicon to achieve the high data rates to pull 4K video off at any useful frame rate for video.  Plus you need to account for the heat. I'd personally rather have a A7S or GH4 if doing video.
 These people will do medium format since they will realize their 35mm lenses won't do 50MP anyway and will want better DR and ISO performance.
 With less DR than other cameras I'm thinking not so much.  The new 11-24 might do 50MP and while I think the EF 16-35mm is a great lens it's questionable if it can resolve 50MP.  Some of the Zeiss lenses might but looking at DxO scores the Otus lenses tested do about 33MP on the D800E. Maybe you'll hit the 40MP range on these top end 35mm lenses.  Meh, I'd rather have a 36MP D810. Landscapers dream of the Pentax 645Z.
 The iPhoto  library can grow larger than 4GB since it's really just a folder with a bunch of pictures in it.  I doubt the library metadata file will hit the fat32 file size limit. For large libraries the transfer times become very long because there are so many files.  Zipping the library and transferring the large zip file and then unzipping seems to take less time overall.  If you try that on a large external drive you can go over the fat32 limit. I use exFat which...
I've debated getting iPhoto manager for $40 or just plunking down another $40 for the now dead aperture.   $40 for features iPhoto should have seems a bit much especially since it's potentially as dead as Aperture with the move to Photos later this year.
 Your snide comments regarding Americans is constructive (this thread, the BBC thread regarding Marxism, etc)?  I guess there is a bit of difference between Brit english and American english.  The end of the story should be you to stop acting all hurt when called on it.
Maybe Mr. O is just another concern troll that just successfully trolled us.  His posting record seems to indicate this.
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