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Maybe Mr. O is just another concern troll that just successfully trolled us.  His posting record seems to indicate this.
 "Treat your family to a unique Christmas fare at one of Disneyland Paris' restaurants." http://www.disneylandparis.co.uk/dining/christmas-eve-dinner/ "Take a spin on the ice, do some last-minute shopping, make one final trip to see Santa – there's still plenty of festive fun to be had on the night before Christmas" http://www.timeout.com/london/things-to-do/things-to-do-on-christmas-eve-in-london "Christmas Eve in London is a great night out and there are always loads of...
The watch industry moves 1.2B watches a year. The Swiss produce 29M watches averaging $739 each. The smart watch industry was 3.1M units although they include things like the fuel band because it tells time.There's a large market for watches in the $300-$5000 mid range category. Apple didn't pick this watch segment randomly. They are sitting in the sweet spot that couples decent volume with good margins. Right about where Fossil, another U.S. company, sits. Who isn't...
This comment makes no sense. He's predicting Apple can make a smart watch.
AT&T does this with minutes so maybe they'll do it for data.  
Because I don't buy handbags? Or women's fashion items except as gifts? And I usually do that by getting the sales staff to pick something.I'm also not going to hunt down every sku for you.Lol. That's not how country of origin works.Because they don't have to list them on the websites. Just on the label.Because you are too lazy to google "Prada Made in China"? Lol.http://fashion.allwomenstalk.com/high-end-brands-that-are-made-in-china"The Wall Street Journal reports...
These are fashion brands so they obviously don't make significant numbers of either CE or watches. So why ask about 5k+ watches?Don't pretend that you don't know what Coach, Prada, Armani or Burburry is famous for. It's not watches.They use Chinese manufactures for part of their product lines and the brands are obviously still coveted. And they are obviously luxury brands.Louis Vutton does not but they make some stuff in Romania. Which isn't exactly Italy or France...
Why? You asked if any other high end brands other than CE used China for manufacturing. Not if any watch manufacturers used China.Other high end luxury brands use China for manufacturing and it does not impact their cachet because the brand is stronger than the country of manufacture.
They do make some products in China.
 What?  You mean like Coach, Prada, Armani, Burberry, etc?
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