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 Those watches are as dead as dumb phones were in 2006.  A replacement of the movement will make a 2015 apple watch into a 2017 apple watch in terms of functionality.  So a more expensive edition watch can retain its value over time with a $200-$300 replacement of the internals.  I don't think that this is something that Apple has overlooked for a demographic that obviously can afford to spend money on luxury items.
 Sorry but we have your IP now, TS was just stalling: Natasha Romanoff: Steve, I got a bogey. Short-range ballistic. Thirty seconds, tops.Steve Rogers: Who fired it?Natasha Romanoff: APPLE. Lol. In any case, a higher rez iPad would be nice although I'm getting the mini.  I would be nice if they used that 6+ panel on the mini.
Both the 4S and 5S had a more significant jump in CPU power over their predecessor than the 4, 5 or 6 had over theirs. The 4S went dual core and the 5s went 64 bits. Both had new capabilities that are core capabilities: Siri and TouchID.Having TouchID will allow the 5S to play more in the apple pay domain than the 5. It may not have NFC but the watch will.
 I guess some people just make shit up because I have both phones and the 4S is faster, will likely be supported longer (relative to launch) and what you wrote was bullshit about future proofing.
 The 4 is not supported for iOS 8 and my 4 was slower than my wife's 4S.  I call BS that your 4 is running better than your wife's 4S with double cores that are more advanced when running the same rev iOS.  You're also lacking Siri, 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation, AirDrop, AirPlay mirroring, live camera filters, panorama mode.
Eh they whine at me when I go over but they don't seem to bother throttling me enough to notice. Probably because I don't go over every month.
Too bad his network is still so-so in comparison. Plus I'm shacked by a unlimited contract. If AT&T is ever dumb enough to kill those I'll pay the ETF and leave.
Having owned all those phones while my wife had the other she had the far better phones. The dual core A5 in the 4s was much better than the single core A4. The 4S has Siri and iOS 8. The 4 doesn't.The 5s has 64 bit and touchID and will likely get an extra years worth of support.The S models get as many new features as the non-S that it's not a tick rock cycle but a tick tick tick cycle thus far and the S models seem more refined because the form factor remained the same...
 Good lord, old (in spirit if not in body) people have been writing this stupid paragraph since time immemorial.  Whether it's Blu-Ray or Internet or VHS or Cable TV or MTV or 35mm film or OMG SOUND IN MOVIES! it was always something about how amazing stuff today is and we should all just STOP with the technology madness and live.  I can imagine this written in 1974: For a kid in HS or even prep school, to be able to go out, shoot and edit an Super 8 film (1965, sound...
No. In this case displays, infrastructure and content are marching forward at about the same pace.For HDTVs we had (analog) HD displays before we had a lot of content with HD tape being very rare and the BR, HD-DVD war and limited bandwidth for cable and slow internet. Later digital HDTV displays were still expensive.Today UHDTV displays are under a grand ($799 for a 50" Sekki with Vizio about to release one as well).Content is already available to millions with 15 Mbps...
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