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 Heh...it's okay, they just charge mandarin speakers a little more. :) As long as the country Chinese immigrants can find work and keep their families fed in the big cities the probability of another revolution is low.  The city folks need to remember that the bulk of the PLA is made up of those same country Chinese immigrant class.  When the local divisions would not run over the Beijing citizens the troops from the countryside ran their tanks over the protestors in...
The cultural revolution and communist party policies destroyed so much of Chinese culture in China that arguably Taiwanese culture is closer to traditional Chinese culture (pre-Mao) than on the mainland.  And the one child policy has skewed the cultural norms that survived.  If you aren't old you really don't have the reference point to tell others what is or isn't China and who is too westernized.  Its not like the CCP wasn't also a Western import from the Soviet...
 They are non-functional and they are often not allowed in middle and elementary schools even though approved at the HS level as too weapon like.
Actually I recall reading somewhere that Canon marketing had stated their L series was designed for modern higher res sensors but my google-fu has failed me...
 Churches really like it when you set up a bunch of strobes and other lighting sources... That said, I use a camera with really limited DR because I wanted 15 fps bursts with C-AF and a deep buffer.  Probably I would be happier with a GH4 and shoot 4K instead but I have nikon glass and am not inclined to start over. Everything is a trade off in photography.  If there was a perfect camera with perfect lenses all the manufactures would go out of business.
Yes, you should take DxO with a LARGE grain of salt.  However, unless you believe they completely screw up their testing methodology (and not just their weighting factors) the MTF charts should be a reasonable representative of system performance. 
Nikon often has better sensors.  Canon often has better glass.  But its not an absolute.
Go to DxO.  It's in the testing results.  Latest generation lenses are designed to resolve higher resolution because we have higher MP sensors than even in 2007.  Yes, that means higher quality, higher tolerances and designing for higher MP. The 2007 Canon 50mm f1.2 is a 16MP lens when used on a 23MP 5D MkIII. http://www.dxomark.com/Lenses/Canon/EF50mm-f-1-8-II-mounted-on-Canon-EOS-5D-Mark-III__795 In comparison the 2014 50mm f1.4 Sigma resolves to 21MP using DxO's MTF to...
4K is a mere 10MP (full frame).  If you use up your silicon to get more MP you generally don't have that silicon to achieve the high data rates to pull 4K video off at any useful frame rate for video.  Plus you need to account for the heat. I'd personally rather have a A7S or GH4 if doing video.
 These people will do medium format since they will realize their 35mm lenses won't do 50MP anyway and will want better DR and ISO performance.
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