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 Yep, sure is ugly.  Yes, I would probably spring for the H-Frame although the low profile card slot limits some GPU options.  Alas the red is $20 more than the green. How quiet is your build?  Absolutely.
 It's a desktop.  It needs to be small why?  I like Relic's case better since it is pretty so I can understand if you want to say the case is boring or ugly.  But small isn't a requirement. As far hassle goes, its more annoying to break into a mini and worry about breaking tabs much less an iMac. Quiet could be a requirement.  Opting for quieter parts would increase the cost some.  I dunno that I've ever sold any or my macs.  I hand them down.  My kids have a core duo mini...
 I need a windows box anyway and I have a i7 rMBP so it's not for saving money really.  Still it should be more powerful than the entry level iMac for around the same cost.  Yah, the 512s are faster but even then that's not really enough space so I'll have to still rely on HDDs. I priced Amazon because I think most of those parts are part of Prime.  The case is rather large and has room for a couple more drives.  I'm not sure what other TB devices I would own in the near...
 Yah, I was being cheap.  The 760 is like 4 times as fast or something which is a great deal for being only around 2 times as expensive.
 I was pretty much going to just build a CustoMac Mini Deluxe from the tonymacx86 site: Amazon pricing $130 Motherboard$320 Core i7-4770K $180 16GB RAM $135 256GB SSD $85 550W PSU$110 Case$90 GT640$50 misc stuff (cables, heat sink compound, etc) $1100 Losing TB is a shame but the Gigabyte Z87 ATX has TB for $202 but I don't know if it's supported in OSX.
 That you don't want an iMac is not important.  For Apple the primary concern is to maintain margins AND ASP.  The $1100 iMac is a better sale for them than an $800 mini.  Especially since the CPU is cheaper and the display+KB+mouse isn't $300.
 My kid only plays games on iOS.  Connected to a TV is better now there are usable controllers and more game support for controllers.  There's less of a need to buy an iPad for him.  Except the AppleTV isn't a very significant moneymaker in comparison to other hardware.  It's still treated more as an accessory for iOS devices than its own platform.
 I got my mom an iPad.  That works okay but a lot more than $140. I think I'm giving up on the mini and going to see about a hackintosh or iMac...given it's June I might wait till August to see if they do anything before school starts but I'm thinking probably not.
 At $99 it would impact iOS device sales a lot.  It would likely have to be at least $199 for 16GB and no better than an A5 ($30 cheaper than an equivalent iPod touch) and probably $349 for an A7 ($50 less than the retina iPad). The business model is relatively inexpensive apps for expensive hardware.  The profits aren't nearly as good for app sales to want to switch business models.
 The mini is likely to remain 1 gen back behind the iMac now that it's gone IGP.  Otherwise a Core i7 Haswell mini would significantly erode iMac sales.
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