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 It's a single product in two sizes: 38mm & 42mm and four color choices: ALU, SS, Space Black SS, Gold, Rose Gold and a bevy of bands. Like the latest iPads are a single product in two sizes, three color choices and a bevy of covers.
 No, he left in the same way that Scott Forstall left…still no conspiracy involved but they got booted for cause: being arrogant while screwing up something major with probably more than a dash of insubordination to the incoming CEOs.
Because they suck in comparison to a chrome book and amazingly has fewer apps.Perhaps if the freetards didn't keep shooting themselves in the foot regarding freetardian purity it would be different.How's that Atrix working out for you?Somehow a lot of schools and corporations didn't make the Atrix even vaguely a success.
 And the iPad Mini.And the iPhone name.And many other statements and predictions. There should be a claim chowder bookmark feature for huddler.
 I've been here a long time and toxic posters like TS with their vehement "predictions" that add as much noise as the obvious trolls that infests this site from time to time. It is not "facile logic" because his statement was not a long term prediction as in your reductio ad absurdum example but a prediction that a product would not be made or if made be unappealing to consumers based on his own narrow minded opinions.   The fact is that the 6+ had a very successful launch...
 May be correct in the long term = Is incorrect today. Even more so in TS' case given how vehement he was about it and how he denigrated any opinion to the contrary.
 He launched the Michael Graves product line which is considered one of the primary reasons that Target's image changed with consumers.  He attempted to do the same at JCPenny but frankly JCP sucked too much.
 What does kid tables have to do with the tables that Ive is talking about?
 A one trick pony that was also successful at Target.  I think JC Penney revamp concept had merit but not with that particular brand. In any case, he's assembled a decent looking team.  Either he's a remarkable salesman who's managed to snow these other execs after the JC Penny debacle or he's come up with something that they think has legs despite his debacle at JC Penny. My impression is that you'll call to get someone to show up to demo the high end devices his company...
 No, just annoyed that he makes Apple fans look like the mindless zealots that fandroids accuse us of being.  And it turned what could have been a good in-depth article about Apple's new approach to media relationships into nine short paragraphs of shallow observations and then a gazillion paragraphs of poorly edited filler. That's without even mentioning that Gizmodo got taken off the do-not-invite list.  Another obvious change in Apple's stance.  Lots of interesting...
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