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 Of the soccer moms I know, several played in college…and our team is a mellow one.  The local tournaments are sponsored by the local club…in our case DC United.  The MLS logo is on pretty much every uniform (as a patch) except the rec league teams.  Soccer is one of the most popular sports for kids in the US and the MLS isn't stupid…for relatively little cost they're growing a generation of future fans. 
 D-something?  Hmm...can't recall either. Anyway, having done my fair share of complex ports (complicated 88K to Sparc transition) nothing is a 1:1 port across architectures.  That's pretty much a tautology.  However, once you get the kernel and userland ported over you're most of the way there from the perspective of the OS.  And that's Darwin.  Then you need your Core libraries and lower level stacks ported.  Much of this is in ObjC/C and your cross compiler handles a...
 Nope.  I'm claiming that I never had any sort of beef with you calling him out on Mac OSX running on the A9 or A10 WHICH IS WHY I NEVER REPLIED AT ALL ON THAT SUBTHREAD.
 False.  The nice thing about forums is that there's a trail especially when folks use quotes.   In Post #134 Phil mocked the assertion that OSX was running on ARM.In Post #140 I pinged Phil for asking for proof of something obvious.In Post #141 You challenged me for proof that this was obvious.In Post #142 I mocked you for demanding "proof" and provided a link to evidence that multi-user darwin had been ported to ARM as well as evidence that many libraries had already...
 It's not the definition of "proof" being questioned but rather what would be accepted as evidence supporting his assertion of fact. I'll note that you did not at any point acknowledge the link provided...not even to dismiss it as insufficient evidence.  My opinion is whatever link he would have provided would have been judged as insufficient even if Steve Jobs rose from the dead and stated that he had seen Mac OSX run on the ARM before he died. A 3 Ghz PPC Mac existed....
 You mean like OSX is running on ARM somewhere at Apple?   He made two simple statements:  OS X is already running on ARM,  and  Apple knows exactly how fast it runs and with what software combo   Both are factual statements.  He did not state Max OS X.  It may have been implied but if you're going to be all literal about him not using mealy words then turnabout is fair play. In any case, you've backed yourself into a stupid position.  Don't play coy. "Your lack of...
 Struck me as weird that Apple fans would contest that OSX is already running on ARM.  Like you want to disagree with someone sooooo much that you will question whether the sun rises in the east.
 For the core bits of OSX these are all ported due to the iPhone/iPad.  All of Darwin has been at one point or another.  Then we're talking the Core libraries and there are iOS versions of the important bits that implies to me that for the most part this is a non-issue as well.  That leaves drivers and those are covered as part of supporting the hardware you want to deploy to.  
Again, what is "proof". Was Steve Jobs saying there would be a 3ghz g5 Mac sufficient "proof" or simply conjecture?I will boldly assert that based on nothing more than history that the sun will rise tomorrow. What link would satisfy you that this is a statement of fact and not mere belief? After all, eventually I will be wrong.
[[SPOILER]]I'm a very happy amazon customer but I don't directly own any shares.
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