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  Except it's not a sound rebuttal.  Every single data point on that chart associated with OSX or iOS represents an Apple device sale.  Every single hackintosh on that chart is associated with a Windows device sale.  Those are not OS sales.  Read the chart title.
  The app might but the app + iPad not so much.  Plus there's no tactile response from the app.
  In what way is it not wireless and self powered?       The SATA connection is so you can replace the USB 3 module with a Thunderbolt one (or Firewire if your mac is old).     http://www.seagate.com/solutions/usm/   Is this plugged in when at home?  Yes.  So?  So is my laptop.   Would you use it at home?  Maybe, but you take a hefty wireless speed hit on any device hooked through it.  But this is primarily for storage on the go and it's designed for that.
  Are you including the car battery and inverter you'd need?  And so you mean express? :)
Yes families and once hacked for reliable eyefi use many other folks.If you want a SSD Kingston now has a 128GB version of their Wi-Drive for $170 but it is still USB 2http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Wi-Drive-Pocket-Sized-WID-128GB-A/dp/B00AI922DQ/ref=pd_sim_pc_6
Given the old model is $189 on Amazon that might take a while.I have no clue why you guys think $200 for a wireless NAS with a 7-10 hour battery is overpriced or unattractive.
  This is better than the Patriot.  It's not new.   "With the Wireless Plus, Seagate has resolved every issue we had with its original wireless hard drive. Best of all, it doubled the storage, while keeping the price at $199. While the Patriot Gauntlet 320 is certainly capable, Seagate's Wireless Plus lasts longer on a charge, offers more than twice the storage for just $40 more, and has a more intuitive and robust app. If you're looking to take all of your content with...
  Can you guys not read the article.  Three devices can have HD streams.  The other 5 can get music and pictures.   There are many reviews on the net because the prior model (GoFlex Satellite) had 500MB for $199 and USB2.  So this is a very nice update and test so far show about a 7-8 hour battery life under load.  The old one has been heavily modded and the new one is easier (hardware wise) to get into so you can swap in a SSD if you...
    It's for travel.  Good luck running your $89 1 TB drive for seven hours without an outlet while providing wifi access of hd streams to 3 devices.  
Just waiting for the modders to add Eye-Fi capability to this...
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