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  Have you bothered to look it up yet?     Lemme ask you, if making certain kinds of guns illegal doesn't work then why were these shooters using semi-autos instead of full-autos?  They intend to be criminals yes?  They can simply steal fully automatic weapons or buy them from criminals no?   Or wait?  Maybe stealing guns from a class III permit holder is harder than it looks and criminals aren't going to sell you a machine gun?
  Go to your local range.  Talk to folks that have a clue and they will tell you that what normal folks do at the range (shoot at stationary targets in more or less the proper stance and more or less the proper grip) is about as different from combat shooting as your daily commute to work and driving NASCAR.  Stress training isn't all that difficult to acquire but it's a perishable skill and you have to stay proficient.  The guys that take their CCW permits and home...
    Because it is a reasonable assumption.  Why do you assume otherwise?  An average criminal can find a fence.  Can you?  A criminal higher up the food chain can find a hit man.  Can you?  If I tried something stupid like that the odds are I'd be one of those folks caught trying to hire a fed posing as a hit man.   In the three cases at hand these guys had no previous criminal background, were not mentally balanced and probably had no more skill in acquiring lethal...
  i assume that laws, if enforced, to make guns more rare will increase the cost of ownership even for criminals.     I do know that if AR15s, high capacity magazines, etc become outlawed they will instantly jump up in price given that's what happened last time.     Folks might claim that criminals will have them anyway but it moves these items higher up the criminal food chain and it makes it harder for the average nutjob to acquire.  Do you really believe that Adam...
  Because bullets don't simply evaporate into thin air when you miss.  When surveying my house I quickly realized that my house was mostly indefensible given that to cover the stairwell from most of the viable shooting positions I would be shooting into my daughter's bedroom because of the geometry.  The remaining two positions pretty much left me fully exposed to the floors below.   So we have an alarm system.   Under stress I couldn't hit an elephant because I don't...
  I think the so-so-ness of the Fire cost Amazon some good will plus there was probably a good level of geek interest that transferred over to the Nexus.  Plus this is "intentions" and not actual sales.
  Well you COULD have just bing'd it...or use Lougle (which, alas doesn't really exist even if there is a Facebook page).
The performance you see is a function of the way OCZ designed their controller vs the way Samsung designed their controller.   Given the failures in some 840 pros (presumably fixed with a later firmware) and the generally poor reliability of OCZ drives in the past I'd stick with the much cheaper last gen (Samsun 830, Crucial M4, etc) and see how things pan out.  
Heh, been waiting since 2006.
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