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  First interactive cinema and emotional gaming is possible with 2003 level graphics and CPU.  Meaning XBox level. How do we know this?  KOTOR.   Second the Mass Effect Infiltrator game was designed to be played with shoot-on-aim as a game design decision.  You click on the target and then maneuver the cross hair onto the target.  With auto-aim turned off in the update it plays more like other FPS.     Mass Effect Infiltrator is NOT in the same ARPG genre as Mass Effect....
  D...the conference where Apple CEO's go to deny what they are working on.   Jobs 2003:  "No plans at the current moment to make a tablet."   http://allthingsd.com/video/steve-jobs-at-d1-we-think-the-tablets-gonna-fail/?mod=atd_outbrain&mod=obnetwork   This despite Protoype 035 built in 2002 sitting in their lab.
  That's what god mode is for. LOL.
  There are more immersive iOS games than Angry Birds.       Given that I download most of my AAA titles from Steam this does not appear to be a problem for consoles in living rooms.  The aTV would need more local storage or the ability to store these on a Time Capsule.  The latter more likely and more useful than the former.         OMFG.  Like it would be difficult to add BT controllers to an aTV or even buttons to an iPhone/iPod Touch.  Nor are AAA action games the be...
NVidia is betting on Tegra for their future.
  If the iPad is a car and the PC is a truck then the Surface Pro is a large cab pickup truck that seats four guys...you can call that niche but if so it may be a large one.   Is the pickup as nice a car as a car?  No.  Can the pickup haul as much as a dump truck?  No.  But it can hold 4 grown men and 2,000 lbs of payload.   I have not addressed the "fact" that they Surface Pro is an inferior Windows device when compared with a regular laptop because I don't believe that...
  You mean stand up to American corporate interests.   The Mac Pro is a workstation with workstation power needs.
  Using the Pippin as an example of why Apple shouldn't do a console is like using the Newton to show why Apple shouldn't do a pda/tablet.   That said, Apple branding is so far superior to that of Atari that it would stupid to do use Atari on anything they do.  
  Yep, that's what I want.  Let them have the ability to play games, use apps, whatever and make calls without either carrying two devices (one or both of which they will lose) or paying for a data.
  Anything is possible.  However looking at the month of december the absolute delta between revenues increased vs decreased in comparison to the absolute delta between revenues in Jan.     For certain the 1Q FY2013 looked good for Google in the chart if you ignore December.
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