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  That was my thought at first yes. :)  But a .44 lb iPad 7 would be wonderous.
  Apple doesn't do cheap.  They can do less expensive.  There's room in the line up for a less expensive Apple phone.
  The A6 CPU is faster as is the GPU in the A6.  With a bump in RAM it will also be more future proof.  How is this curious in any way?       Where do you see Rogue 6 anywhere in the rumor?  Updated A6X and a faster chip in the mini.   There is no reason that Apple cannot move to a 6 month cycle where the major update are whenever new chips are ready and the other updates are spec bumps of existing chips with other hardware upgrades.     If a mid year spec bump leads to a...
  Probably not a bad bet.
  It all depends on the price and availability.  For $999 I can see it replacing the home computer since it is one and can double as a family gaming center for air hockey, monopoly, etc.  More family oriented than a normal console or tablet.  We occasionally play Life and Monopoly on the iPad but it would be a lot more fun on something like this because of the size.   Getting EA and Ubisoft on board strikes me as smart.  3000 apps isn't a bad start.   If you start seeing...
  It looks pretty cool for $1000 Core i3 version.  I hope that price isn't a CNet typo.  The press release says $1700.   Going to have to take a look at their Aura SDK when I can find the link.
  In my mind this is pretty much a surface replacement and having worked on touch table applications it's kinda cool.
  Really?  Do you know which doors and windows are in good repair and which are flakey?  Do you know where all the security cameras and systems are located?  Which of you regularly sees all of the school including service areas?  You or the school custodian?   In schools without dedicated security staff who makes sure the building is secure and sets the end of day alarms long after all the staff has gone home and the school closes for the night?    Is that you?  Or the...
It may appear that I am anti-gun control...I'm not.  Rational additions to current gun ownership requirements, whether small like requiring verification of training and registration or large like Australian gun laws are welcome.   It may appear that I am anti-concealed carry by teachers or administrators...I'm not.  But I would require the same amount of training as is required by pilots which wish to carry.  A process that is known to be expensive and only some...
  Given that you are making the amusing assertion that teachers are typically pro-gun or that many schools already to not have on-site police presence it is pretty funny.  Enjoyable is kinda a stretch though.
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