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  Except this isn't true since they used the OHA bludgeon against the handset that Acer built for Alibaba.  Given the mention of Baidu and Alibaba this is a direct response to that action.   I suppose that Google has pretty much written off China as a revenue source already but the PRC can still cause it heartburn.
You guys do remember that he was VP of merchandising at Target right?  And the Target brand today is largely a result of his work in restyling it.   If JCP can survive it'll be because he's going to drag it into the 21st century.
  You mock but that's how it works when a senior member of a federal agency or military "retires" and ends up working for the contractor they were supposedly the watchdog for.     It is an accepted manner of corruption since it is essentially impossible to prove and difficult or illegal to discourage (i.e. not allowing them to work in the industry ever again).   Not saying that this is what happened but it happens often enough that a perception that an impropriety may...
  I read somewhere that taking pictures at kids football (soccer) games is a no-no in the UK because of paedo fears.   Around the US there are dslrs around the neck of half the parents and the other half has a phone...
  Any "payoff" during the trial isn't going to be easily traceable money but a very deniable and untraceable promise of a lucrative contract after retirement.
  You mean that document that is used to violently impose other people's will upon you by legitimizing our horrific government?    How odd that you would refer to something that codifies our government rather than something against the state by Herbert Spencer.
  I am rolling my eyes very hard right now.  Would it be we still had emoticons to indicate this.
  I've seen you troll these forums and sometimes it's humorous but mostly tiresome given the frequency.     So my point is that it is no surprise that "fighting trolling with trolling" is viewed as a good thing as a matter of forum policy since it fits your posting style.   It's a policy that works only if all you want is an echo chamber populated by trolls and counter-trolls.
  It's an indicator that I believe that "fighting trolling with trolling" just makes the forums a fucking cesspit and makes the rest of us look like idiots.   But given that you're the moderator it's not such a huge surprise now is it?  
  According to the Constitution whatever percentage required for an electoral victory is the percentage required for presidency.   Violently coerce?  Histrionic much?
New Posts  All Forums: