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  You mean stand up to American corporate interests.   The Mac Pro is a workstation with workstation power needs.
  Using the Pippin as an example of why Apple shouldn't do a console is like using the Newton to show why Apple shouldn't do a pda/tablet.   That said, Apple branding is so far superior to that of Atari that it would stupid to do use Atari on anything they do.  
  Yep, that's what I want.  Let them have the ability to play games, use apps, whatever and make calls without either carrying two devices (one or both of which they will lose) or paying for a data.
  Anything is possible.  However looking at the month of december the absolute delta between revenues increased vs decreased in comparison to the absolute delta between revenues in Jan.     For certain the 1Q FY2013 looked good for Google in the chart if you ignore December.
  Frankly the costs are a wash between the $1099 128GB MBA and the $1128 128GB Surface Pro (type cover).   The value proposition depends.  If you're only using it as an ultrabook the MBA is probably better and less expensive.  If you use it as both your ultrabook and tablet then the Surface Pro is cheaper than the MBA + any tablet.   Whether the Surface Pro will work for you as a tablet depends.  I like the zagg pro plus keyboard (434 g) and with the iPad 4 (652g) it's...
  It's cheaper than a MBA + iPad mini.   Getting all bent out of shape because it's called "Pro" is like getting bent out of shape because the MBP 13" is called Pro without a discrete GPU.  It's more pro than the MBA.  Likewise the Surface Pro is more pro than the RT. 
  Which feature did you consider silly?  Because the digitizer is a welcome addition and the touchscreen a necessity for metro apps.
  This is like my 2 year old daughter claiming she's catching up to my 9 year old son in age because now he's only four times as old when last year he was eight times as old last year...   Actually worse because in this case because the absolute gains aren't linear...the app store is gaining dollars at a far faster pace than the Google Play store.  The delta is got larger not smaller in december.
    This isn't really closing the gap.
These are sustained speeds. The methodology is provided and one test is the number of continuous burst shots in a 30 sec period.The cards that do 38 MB/s are Class 10 UHS-1 cards and rated at 45 MB/s.Actually looking at my card I have the cheaper Extreme which is also rated at 45MB/s and is also a class 10 uhs1 card.http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007M54E1M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=San%20disk%20extreme%20class%2010&qid=1359602029&s=electronics&sr=1-1If you look in...
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