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  Yah, what's up with that?   On the other hand, one night I dozed off while watching on my phone and discovered the next day I was done with the season.
  The Surface Pro has a (probably) wacom digitizer and a capactive touch screen.  The MBA does not.   The Surface Pro has an optically bonded screen like the iMac. The Surface Pro has a SDXC reader.  The MBA does not. The Surface Pro is 1920 x1080.  The MBA is 1366x768. The Surface Pro has a 42 Wh battery.  The MBA a 35 Wh battery. The Surface Pro has two 720p cameras.  The MBA has one. The Surface Pro has a gyroscope, compass/magnetometer and accelerometer.  The MBA does...
  Failed Tablet PCs from the past 15 years have largely been overweight slates.  I've owned several motion computing tablets before giving up on tablets until the iPad.  I've always wanted a 11" MBA based tablet with a stylus.   So a lot of it has been the hardware being either too big or too slow or both.   As far as software goes I enjoyed using OneNote when I had it.
  So don't.  What some folks count as a negative (that all models have the same CPU/GPU) I count as a huge positive.  16GB is a bit tight if you game because the apps are large but from a media perspective it's not a limitation since I can get an external drive to share among my ipads and iphones.   I really don't want 4 copies of Brave, Tangled, Cars 2, Kung Fu Panda, etc on my iOS and Android devices nor do I want them sitting on the device we didn't bring.   The...
  I haven't done a lot of Win8 yet but I thought this ad cute:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_ODFvy1mjoY
  The point is that neither is a desktop PC.  $30 more or less doesn't matter.  i7 vs i5 doesn't matter.   From a bang for the performance buck perspective the Mac Mini and iMac destroys both of them and both of those are (relative to cheap win pcs) expensive desktops.
  Many artists are excited about the Surface Pro.  Wacom has removed references to Surface Pro from their website but some folks report it was mentioned on their Bamboo pen page.  600 dpi might be low or it might be okay depending on what you do and how that translates into usable sensitivity.   Edit:  My conjecture based on the rumors is that there's a Wacom digitizer built into the Surface Pro that's been tweaked with the technology acquired from Perspective Pixel....
  1) Surface Pro will get 4-5 hours. That's short of my 10 hour ideal for air travel but not bad for a laptop.  For use at work I have a lot of outlets available.  This is on par with an 11' MBA running windows.  A  4-5 hour battery life gets me from DC to LA.  For a longer flight I would do the same for the Surface Pro that I would for the MBA...carry an external battery.   2) You can use the surface on your lap with the type cover.  It's not optimal but you can use the...
  So why are red states typically poorer and have higher divorce rates than the blue east coast strongholds?  Why do red states suck down more federal dollars than they pay in?  Other than Texas and Alaska that produce oil.   http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2010/0312/High-divorce-rates-and-teen-pregnancy-are-worse-in-conservative-states-than-liberal-states
  It's not a tablet replacement.  It's an ultrabook replacement that can act as a tablet on weekends.     And as a work laptop/tablet combo the stylus is awesome for engineers or artists that need to draw or any folks that prefer to take notes long hand vs typing.
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