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  Less big time than a laptop with keyboard.   There are a many products for iPads in the medical domain.   Here's a couple:   http://store.griffintechnology.com/airstrap-med-case   http://www.smartpractice.com/Apps/WebObjects/SmartPractice.woa/wa/style?id=S62036&cid=407057&m=SPD   Or you can just toss it in a xray cassette sterile bag.   While someone will have do a study to confirm, if the hospital is already very aggressive with their antiseptic hand gels the iPad will...
  You aren't supposed to wear your jacket through the metal detector.  So either way you need to put it into a basket.
      Granted Jim is not a small dude...   http://www.loopinsight.com/2012/10/31/ipad-mini-fits-in-your-back-pocket/   I went to the Apple Store and had the complete opposite experience.  The thing is light, easily held in one hand (I wear med size gloves) and easily would fit in my jacket pocket.    A must buy for me.  It's portable as hell.  White looks good too.
  Perhaps if you read my other posts you might realize that I elected to use "A15 variant" because I got bored of writing "A15 class" every time.  The fact that is isn't an Cortex A15 supports my thesis that Apple could have a 64 bit A7 before the rest of the industry have actual A50 implementations in 2014.  Which you might have realized if you were reading for comprehension rather than reading for gotchas.     The real issue is whether Apple's team can get their new...
  Evidently it is on track to be > 12M a year when you factor in Nooks, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 sales.  Or about one quarter's worth of current iPad sales.  That's a lot more than the 5% number you keep bandying about.   The Nexus and Fire HD both have usable resolution for web surfing whereas before they were a bit short.  The 1024x600 of the previous generation of 7" tablet is too tight for web viewing.  1280x800 is a lot better and 16:10 a decent ratio for content...
  Because it's a useful size?
  The A4 debuted on the iPad followed by the iPhone 4 and the A5 appeared on the iPad 2 before the 4S.   My guess is that the A6 was late...so if the A7 is late as well and Apple ends up on a 1.5 year CPU cycle then yah, 2014.  That might lead to the iPhone 6 and iPad 5 remaining on a Cortex A15 variant...which would kinda suck.  Far more annoying than giving some worthwhile charity ten bucks.   Now all we have to do is remember this next year.
The only thing the Nexus 10 will get that I wish the iPad had is the multi-user support in 4.2.
  Yes, this is true but better that Apple does this than Amazon or Google.   I think that they'll get a good number of upsells to the 32GB model + LTE.  That will help both ASP and margins.
  Yes, just to have in the car to charge the phone and tablets.  As long as it provides power correctly I don't care much about any noise in the data parts.
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