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  In 2010 there were 234M resident population of voting age of the US.   http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/cats/elections/voting-age_population_and_voter_participation.html   Voter turn out was estimated at 57.5%   If you don't show up to vote in a representative democracy...well...you just failed to object or question.  Even in a blue state I show up to vote.
That was very sweet.
Funny, I've never killed anything even hunting (I'm bored easy...ain't no way I'm sitting in a tree or a blind and I stomp around the woods like a city boy). The only deer I've bagged is accidentally with my car. This is a sub-optimal method.Shooting is fun. 99.99% of my experience is at the range. There are a lot of folks like that.And if you looked at my posts you'd see that I'm pro gun control...just not stupid gun control.
It's a minor pain but you can easily install a SSD if you want. For Apple the fusion option makes more sense since selling a 128gb SSD for $200 is more palatable as part of fusion than standalone.
Your best best is a thunderbolt dock and a hdmi display. That's not as clean but gives you a few more ports.I'm waiting for the Belkin to arrive. The Matrox is too limited for the price.
I quoted Winston Churchill because it was more polite than saying dumbshit comments like that make apple fans look like childish assholes.Is that lively enough for you?Oh and nice move in using another Google asset to rebut without even thinking about it. I'm sure all the fandroids have their panties in a wad over that...and google will have made a little more money in any resulting clicks to further fund android.
  Heck no.     For $99 you wouldn't expect it to either.  I think the A5X makes it a bit faster than the Wii though and given Infinity Blade 2 you can do pretty nice graphics on it.
  There are guys running Crysis 3 beta on 2011 iMacs.     So run Crysis 3?  Absolutely.   The current mid grade 27" iMac ($1999+) with the GTX 675MX meets or exceeds the recommended specs.   The statement that the mac pro is the only mac that can meet recommended specs for Crysis 3 is wrong.   The top end 27" iMac ($2400+) mostly meets the high end recommended specs.  The GTX 680MX is an underclocked GTX 680 so with the 3.4 Ghz quad i7 it's pretty close.    Run with all...
  The XBox 360 was launched on May 2005.  It's Feb 2013.  The launch announcement is expected in June.  That's 8 years.  I was saying 10 to be nice.  $500 every 7-8 years is more money during the console lifecycle.   Did I bump the price up?  Sure.  A BT controller, more RAM, more flash, etc and $199 seems reasonable.  Maybe $149.       $99 every year vs $500 every 5 years is the same cost.     My iPad 1 had a 2-3 year useful life gaming not 1.  Heck, IB2 runs on the iPad...
    My impression was they were supply constrained with the MBPr as well for period.     My assumption is that they have done just this relative to their supply constraints and costs.   My recollection was that MBPrs were priced higher than the regular MBPs price points and are drifting back toward the price points that Apple has set.       I'm just saying that if Apple is willing to take a potential $1B hit then I would think that strategically doing so with the iPad...
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