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  The point is that neither is a desktop PC.  $30 more or less doesn't matter.  i7 vs i5 doesn't matter.   From a bang for the performance buck perspective the Mac Mini and iMac destroys both of them and both of those are (relative to cheap win pcs) expensive desktops.
  Many artists are excited about the Surface Pro.  Wacom has removed references to Surface Pro from their website but some folks report it was mentioned on their Bamboo pen page.  600 dpi might be low or it might be okay depending on what you do and how that translates into usable sensitivity.   Edit:  My conjecture based on the rumors is that there's a Wacom digitizer built into the Surface Pro that's been tweaked with the technology acquired from Perspective Pixel....
  1) Surface Pro will get 4-5 hours. That's short of my 10 hour ideal for air travel but not bad for a laptop.  For use at work I have a lot of outlets available.  This is on par with an 11' MBA running windows.  A  4-5 hour battery life gets me from DC to LA.  For a longer flight I would do the same for the Surface Pro that I would for the MBA...carry an external battery.   2) You can use the surface on your lap with the type cover.  It's not optimal but you can use the...
  So why are red states typically poorer and have higher divorce rates than the blue east coast strongholds?  Why do red states suck down more federal dollars than they pay in?  Other than Texas and Alaska that produce oil.   http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2010/0312/High-divorce-rates-and-teen-pregnancy-are-worse-in-conservative-states-than-liberal-states
  It's not a tablet replacement.  It's an ultrabook replacement that can act as a tablet on weekends.     And as a work laptop/tablet combo the stylus is awesome for engineers or artists that need to draw or any folks that prefer to take notes long hand vs typing.
  Mmm...it would replace my MBA before it replaced my iPad Mini.  Maybe.  I'd have to jump to Lightroom and Premiere and that's spendy since I'm not a pro.   Folks that think Surface Pro is stupid probably would think a MBA where the screen could be detached and act as a tablet would be brilliant.   Me I think both are cool except one actually exists and the other not so much.
  If you cut and paste from a website you get whatever HTML formatting from that site.  It's a PITA period.
  If you mean ASP then I agree.  $499 probably gets them the margins they want but not the ASPs.  Moving the base iPad to 32GB has a negative effect on ASPs because 16GB is simply too small for today where games and textbooks weigh in at 2GB+ a shot.   32GB is reasonable enough that a lot of folks won't spring for a $599 64GB model.   $499 is the best value followed by $699.  I bought the $599 one (actually the $729 verizon one).
  The line up is carefully positioned to provide a low cost option with too little flash memory for the upsell to the mid tier model.  Folks that need a lot more than that pay a lot more vs the base model although proportionally less per GB.  The lowest cost model pushes the price umbrella down as much as Apple is willing to do.  The 128GB model is priced sufficiently well that any MBA cannibalization is not of any concern.  It also provides a higher top end model for...
  /shrug    While the aTV is bit rate limited for higher quality the probability is that most households are limited by internet streaming speeds than anything else on their aTVs.  The only reason that I can think of to use A5Xs is either Apple is sitting on a huge pile of A5X rejects or they intend to add GPU intensive apps to the aTV.   I could see game apps developed to do some computation on the ipad/iphone and send the results to render on the aTV to get the lag down.
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