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  There's no reason not to do full length cards and if you leave sufficient gap for a double wide card then no specialized GPU required.   I dunno why you want a cube.  A slim tower design slightly larger than the Alienware X51 can handle 2 full length cards.  The X51 only handles one 9" card but it's a pretty slim tower.     It's really not the 3 slots that makes the Mac Pro so large.  Making them half length will not make the machine all that much smaller.  Just...
    If you remove all the slots as is suggested then yeah, it's reduced capability.       Entry level?  Lets see which macs out perform the $899 Mini:   Mac Pros. XServe. Top end 2012 MBP Core i7s (by 5%). Top end 2012 iMacs Core i7s (by 7%).   http://browser.primatelabs.com/mac-benchmarks   It out performs the 2011 Core i7-2600 27" iMac, the 2011 MBP i7-3615QM and the MBP Retina Core i7-3615QM.   In what universe should this machine "frankly" not "come into this...
  Yes, but Intel is getting to 14nm mobile before anyone else.  Instead of competing a process node behind (32nm vs 28nm in 2012) they'll be a process node ahead with Atom and that's a big difference.       The Medfield SoC used in the K800 and Xolo are SoCs just like the A6. In what way is it any less "integrated" and not a SoC.   Given that the Xolo outperformed the Galaxy Nexus (Dual Core OMAP Cortex A9) and on par with the HTX One X (Quad Core Tegra 3 Cortex-A9) and...
  Hyperbole much?  What formal qualifications did Jobs have as a designer?     Cook is correct in that the UI and the physical design goes hand in hand...and it's hard to do excellent User Experience with two teams working to the tune of two different conductors.   They aren't asking him to code for god's sake.
  No need to read between the lines:   "And there can’t be politics. I despise politics. There is no room for it in a company. My life is going to be way too short to deal with that. No bureaucracy. We want this fast-moving, agile company where there are no politics, no agendas.   When you do that, things become pretty simple. You don’t have all of these distractions. You don’t have all of these things that companies generally worry about. You don’t have silos built up...
  Oh yeah...I can see a bunch of guys lining up for that.   There aren't a lot of options for pro buyers and reducing capability in what is the most truck like of macs is exactly the wrong way to go.     The mini is already an 80% solution for what you are asking for.  It would be a 90% solution if it had 2 more RAM slots and drivers for GPUs over Thunderbolt.   There are NO other options for full length, full speed cards other than the Mac Pro.  That's a unique capability.
  Especially after the NeXT factory being said to have been Jobs' baby.   Moving some capability back is both just a publicity move AND a act of corporate responsibility to the country it was founded in.  Just like the solar and fuel cell capacity at the NC data center.  Both publicity for greening and an act of good corporate stewardship.   Companies like that should be rewarded.  Otherwise you get results like Walmart.
Heh...want to bet they'll pay better and offer more benefits than Walmart.
  Yes.  That and these are probably most used in video/graphics production houses followed by research universities.
  Sure, but pick another product in the Mac lineup that has such low volumes that the ENTIRE production can be done in the US.   It isn't the iMac unless Apple expects iMac sales to crater.
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