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  The Airport Extreme has a firewall.  Kinda basic but does what it's supposed to do.  You just can't tweak it.
  Ah...use your iPhone or iPad as a hotspot?  
  If you need an iMac I'd buy one since they were just refreshed.  In a year you can get something like this if you really want it:   http://www.everythingusb.com/netgear-a6200-802.11ac-wifi-usb-adapter-21586.html   Honestly, it probably won't matter that much to you unless you regularly connect to a NAS via WiFi.
  My dad was a professor that taught education.  My ex was a teacher in one of the worst elementary schools in her county and interned at an inner city school.  I work at a uni.  My wife is an occasional adjunct prof at the local community college.   If there is a demographic more likely to be anti-gun than US educators I have no clue what it would be.     Plus, there are maybe 5 adult males in my kids school and I can only actually think of 3 off the top of my head....
  Wait, what?  Didn't we just go through this with me pointing out that you can add claims and you responding that the new claims cannot broaden the scope of the patent?   As for what "the rest" means it would be the other two sentences in your three sentence post:   "If by strengthened you mean the claims being narrowed and thus easier to defend, then you could be correct."   Nope, I didn't mean that, I meant what Bailey wrote, I linked and then quoted for you again....
  That's what my mom wants.  May get her Lumia instead.
  http://www.amazon.com/Wahoo-Fitness-Heart-Strap-iPhone/dp/B006NZH0TU   http://www.amazon.com/60beat-BLUE-Heart-Monitor-iPhone/dp/B0096DM3ES/ref=pd_sbs_sg_4   I think the Nike Fuel is pretty neat but it's not a heart rate monitor...not sure you can reliably from that kind of loose, comfortable, wrist device.
  The implication was clear that you believed that there was no way to strengthen patents except by making them more defensible.  Given that you can add claims to target products already infringing this is untrue.  You can indeed offensively strengthen claims during re-examination and it is a risk to request reexamination.  Not to mention that simply surviving reexaminations strengthens a patent in itself.   Yes, you can't expand the patent to cover something not...
  The ability to cripple Apple for a couple of key quarters is probably worth any damages awarded and reputation hit if the situation warrants it.  It's simply a business decision.  The question is whether or not they can really cripple Apple or just annoy it with a short term hit.   No one can say either way whether or not Samsung leadership believes the repercussions are worth the effect or how well they believe they can mitigate any negative outcome for...
  1) Samsung is using more and more capacity internally. 2) Qualcomm is perennially hurting for capacity and competing with Apple and others for fab capacity.  3) TI dropped out of the mobile processor market.   I don't believe that Samsung will be left with overcapacity.  I do believe that they won't see the same level of growth and end up with stronger competitors as a result.  Still, it's a win for Samsung given that the handset market is the more profitable of the two.
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