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  Especially after the NeXT factory being said to have been Jobs' baby.   Moving some capability back is both just a publicity move AND a act of corporate responsibility to the country it was founded in.  Just like the solar and fuel cell capacity at the NC data center.  Both publicity for greening and an act of good corporate stewardship.   Companies like that should be rewarded.  Otherwise you get results like Walmart.
Heh...want to bet they'll pay better and offer more benefits than Walmart.
  Yes.  That and these are probably most used in video/graphics production houses followed by research universities.
  Sure, but pick another product in the Mac lineup that has such low volumes that the ENTIRE production can be done in the US.   It isn't the iMac unless Apple expects iMac sales to crater.
  Those might take several takes...he might not do as well live or maybe he understands that it takes a gazilion rehearsals to get a live keynote right and doesn't want to bother especially if he doesn't like public speaking anyway.
  No, Intel still holds an ARM architectural license.  They're covered.   The only reason that Intel would have to fab ARM chips is if Apple demanded that for a 2014 iPad design win.  That strikes me as somewhat unlikely given it would take some time for Intel to get any ARM production going.  Plus, an Apple A8 based on the 22nm Silvermont CPUs probably isn't that much better than the 28nm ARM Cortex-A15 based A7s they'd replace.   If you're going to go Atom for the iPad...
  If you suck even dumb luck won't help you.  Taking advantage of luck requires the capability to do so and the agility to press home the advantage.       GF is losing billions because their Abu Dhabi owners have stated that they intend to take on Intel at the 14nm process.  So losing 3-4B in the last few years is part of the plan and rumor has it that the owner is willing to go as high as $20B losses IF the plan shows profitability by 2015 but yeah, finding additional...
  Actually it's also rumored that Apple has bought into GF production.  These are all rumors until a press release happens.   There are good reasons for both Apple and Qualcomm to go the IDM route and good reasons to stay fabless, perhaps with 10-15% equity stake in a couple of the pure-play foundries.
  The thing about multi-core is that it benches better than real world performance in general.  Why?  Because parallelizing your code is hard to do right.  You can have worker threads to do whatever but most programs are still fairly linear beyond moving some time consuming tasks off the main GPU thread.  There's simply not that much trivially/embarrasingly parallelizable problems that are easily solved to move to multi-core.  Kinda like GPU computing.  I would be 99% of...
  The fact is that the USG doesn't buy enough machines in volume to make this worth while.  I sat across the table during negotiations with HP regarding the need for a key product they were discontinuing that their own reps had sold the program on.  Essentially they told the USG to go pound sand, you guys don't buy enough stuff for us to care making more of these for you even for ridiculous amounts of money and a commitment to buy our craptastic itanic servers.  They'd...
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