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  Folks that use more complex content creation apps will probably favor 9.7" since it will be faster and have slightly larger UI target sizes.  Plus currently the iPad 4 is retina and the mini isn't.  Older folks will also favor the regular iPad.  Also folks that tend to only use their iPads around the house will favor the original.   Folks that primarily use their iPads for games and content consumption will favor the Mini because it's just easier to lug around.  I don't...
  ARMv8 has a cleaner architecture, additional useful enhancements in the A64 instruction set (like native encryption support for AES, SHA-1 and SHA-256), 31 general purpose 64 bit and 32 SMID 128 bit registers which does improves power and computational performance.  The new SMID will be able handle 64 bit and 128 bit vectors ops.   So yeah, just going 64 bits does make it go faster.  The increased address space is a freebie for phones but a lot more useful for servers.
  And for most companies Cortex A15 CPUs aren't going to be in products until 2013 except for some Snapdragon S4 based phones (which like the A6 is "A15 class" and not actual Cortex A15 cores).     It depends on whether Apple wants to go quad core A15 vs 64 bit and presumably better ipc and remain dual core.  How many true quad core iOS apps are there?    Apple has the ARM roadmap way ahead of any public announcements and they don't need to be a real Cortex A50, just "A50...
  Its kinda odd that there isn't a 128GB Touch.  That could pretty much eliminate the iPod Classic right there.   Meh, I use a Wi-Drive since my Kindle and iPad are both short on space.  For music and movies the Wi-Drive is more effective for me than pushing beyond the space I want for apps.  So 32GB is my sweet spot for cost vs storage.
  I'm guessing that the V.2 model will get the A6X chip assuming it'll be retina.   And V.3 is likely a 64 bit A7X from the 2013 iPad 5.  If you do a two year replacement cycle then its likely either skip a year of retina or skip a year of 64 bit...it's a wash at the end.   I dunno, I thought the same thing for the iPhone 3 and I think the iPhone 1 to 3GS to 4S was the better route.  Next year I expect the phones to be 64 bit which feels like a natural cutoff point for...
  A4 = Cortex A8 A5 and A5X = Cortex A9 A6 and A6X = Cortex A15 Class   One gen as stated a dozen times.  If the A7 is a quad core A15 class then still the same gen as the A6.  If it's a 64 bit A53 class then it'll be a next gen SOC.
  So much for the naysayers.
The transition phase of a large company once the founder departs is often a tricky one.  It appears that Apple is, thus far, a lot more successful than MS.
  So was Avie Tevanian and a host of other former very key Apple folks.  Each one was replaced and Apple moved forward. If those guys hadn't left Scott probably wouldn't have had his shot.   The only one irreplaceable was Jobs but Apple soldiers on anyway.  Without Jobs some things evidently aren't as workable as before.  Scott probably felt he should have been CEO or at least first among equals of the SVPs.
Anyone that thinks that posting on AI will garner any attention at Apple should have his Mensa membership revoked...
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