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  The line up is carefully positioned to provide a low cost option with too little flash memory for the upsell to the mid tier model.  Folks that need a lot more than that pay a lot more vs the base model although proportionally less per GB.  The lowest cost model pushes the price umbrella down as much as Apple is willing to do.  The 128GB model is priced sufficiently well that any MBA cannibalization is not of any concern.  It also provides a higher top end model for...
  /shrug    While the aTV is bit rate limited for higher quality the probability is that most households are limited by internet streaming speeds than anything else on their aTVs.  The only reason that I can think of to use A5Xs is either Apple is sitting on a huge pile of A5X rejects or they intend to add GPU intensive apps to the aTV.   I could see game apps developed to do some computation on the ipad/iphone and send the results to render on the aTV to get the lag down.
  What I want for my kids is an iPhone with no data plan...an iPod touch that just does calls and iMessage via 3G cell service at a dumb phone or messaging phone monthly rate.
  4GB?  That's like 4 of my kid's games.
  The iPad mini screams for the cellular modem.  I bet a good number of LTE iPad minis sold.
  And the MBA has anywhere from 103GB to 113GB left on a 128GB SSD.     So what?  Given that Win8 itself seems to install on desktops in under 20GB I assume the rest of the space is included apps and the recovery partition that MS says can be deleted.   http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/system-requirements
  Yes, if you actually use iPhoto or iMovie on the iPad the extra space is very worthwhile.
  No problem, yes, Atkinson "recollects" better than Hertzfeld.     And yes, Raskin's idea was information appliance and well, named his company that.  But what I and probably you think of in terms of information appliance is not what Raskin imagined.  The Canon Cat was an information appliance that did one thing well...office work.  Much like a toaster does one thing well...toast things. Or maybe stove is a better example for the Cat.  You use it to cook...bake, fry,...
  Lol...it's all documented.  Any idiot that claims that Jobs wasn't the driving force on the Mac has...as you say...no credibility.   Look at what Jobs created after.  Look at what Raskin has created after.  Raskin was out by summer of 1981.  He was against both the 68000 and the mouse.  If Raskin's vision was of a cheap 6809 based machine with 64K of RAM with meta keys and no mouse.  It would have been the Canon Cat (1987) which is what Raskin eventually built and it...
  The numbers used to compute average price includes all android based phones.  Not just Google certified.  There's an assload of 3rd party ROMs like MIUI out there but installed by low end manufactures that aren't Google Certified that makes up the majority of android sales in China.  MIUI alone has 10M users and is smartwiz/ios like.     If I were running with an Android phone on a regular basis I'd probably load up MIUI and let the chicoms snoop my email.  The mascot...
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