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  My recollection was the original FCP was a bit buggy and incomplete as well.  And FCP X was pretty much rebuilt from the ground up and is up to 10.0.7.  The features added (or re-added back as the case may be) aren't consumer features either.   Who puts in that kind of effort just to pull out?   Plus Boris released their plugin pack not long ago.  At $995 I guess they are bullish that there will be enough pro users of FCPX to have made that effort worth while.
  core die size       So I'm guessing you like the odds?   Of course Intel is playing catch up on power consumption.  Hence the 2016 date rather than a 2013 date.  To me it looks a little like 2003 with Intel looking like it has a great future roadmap even though AMD has been kicking the crap out of them.
  Intel seems to have a non-EUV path to 10mm with quad patterning immersion lithography.     Everything is iffy at these sizes and the end of Moore's Law could be on the horizon.  Then again, that's been said before too and yet, here we are.  I guess when we max out photolithography then technically we're at the end of Moore's Law but the continued exponential increase in computing capability could continue on anyway.   Of the companies listed here as the major players...
  The Cortex A15 is more power efficient than the A9 for the same work but at load it's a lot more power hungry at the top end.  When both the CPU and GPU are ramped the Exynos 5 Dual peak TDP is closer to 8W.     http://www.anandtech.com/show/6536/arm-vs-x86-the-real-showdown/14   Want to bet the A50 won't continue this trend of higher peak TDP? Apps, especially games, are more than willing to use all the CPU and GPU power available.   As Anand points out, Intel showed...
  You mean like in 2005?   The wall is they don't want to do business with Samsung and TSMC/GF/UMC/etc have problems getting to 16nm/14nm FinFET in volume production while Intel has already has 3 fabs doing 14nm in volume for a year and knocking on the doors of 10nm with 450mm wafers only a couple more year out. 
  The A15 is powerful for an arm but an old Core i3 crushes the A15 in every benchmark by the proverbial country mile.   http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=samsung_exynos5_dual&num=4   Yes, that's a 35W TDP part but I have no clue why Phoronix choose an old Core i3 over benchmarking the 22nm Core i7-3667U w/HD4000 with a 17W TDP.       Intel has stated they don't intend on losing a design win over costs.  At least not the first one.  And ARM is going to...
  I think Surface RT is a bust and that's not a very bold opinion.  By this time next year it'll be Surface Pro all the way.
  I do.  I figure 1-10 odds are pretty good for something most folks this has a one in a million chance (or even zero chance) of happening.   /shrug   Folks are pretty adamant about their positions around here so why not put up or shut up?
  10 hours is a good round number.  It's the flight time from where I live (Maryland) to Hawaii.  10 hours can also get me pretty much anywhere in Europe...all the way to Moscow.   If I need to fly further I can bring an external battery. 12000mAh is $80 on Amazon.  If I want a battery that can charge my MBA or iPad I can get a 150Wh battery for $170.   If there's a layover then there's an outlet I can use.
Taking honor bets.  Loser agrees pays charity of winner's choice, no verification...just do it or not on your own honor.  This is just for fun and bragging rights.   My charity choice is Dean Kaman's First http://www.usfirst.org/   I'm going to say the odds are only 10-1 against Intel iPad design win by end of 2016 but if I like your charity I'll do 1-1.  
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