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Anyone know if it's the same as the GM?
lol. what kind of lazy bums are you that you need a piece of tech to tell you when to move your body?  Good lord.
God, I HOPE they make the entire touch screen an actual button, like the BlackBerry.
Wonder if it's gonna be jay carney
omg my battery life is *way* worse than with beta 2. WTH happened!? I performed the install using the update feature rather than a clean full install. Anyone else see excessive battery drain? I'm talking 1% every 3-4 minutes with no open apps.
wonderful. can i expect my macbooks to prematurely fall apart and randomly stop working now?
uhh...the best mapping program on any mobile platform??
Hey - remember when Best Buy got busted comparing the picture quality delivered by Monster HDMI cables with "regular" HDMI cables...except the regular HDMI cables were composite cables?
Absolutely unbelievable. This morning Maps routed me right into a lake. It had no idea the road had been closed over 10 years ago. I trusted my iPhone more than my own intuition, and followed it's every instruction. I'm on the side of the lake watching these guys pull my car out. I really hope Apple comes out with an update soon...because this will probably happen again.
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