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More than that, Apple made it sexy to buy and enjoy music.
dont listen to the interview...listen to *her*. That's not a California accent.
No. They didnt ignore it. They released sub-par products to FOOL apple into thinking they were ignoring the market. Right now they're "sleeping giants" , but just you wait and see. In five years they're going to release a music player that finally *blows away* the 2001 original iPod. This will send Apple into a tailspin; flailing to compete with anything they can get to market ASAP.
You're right. Same strategy with the Zune.
Six months?? I think it's quite obvious right now that it's a total fackin' failure.
Who cares about 4G speeds? Remember you're still limited (most of us) to 2GB. All 4G will do is help you burn through that in a week.
Especially the free ones.
As big as my dick and just as portable.
New Posts  All Forums: