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How about the phone's firmware? Is *that* open source?
Good riddance.   
But not so concerned about the government and law enforcement flying spy drones over the US?
More than that, Apple made it sexy to buy and enjoy music.
dont listen to the interview...listen to *her*. That's not a California accent.
No. They didnt ignore it. They released sub-par products to FOOL apple into thinking they were ignoring the market. Right now they're "sleeping giants" , but just you wait and see. In five years they're going to release a music player that finally *blows away* the 2001 original iPod. This will send Apple into a tailspin; flailing to compete with anything they can get to market ASAP.
You're right. Same strategy with the Zune.
Six months?? I think it's quite obvious right now that it's a total fackin' failure.
Who cares about 4G speeds? Remember you're still limited (most of us) to 2GB. All 4G will do is help you burn through that in a week.
New Posts  All Forums: