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Running 10.11 on a 27" 5k iMac (15,1), I've had issues with VoiceOver.  I basically highlight text of an article and have the computer read it to me while I'm doing other things.  I didn't have problems with 10.10, but 10.11 will miss words completely, say half a word often, and is annoying when reading bullet points with more than one line of text in them by saying "Bullet.  Bullet" every line.  I was surprised to see this bugginess occur, and have written Apple about...
I was thinking outside the box, to do something that no other cellphone maker does.  Why not make one with different integrated radios entirely for use in the US (due to regulations and such) that isn't densely populated.  Take for instance HAM radios.  Couldn't it be possible to score a bit of that bandwidth for iPhone use in remote areas?  I'm not saying that's possible, I'm just trying to think outside the box.  Everyone tells me to get a sat-phone and just be done with...
If I could have one wish for the iPhone it wouldn't be for it to be thinner, it would be some way to make the antennas better in low cell service areas. Wifi calling is great, but does one little good if you need to call a tow truck in an area with practically no cell service. No idea how they'd do it, but those outside the city would greatly appreciate it.
I would love this functionality, but I'd like it taken to the next level.  I want a mapping app that avoids freeways, highways, and major city streets.  When it comes to horrible traffic, a gps is still going to default to major streets.  I'd love to have an app that avoids all of that and uses little-used side streets and back roads.  You may have to go a little out of your way, but you won't be stuck in traffic.  As of right now, I'm not aware of a single company that...
I've had it happen with my iPhone 6 Plus twice now, once with it just sitting on my desk with me doing nothing with it at the time.  I hope a carrier settings update comes soon to correct this issue.  Seems T-Mobile overlooked something with their last carrier settings update and now we're dealing with this.  
After all this time using Photos, I still loathe the drop of so many features iPhoto had. It certainly hasn't "grown on me" over time. Notice that they didn't say a word about Photos in the iOS 9 keynote. That leads me to believe that nothing significant will be improved with it. Photos is not what I loved about iPhoto, I don't care if it is faster. I'd rather have all of the features!
I'd be extremely disappointed by a Comcast acquisition. Why can't T-Mobile just be T-Mobile?
I wish I could agree with you, but I simply can not. I have no issues with file size or streaming issues while streaming HD content from iTunes, Amazon Prime, or YouTube. If I can do that, I can also upload my video files (far shorter in duration than feature films) without an impact. Even if I had to compromise and have this function performed overnight while the phone is charging anyway, I'd accept it. There's no logical reason for this functionality omission.
How about the ability to rate photos?  I hate how you only have the option to press that heart button.  Great.  That might be suitable for someone who uses Facebook.  I used to rate all of my photos and would then classify them using smart folders for easy export to thumb drives.  That's just impossible now.  Why they took away that feature baffles me.   How about being able to batch change names of photos?  I know those folks who only look at pics on their iDevices...
I haven't had any issues with the OS, it's the Photos app that has been giving me issues. I've written to Apple about them. I doubt it'll ever happen, but I'd love to have a duplicate finder that prohibits identical photos from being uploaded from the cloud. I've had several instances where three copies of the same photo show up. Not sure how it's happening, but it'd be great if they could eliminate duplicates on the fly.
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