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I'm all for that but Apple appears to be slow-walking this one. What for? I'd love to be able to watch 1080p movies on my 30" Cinema Display, but am stuck with DVD upscaling instead. I'm unimpressed with Apple's failure to properly support a technology that makes things look better.
[QUOTE=Maestro64;1499205BTW the same was true 20 yrs again what only a small % use most of the phone bandwidth. Phone networks were only designed to handle 1/3 of all the possible calls if everyone tried making a call at once.[/QUOTE] You'd think that they'd wake up and realize that many of us don't even have landline phones these days. The trend is toward cell phones. I also understand that the US isn't exactly a little nation. The amount of money needed to upgrade...
Quicktime X isn't bad for playback on my system, but it's missing much of the functionality that Quicktime 7 had. What is the status of Quicktime X with regard to updates and added functionality? There's no way Apple can say Quicktime X is anywhere near completed with a straight face. I've noticed something that's rather irritating. Why is it that I can download a movie preview from Apple's website in HD720 and go to save it with the Save As feature, using Movie in...
Here's to hoping that Apple (or the hackers out there with great machines like my MacPro) will give us an EFI update that will change the EFI chip in my Octo-Core 3GHz Mac Pro to 64 bit. Apple has released EFI updates in the past, so this ought to be a possibility.
That's simply not true. Patents stifle innovation. The motivation is there when it's open and companies scramble to be the first to release, and to be the best implementation of whatever it is.
At this point things are getting absurd. All we hear about are patent trolls. Simple solution, end all software patents. Everything is connected to everything else in one way or another. The people who defend this atrocious behavior aren't looking into the future to see that this is only going to get worse. Do we even have ten years before literally nothing can be released because when it is the patent trolls come out in droves? Patents in, and of, themselves are...
While this is a great start, it doesn't state that it provides all the functionality of the MBP touchpad, i.e. gestures. I'd love to have a touchpad I could use with my Mac Pro that has the exact same functionality as the MBP touchpad. The current Mighty Mouse is a step up from the single button pro model of before, but the trackball needs to go. So happy to see that Apple is redesigning the MM. I'll be buying one when they are released.
Considering how vindictive Steve is known to be, I'm willing to bet that there'll be a security update or something coming down relatively soon that really messes with Palm. Now that they are intentionally violating USB protocol by claiming to be an iPod (after the review), Apple can take the gloves off and end it. It's just a matter of how long it'll take to find a way that makes it a permanent break for the Pre.
At this point I'd like a trackpad I can use with my Mac Pro. They did it with the super drive to be used with the MBA, why can't they take the MBP trackpad and drop it in a housing and let us hook it up with USB or bluetooth? Exact same functionality as the MBP touchpad and I'd also have access to gestures with my Mac Pro, something the MM can't do.
Everything still seems to be working fine. I see no problems. I doubt I went to the wrong folder. It's /Library/Extensions. Pretty easy to find. Of course, Apple could have saved me all this stress (and others undoubtedly) by not having this .kext file be an issue in the first place. I'll also reiterate here that there was nothing in the folder, even when I used Houdini to scope out any hidden files. It was empty, so Apple probably moved all the critical files...
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