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I was thinking the same thing. This doesn't excite me in the least. It looks completely boring, uninspired, and completely off-putting. They may as well force everyone to have a completely gray desktop too and be done with it. It's like they are all coding for those piece of crap CRT monitors. What's the point in having a high definition display if everything is washed out, bland, boring, and uninspiring? When did Apple decide to look so boring? Steve ought to get...
In my opinion, Apple has to be very careful here. They have a substantial lead and it is critical that they not drop the ball now. We've seen what happens when they dropped the ball in the past, and the competition came in to crush them into the ground. I think it's high time that it's Apple pulverizing the competition into the ground. I skip generations of Apple tech as a standard rule. It's also in response to those two year contracts AT&T has. I am using an...
Exactly! I'd much rather have a larger sensor than a higher megapixel count.
The article states that the 3GS will see a baseband improvement. Does baseband mean actual phone use? My 3GS used to never drop calls, or sound lousy when making calls. I've noticed more and more that phone calls on my 3GS aren't what they used to be. Anyone know if baseband improvements will help with actual phone calls?
Aren't they working with WebKit2 now? I haven't done the nightly downloads in a while, so I'm sort of out of the loop. Seems to me that Apple could do more, yet isn't. Who is that NSA guy anyway? Has he actually started work?
Was Miller's the only successful breakthrough? Maybe Apple will collect all of the hacks and do all of the patches before releasing an update. I think it's time for that new security expert Apple hired from the NSA to hand Miller his @$$ with an OS and Safari that Miller can't break through. Hasn't happened yet.
I would just like to know why it is that these people are so good at finding these holes, and yet Apple seems so bad at spotting them beforehand? Is it that the people in security at Apple are not looking thoroughly enough? I know that Apple has a real-world track record that is admirable, but are the people who actually write this software not the least bit shamed by the fact that a couple of people can compromise their system within seconds? I know they just hired a...
Apple already bought Siri. That's a full voice control app on the iPhone. It would seem to me that they would have also acquired the talented people who created it and would already have a leg-up on voice control front. I use Siri often and it is great at what it does. I'm surprised they haven't done something with it by now. If they have, I haven't seen it.
It really depends on what you actually want. There are people who will spin off this whole "if you wait for the next model, you'll be waiting forever." Those people are people obviously not looking for specific features. I held off buying the first generation iPad because I didn't like the screen. I have better than 20/20 vision and can easily see the pixels on the screen. While I can also see the pixels on my MBP and on my 30" Cinema Display, they are generally...
I hope they'll allow us the option of setting the background for all Finder windows as that cool new dark gray fabric they have. That white background is just too bright for my liking. Otherwise, I'm really liking what I'm seeing here.
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