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I am a fan of the mac mini because its the cheapest way to buy a new mac. And I am awaiting the new updated or revision mac mini to come out. I have been waiting since last November. But I have a weird feeling that Tim Cooks Apple is going to nix it on the premise it doesnt make enough money. Tim Cook is too much of a logisitics guy. I get the feeling that numbers are more important to him. I hope I am wrong.
 I think your estimates are way off.  Macs sold just over 16 million units for the fiscal year of 2013. Just off the top of my head that must be around 5 billion dollars in revenue from macs each quarter. That is just a guess off the top of my head and I think it is close to the low end but really a guess. So I would say that you are off with regards to your premise.
 To be clear, I am not a financial expert or plan to be. I am just a fellow who has followed Apple and the tech industry for some time. My post was more of an emotional reaction to the news of more buybacks or increased dividends. I don't believe Apple is doing the right thing with their money. I think investing in the company towards more growth is the way to go. I look at Google and in many ways they are a model in how to think outside the box in terms of investing in...
Wish Apple would stop with this nonsense. Steve Jobs would never have capitulated to this level with wall street no matter how hard. The moment Tim Cook went to dinner with Carl Ichan it was a done deal. 
 Owning Time Warner would allow Apple to expand the idea of Apple TV services. Maybe I am wrong but owning a cable provider could have its advantages. I would much rather want Apple to own Time Warner and see what it could do with it then have Comcast destroy it. Comcast is the worst provider ever IMO. But that is another entire story.
 I missed what you had said in your post. I do know Apple. I know that is how they do business. Apple Doesn't have to be a company like google with the "shotgun" analogy. And that is a good analogy by the way. But I think they need to think outside the box just a little bit more. Time Warner would be give them room to shake up the cable TV industry. Apple should have pandered the iOS technology to all car manufactures in my opinion much sooner. Google is gaining much...
 I disagree with you. History has shown that technology changes and it changes quickly as time has progressed. We have now had 6 plus years of the device era. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying that the industry "changes" every 10 years and I tend to agree with him. in '76 the Apple I. In 84 the mac and the gui.  In 94' the world wide web. In 2004 the proliferation of the cell phone and beginngs of the smart phone. Yes more idevices will come in the next few years but...
Yes. Completely agree.
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