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Adobe is only good at making bloatware. They are so behind the curve its not even funny. What really needs to happen is Apple should buy it and trim off the fat. Creative cloud is just a Cash Grab for them. Its to expensive for freelancers. Pixelmator is amazing and so simple to use. Adobe makes things too complicated.
Koreans are always great a copying but never can innovate. They are just pissed off they lost the battle to Apple. Stop crying and come out with something better then Apple. I am sorry but as a developer I have tried both Android and iOS. I prefer iOS. All the cheap people get the Android platform and they think they are cool. Samsung has to ditch Android and come up with their own OS. But they can't because they can't innovate. Apple started the smartphone...
Hey everybody was complaining about being portable.  Well we got it.  Think of the new MacBook Pro like a iPad you really can't upgrade a iPad unless you buy another one.  The only question is how long does a solid state hard drive last until you have to replace it.  
It may sound stupid but from a political angle it sounds good. Think of it now APPLE would totally convince the Government. Apple would buy RIM kill off the brand and built all the security features in the iPhone including BBM which who cares because apple has iChat. But It would be good for Apple then Android would just basically die. Buying Rim would get Apple more Government contracts. Its just a thought what does everybody think?
They don't have to make more money they already got it . Android is a big mistake. As a developer I would love to release 50 different versions of my app to support the 50 different or more Android devices. I don't think so. Google also predicted that Google+ would crush Facebook too. I think the problem with Android they didn't standardize it. Every device has a different UI of Android.
They are both old and out of GAS. Releasing old and boring phones who cares. Also Google Android is going to have its problems from a development point. When you develop a app it needs to work on multiple Android Devices which is brutal on a developer
But the question is who would buy them. Look at the problems they have been having Look at this article: http://mobile.slashdot.org/story/11/...berry-security
We should have had the cure for Cancer by now. But no we need to waste and give money to corrupt charities. If we found a cure for every cancer in the world a lot of business would go bankrupt. We lost a great person and to the technology we have today we should have the CURE for CANCER by now.
I hope Sony doesn't make the picture. Possible Directors: Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese Cast: Steve Jobs: Ashton Kutcher Shia LaBeouf Jonah Hill --> Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne--> Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Maybe apple should buy Oracle. Then they would Own JAVA
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