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Yeah, I wonder what an iPad using 2003-2007 manufactoring processes would look like...edit:Once you remove those technical aspects of the patent, there isn't much left for apple to defend here :>
Exactly the same reason as to why you didn't go to space for holidays till now (and probably never will :>)How do you explain apple using the app drawer instead of the galaxy home screen then?Yeah, exactly because then no unbiased judge would rule in favor of Apple, because it's simply another phone :>
There is a reason as to why computers where invented only after the use electricity was discovered. To be able to create something, you actually need the means to do so. Quite confident that Apple would have failed to create the iPad in 2000, simply because the technology wasn't advanced enough :>
All innovations origins from copying, doesn't it? (to realize this you of course have to widen your view of the past, not just look at the recent past )
It's your own fault if you create a design so minimalistic, that in an instant it became more or less the archetype for tablets. "Patenting" a archetype-design is a monopoly, because most of us find the archetype to be the "best".
Well, for apple it would be better that the ITC does not consider the "Einstweilige Verfügung" issued by a regional court in germany. Those are handing them out freely anyway.
Yeah, probably the author should have looked up what a "Einstweilige Verfügung" is. It's in no way a "key legal victory", especially given the courts in germany.Samsungs fabs have an acceptable yield and at least are capable of producing the A6. TSMC on the other hand - once again - seems to have quite some problems in getting their manufactoring process working >.>
That would be the deathblow for the US economoy.The very same TSMC, which just recently announced - we didn't see that coming, did we? - problems with it's 28 nm manufactoring process?
1) Nice job Apple did there - if you are unable to notice the subtle marketing they are doing. At least in Germany they are as present in this marketing area, as every other company is. 2) + 3) That may hold true for those already loyal to Apple, but as you mentioned in 3) Apple has their fanbase doing the marketing for this group already, so they just have to help keep the ball rolling. On the other hand, for those who are not yet bound to Apple, the opinion of the...
I can't see why apple wouldn't use this marketing strategy, given that they have an image which would benefit quite a lot from such marketing. It's one of the best ways to bind costumers to your company. In the end they still found other ways to force netscape out of their computers. To add to the discussion on monopolies and such: If the courts believe Apple to be close to reaching a monopoly, the judges - even though apple may be right on their patent cases - may judge...
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