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Can't update over WiFi."Unable to Check for Update". Other reports that the update using iTunes works, but Apple servers must not yet allow the update over WiFi. Of course there's something amiss about using WiFi to apply an update that is supposed to fix a WiFi problem.
GPS is a non-issue.  Pilots carry Jeppeson manuals that have approach charts for all airports.  These are indeed quite heavy.  The iPad is designed to replace the paper approach charts and maps only.  It's not going to replace the on-board navigation equipment that is GPS enabled.
Exactly.  Alec Baldwin needed this "special" iPad.
If he succeeds, then iTunes just becomes another file sharing site.  I'll bet Willis wouldn't like it if someone downloads one of his movies and then gives it to someone else.
I just installed Parallels 8.  It absolutely does what they promise.  There is DX10 support, though they note that this support is "experimental".  As far as 30% faster, I'd say this is conservative.  It seems to start and stop easily twice as fast.  The integration with Mountain Lion is great.  To be ale to use all the Mac gestures on Windows applications is a nice feature, as is the ability to now put launch icons on the dock.  Files drag and drop anywhere.  I feel the...
People are usually resistant to change.  I like new things and change is usually good.  In this case, I'm a little disappointed with the dock connector change, for reasons others have given.  I bought a new car with the built-in dock connector.  I like it, but if I get the iPhone 5, this becomes useless or I'll have to use an (yet to be manufactured)  adapter (for a yet to be disclosed price).  I dislike adapters, but will use them if forced to do so.  I have an original...
Add me to the "this product is a loser" category.  Since USB 3.0 is backwards compatible to 2.0, why not give the user three USB 3.0 ports instead of one 3.0 and two 2.0?  Also, the article says HDMI and it's a DVI connector.  Why a DVI?  That's old technology. Yes, you can get a DVI to HDMI adapter - but at additional cost and additional hardware.  Why not add a Firewire?  There are lots of Firewire drives that Apple sold their customers on and not that Thunderbolt is...
Lawyers :(   The US legal system is a friggin joke.  Unfortunately, the joke is on us.
You got that right. This is right up there with the old lady spilling hot coffee on herself and suing McDonalds. USA stands for U Sue All.
I have a 15" MBP and an 11" Mac Air. The Air is great for traveling when I need more than an iPad. A 15" Air would be great. But as for a replacement: 1. HDD would probably be a SSD in the Air and capacities are still pretty low. External drives are not a real option if this s to be one's main computer - even with the Cloud. 2. Gigabit ethernet is a must. The Thunderbolt or USB options are poor options if you connect regularly via this method. Not an option if you...
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